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New York Jets: Who Takes the Blame for Season’s Issues?

November 15th, 2012 at 7:37 PM
By Donald Lappe

With fans foaming at the mouth and looking for answers, the New York Jets are stumbling their way through the 2012 regular season schedule. Who deserves the lion's share of he blame? Who takes the fall? Jets supporters will be expecting change barring an unforeseen turnaround in the second half of the season, and that means high-profile members of the organization such as Rex Ryan, Mike Tannenbaum or Mark Sanchez will be feeling the heat.

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If someone is going to take the fall for the New York Jets this season, the options are pretty limited. Let's take a look at the three members of the organization who will feel the wrath of the fans and media, and discuss how likely it is that they will be shown the door.

Rex Ryan: The coach certainly deserves some blame because the bottom line for his objectives is to field a competitive football team. However, he doesn't deserve the most blame and probably won't be leaving unless by his own choice. Rex Ryan is still the second-most accomplished head coach in the history of the franchise, trailing only Weeb Ewbank. No other coach has accomplished what Rex Ryan has with the Jets. Many are tired of hearing about the back-to-back AFC Championship Game appearances but they do buy Rex Ryan another season with the team to right the ship. Plus, Woody Johnson loves Rex Ryan.

Mark Sanchez: The quarterback is always going to be a focal point on any team and Mark Sanchez has been beaten up this year (rightfully so). While we have called for at least more Tim Tebow, the Jets are sticking with Mark Sanchez and will almost certainly have him on the roster next season because of the contract extension the team gave him this offseason, which would leave them with a lot of dead money if they were to cut him.

Mike Tannenbaum: If anyone could be on their way out, Mike Tannenbaum is the likely choice. Last season, in reference to Brain Schottenheimer, we asked: "How many quarterbacks does an offensive coordinator get before he has to get it right?" Well, now we have to wonder how many coaches a general manager gets. He has made some questionable moves and this team is short on talent. If Woody Johnson wants to make a big move, put your money on Mike Tannenbaum taking the fall.

If the Jets don't turn this thing around quickly, don't be surprised if Mike Tannenbaum is shown the door. The team is in a bad spot in terms of the salary cap for the 2013 season and the talent level needs to be improved. Those issues are a direct result of decisions made by the general manager.


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