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LHH Power Rankings: Rising, then Falling Edition (featuring a little Jekyll and a little Hyde)

February 17th, 2017 at 10:43 AM
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One of these is a sure fire Maple Leaf. The other is John Tavares.

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

With the All Star break, this article was on hiatus last week. Since the prior article, the Isles had risen in our rankings as high as 10th after the recent quality wins vs. the Caps, Flyers, and Leafs. Since then, they came back down a bit after drubbings to those same Leafs and Sens. But first…

Weekly Roundup of Opinion Polls

SiteUpdatedNew RankingPrior RankingComments
SportsNet2/16/20171814[This week is their Things We Didn't See coming edition] “Free agent afterthought Dennis Seidenberg and free agent priority Andrew Ladd being neck-and-neck in scoring.”
ESPN2/13/20171719John Tavares heads to his hometown of Toronto for a game on Tuesday night against the Maple Leafs. He’ll be bracing himself for the line of questioning about his future — although he pretty much answered it all at the All-Star festivities in Los Angeles last month.
TSN2/14/20171617A 9-2-2 record in the past 13 games has changed the perspective on this Islanders season. The emergence of LW Anders Lee, who has 16 points (7 G, …

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