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New York Jets’ Tim Tebow: Trade Speculation Heating Up

October 25th, 2012 at 1:17 PM
By Donald Lappe

The trade talk surrounding New York Jets backup quarterback Tim Tebow has started heating up. It's not being fueled by credible rumors, but instead media speculating about whether the Jets will try to trade Tim Tebow and what they could get in return. The Jets acquired Tim Tebow from the Denver Broncos in the offseason for a fourth round draft pick, aiming to use him as the operator of their wildcat package and as their backup quarterback. Should the Jets explore a possible trade?

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The trade talk around New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow is heating up, but those doing the talking aren't NFL general managers. Media speculation is driving this train, with some proclaiming that the Jets should trade Tim Tebow seven games into his tenure in New York. The main reasoning seems to be the way the Jets have (or haven't) used Tim Tebow this season.

Offenses evolve over the course of a season, and the players involved in that offense see their roles change as a result. Tim Tebow has already done some positive things on special teams with fourth down conversions and has played a role in the offense. As the Jets enter the bye week, it wouldn't be a surprise if some of the extra time was used to implement an expanded, more diverse role for Tim Tebow.

With the Jets having used Tim Tebow in a limited capacity so far, teams may begin to feel comfortable that he's not going to have a big impact on the game. That creates an opportunity for the Jets to make some big plays with Tim Tebow in the game. When they see teams like the New England Patriots and Buffalo Bills again, that might be the right opportunity for an expanded Tim Tebow package to show something new against a familiar opponent.

If the jets were going to trade Tim Tebow, it would have made more sense to showcase him more throughout these first seven games. You don't devalue a player before shipping him off. Tim Tebow's role may have been reduced because he also serves as the backup quarterback and needs to be able to run the offense if Mark Sanchez were to go down. As he becomes more comfortable with Tony Sparano and his system, that will give the Jets more flexibility in using him in other ways. As we approach the midway point of the season and the bye week, this could be that time.

Don't trade Tim Tebow. He's a valuable asset on special teams and has something to offer on offense, especially with injuries at running back. Some are suggesting that the Jets should get rid of him for anything they can get. Again, why? Has he hurt the team? The Jets had a tough schedule to start the season and most were predicting a 2-5 start – they currently sit a 3-4 with a chance to be .500 going into the bye week. The four teams the Jets have lost to have a combined record of 18-9 and are all currently first or second in their division, with two of those losses being by one score. What has gone so horribly wrong that they need to blow this whole thing up?


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