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Joey Clinkscales Leaves New York Jets for Oakland Raiders

May 9th, 2012 at 2:35 PM
By Donald Lappe

After a back-and-forth game of "Will he stay or will he go?" with New York Jets Vice President of College Scouting Joey Clinkscales, he has finally decided to leave the organization and join the Oakland Raiders. It leaked out before the 2012 NFL Draft that Clinkscales might be on his way out the door, but following the draft Clinkscales was expected to stay. Now he has officially joined the Raiders and friend Reggie McKenzie.

Joey Clinkscales left the New York Jets to take a prominent job in the Oakland Raiders front office. Clinkscales has been looking for opportunities to advance his career, as he interviewed for the general manager position with the St. Louis Rams this offseason. When friend and former high school and college teammate Reggie McKenzie came calling, Clinkscales decided to head West.

Clinkscales has been the point man for the Jets' college scouting since 2008. He leaves a sizable hole in their scouting department. The Jets could promote someone within the organization, or look elsewhere to fill that hole.

We had a feeling that all the dots seemed too easy to connect for this to be over. From our article about Clinkscales being expected to stay:

"Still, the timing of everything seems weird. A report of Clinkscales being on the way out just happened to float out there right before his friend fires Jon Kilngdon, the Raiders' director of college scouting? Perhaps everyone around the league assumed Klingdon was on the way out and the personal connection between Clinkscales and McKenzie fueled all the rumors. This may not be over."

Clinkscales is expected to be higher up on the front office ladder in Oakland, possibly right behind general manager Reggie McKenzie. McKenzie and Clinkscales were high school teammates and played together at the University of Tennessee.


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