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New York Jets Hire David Lee: What to Make of New Quarterbacks Coach

January 22nd, 2013 at 11:38 AM
By Donald Lappe

It has been an offseason of interesting hires so far for the New York Jets, and that includes new quarterbacks coach David Lee. Of course, it somehow connects back to Tim Tebow. While the Jets hired Tony Sparano last season and his experience with the Wildcat formation was played up, David Lee is the one who really brought the package to the Miami Dolphins under Tony Sparano. So now, with the ultimate Wildcat quarterback in Tim Tebow seemingly headed out the door, the Jets have hired the originator of the package at the NFL level.

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The hiring of David Lee by the New York Jets is a peculiar one. David Lee spent last season with the Buffalo Bills as their quarterbacks coach, and if anything, Ryan Fitzpatrick regressed under his tutelage. Perhaps the Jets see that as more of an indictment of Ryan Fitzpatrick than of David Lee.

What David Lee is most famous for is bringing the Wildcat package to the NFL from his time as the offensive coordinator at Arkansas. He did so while working under Tony Sparano with the Miami Dolphins, utilizing Ronnie Brown as his Wildcat operator. With Tim Tebow headed out the door, it's unclear if that played a role in his hiring. Maybe the Jets still want to run the Wildcat with Jeremy Kerley?

David Lee enters a quarterback situation in a state of flux. What we know is that Tim Tebow is almost certainly gone and Mark Sanchez will almost certainly be around. Beyond that, much is uncertain. It's assumed that Greg McElroy will also be kept, as he performed well enough in limited action to show his potential as a backup. The Jets are expected to bring in a veteran for an open competition with Mark Sanchez for the starting job. That could be Matt Moore, David Garrard, Jason Campbell or Tarvaris Jackson. It won't be Mike Vick.

That leaves quite a bit of work for David Lee to do. Mark Sanchez has imploded, Greg McElroy has shown the intelligence to play the position but lacks some of the necessary physical tools and the third piece to the puzzle isn't on the roster yet. Somewhere in that mess he must find a quarterback that can run the offense for Marty Mornhinwig


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