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About the Authors
Dan Benton
Editor Dan Benton is a long-time professional journalist who has spent the last 10 years covering the New York Giants, New York Yankees and other New York/New Jersey area sports teams. He is the founder of Giants 101 (2004) and has also worked for AOL Sports, MSG, CBS Sports, Most Valuable Network, Screaming Sports, Bleacher Report and SNY. Additionally, Benton has weekly spots on ESPN Radio, i95 Rock and Football with the Fat Guys.
Jen Tumulak
Jen Polashock
Writer Jen Tumulak has been a passionate Giants fan since those early years of Scott Brunner vs. Phil Simms. Her reward: being able to witness all four Lombardi's being hoisted and attending two ticker-tape parades. Attending Giants Training Camp since 2003 led Jen to eventually start writing up her observations for fellow fans on several blogs, message boards and Giants websites - complete with pictures and interactive stories about players and coaches. As administrator on several sites, she also wrote point-of-view editorials throughout the seasons. As Jen's Giant passion only intensifies with each season, it was only fitting that she broadened her writing horizons to include Giants 101.