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Greg McElroy and Mark Sanchez: New York Jets Quarterback Controversy

December 3rd, 2012 at 7:28 PM
By Donald Lappe

For the majority of the season, and even starting back in the offseason, the lingering question surrounding the New York Jets was about the presence of a quarterback controversy. Now there certainly is one, after Mark Sanchez was pulled in favor of Greg McElroy in the Jets' 7-6 win on Sundays. It's another classic Jets situation, with lots of moving parts and plenty of conspiracy theories out there.

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The New York Jets still won't give any indication about which quarterback will start Sunday against the Jacksonville Jaguars, leaving media and fans to speculate and argue about which one gives the team the best chance to win. Greg McElroy seems to have won over the court of popular opinion, with reasons ranging from the low chances of the Jets making the playoffs anyway to some believing he is their best chance at making a run.

When the Jets acquired Tim Tebow in the offseason, the assumed controversy involved Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez. It was blown out of proportion, with some saying the Jets were setting Mark Sanchez up to fail and that after the rough part of the schedule early on, the Jets would insert Tebow to take advantage of a favorable slate and set him up to be the hero. The Jets never did hand over the reigns to Tim Tebow, and didn't replace Mark Sanchez until he absolutely forced Rex Ryan's hand with a dreadful performance yesterday.

When the Jets finally did remove Mark Sanchez, Tim Tebow was inactive. That pushed Greg McElroy under center and he performed well. Now, he may be the starting quarterback this week. And what a coincidence that his first NFL start could come against the Jacksonville Jaguars, the other team involved in the Tim Tebow sweepstakes during the offseason.

Of course, some have accused the Jets now of over-protecting Mark Sanchez. They claim that the Jets wouldn't have pulled him if Tim Tebow was active, fearing the repercussions of such a move. Their previous notion of setting him up to fail now clearly false, the trolls need something to accuse Rex Ryan and the Jets of underhanded dealings.

Ultimately, this is a 5-7 with major questions at the quarterback position. This is a franchise very close to closing the book on a quarterback they hoped would take them to a Super Bowl, a quarterback they traded into the Top 5 to select at the NFL Draft. He was replaced by a seventh round draft pick on Sunday.

So that leaves a definite competition between Greg McElroy and Mark Sanchez for the starting spot. But what role does Tim Tebow play in all of this? Is it a three-way competition?

No one has an answer yet. That's what happens when you miss on a high draft pick at the quarterback position.


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