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New York Islanders Await Lubomir Visnovsky Ruling

September 6th, 2012 at 11:29 AM
By PJ Foti

The New York Islanders made a move in the right direction to be competitive this season on draft day, dealing a 2013 second round draft pick to the Anaheim Ducks for defenseman Lubomir Visnovsky.

Visnovsky, however, found a loophole in his contract and went to the league about voiding the deal.

He said he was happy as an Islander, but went to the league anyway because he had the right. The NHL scheduled his arbitration hearing for Sept. 4, and expect to come to a decision by Sept. 15.

Arbitrator George Nicolau will have to look back to a 2010 trade between the Edmonton Oilers and Anaheim Ducks and rule whether or not the trade permanently eliminated Visnovsky's no-trade clause.

Visnovsky’s agent, Neil Sheehy, who was a witness at the hearing, said Wednesday he thinks the outcome is “50-50.”

Even if Visnovsky wins the case and goes back to the Ducks, he'll likely force a trade. Chances are, one of the teams on his preferred list will be the New York Islanders. He probably just wants to find out whether or not the no-trade clause will still be intact moving forward incase the Isles look to deal him.

Visnovsky's cap hit is essential for the Isles to reach the cap floor, but with everything going on with the CBA, it's unclear where the salary cap will even stand for the upcoming season.


Visnovsky may not have even had this chance. About a month ago, he survived a very serious Ferrari crash in Slovakia.

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