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New York Jets: Braylon Edwards Signing Shows Maturity from Front Office

December 13th, 2012 at 7:52 PM
By Donald Lappe

The New York Jets claimed Braylon Edwards off waivers from the Seattle Seahawks this week, a move that brought about some different reactions. Many are happy to see Braylon Edwards back with the Jets, while others think the Jets should have stayed away from Edwards because of comments he made on Twitter in defense of Mark Sanchez. In the end the Jets made a football move and took all other aspects of the decision out of the equation.

'Braylon Edwards' photo (c) 2005, June Partridge - license: Edwards caught the attention of lots of people last week when he called the New York Jets front office "idiots" whiled defending Mark Sanchez. It was an emotional, heat of the moment comment from Braylon Edwards, posted to Twitter for thousands to see and judge. It was dumb, but it has no bearing on the kind of player and teammate that Braylon Edwards is. The Jets recognized that and made the right move to bring him back.

The Jets front office should be commended for doing so. Instead, they have been ripped by many for allowing themselves to be perceived as "weak" for signing a player that would say that about the organization. An organization that has been criticized for worrying too much about off the field perception instead of wins just made an obvious upgrade at wide receiver, and now they should have been paying attention to perception? Sometimes you just can't win.

Braylon Edwards is an emotional person who tweeted something stupid in defense of a teammate he believes in. Oh, and that teammate just so happens to be the quarterback the Jets are stuck with for the near future, for better or worse. That's exactly the kind of player the Jets need, especially when he is an upgrade over the current talent left in their decimated wide receiving corps.

There's no guarantee that Braylon Edwards will make a significant contribution over these next three games as the Jets chase an unlikely playoff berth. Still, for once the Jets swallowed their pride, didn't worry about the spin control and made a smart football decision. Braylon Edwards will bring talent, rapport with Mark Sanchez and plenty of passion to the team.

Does Braylon Edwards say, tweet and do stupid things every once in a while? Of course he does. That doesn't take away from the kind of football player he is and the Jets showed maturity by being able to look past his tweet and make a good signing.


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