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New York Jets’ Tim Tebow: Teammates Anonymously Rip Backup Quarterback

November 14th, 2012 at 11:30 AM
By Donald Lappe

An anonymous New York Jets player, identified only as a defensive starter, confided in Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News that he thinks Tim Tebow is terrible. This anonymous sniping also happened to Mark Sanchez last season, so it doesn't exactly separate the two quarterbacks. Mark Sanchez has been awful this season, which has caused some to ask for Tim Tebow. The Jets are still sticking with Mark Sanchez.

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The New York Jets definitely need a spark on offense, but most of their players don't think pulling Mark Sanchez in favor of Tim Tebow is the right idea. Anonymous Jets ripped Tim Tebow in their statements to Manish Mehta, showing the true colors of the gutless team behind their 3-6 record. To rip any teammate to a member of the press is bad but to do it without putting your name to it, and to do it to a guy who is nothing but positive in his comments despite being in a tough situation himself, is disgusting.

Not really surprising, though. The Jets did this to Mark Sanchez last season.

These Jets players have said that the team can't win with Tim Tebow, that there's no way to beat NFL defenses running the offense he ran with the Denver Broncos last season.

But that offense did help the Denver Broncos get to the playoffs last year, while the Jets were sitting at home. And do the Jets remember getting beat by Tim Tebow in Denver last season? You could argue that Tim Tebow didn't play well except for the final drive, but there was one reason that was still a game: Mark Sanchez was awful the entire night and threw a pick-six that gave the Broncos a chance to hang around.

This situation does prove one theory about why the Tim Tebow move was a bad one wrong. When the Jets traded for Tim Tebow, many said that the first sign of trouble would have fans calling for Mark Sanchez to be pulled in favor of Tim Tebow and that the organization would cave at some point. Given how bad Mark Sanchez has been and how unwilling the Jets are to use Tim Tebow, that doesn't seem to be the case.


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