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New York Giants Expected to Sign Offensive Lineman Adam Snyder

September 3rd, 2014 at 7:00 AM
By Dan Benton

With their Week 1 game against the Detroit Lions only days away, the New York Giants are still seeking depth along their offensive line. And with guard Geoff Schwartz likely headed to Injured Reserve (IR) with a designation to return, the team is working to sign versatile veteran Adam Snyder.

Snyder, a third-round pick of the San Francisco 49ers in the 2005 NFL Draft, has appeared in 121 NFL games, including 83 starts. In addition to his two stints with the 49ers (2005-2011, 2013), Snyder also spent 2012 with the Arizona Cardinals, where he had signed a five-year deal that included a $3 million signing bonus, but was cut only a year later.

The 6'6'', 325 lbs. Snyder struggled significantly in his year with Arizona, earning negative ratings in 10 of his 14 games courtesy of Pro Football Focus. He finished the season as their fourth-worst rated guard league-wide.

The one true upside to Synder, other than being a warm body with NFL experience, is his versatility. Not only is he capable of playing both guard positions, he's also capable of filling in at both tackle position — and we all know how the Giants love versatility.

If nothing else, the 32-year-old team-first Synder would add a solid veteran presence to a unit that is otherwise young and inexperienced.

The news of Synder's pending addition was first reported by Mike Garafolo of FOX Sports 1.


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15 Responses to “New York Giants Expected to Sign Offensive Lineman Adam Snyder”

  1.  T-Thom97 says:

    anyone else sick of this Michael sam crap???? dallas might sign him to the practice squad. nfl network is asking can he help dallas D??? a 7th round pick who got cut! what other 7th round pick had this much coverage???!!!!! im sick of it

    •  aikitim says:

      Dallas was also 32nd in defense last year, and they lost one of the best pass rushers of the decade in Marcus Ware. So the answer is a resounding yes, he can help the Dallas defense.

  2.  James Stoll says:

    I guess the Giants are trying to be the oldest roster in the league
    important to ne No 1 in something

  3.  James Stoll says:

    isn’t today Poor Eli day?
    shouldn’t we have a pre-first game Poor Eli
    what with the Shannon Sharpe Skip Bayless yammering
    the early power rankings
    and all our own internal misgivings, shouldn’t Eli be fomally and collectively bashed by millions before the season starts?

    where are ye Dan?

  4.  T-Thom97 says:

    how the heck is he gonna help when hes on the practice team

    •  GOAT56 says:

      He gets signed to the regular squad after learning their system and avoiding a guaranteed contract by signing him now.

  5.  GOAT56 says:

    I wonder who we cut for Synder. It has to be between Reynolds, Brown and Brewer. My initial thought was Reynolds but he’s the only guy capable of playing center outside of Walton and Richberg. So I’m thinking it’s Brown or Brewer and when in doubt we usually keeping a draft pick. My guess to be cut is Brown but it could easily be the other 2 players.

    Or I just realized we could put Schwartz on IR. I think that would be a mistake. We have 9 other OL healthy assuming Mosley is ready today and don’t need another numbers at another position for the Detroit game.

  6.  fanfor55years says:

    This is a clear indication that the depth on the O-line is horrid. This guy is done, plain-and-simple. The fact that they think he’s better than one of the alternatives indicates that they are still a year away from having an offensive line with adequate talent and depth. If they suffer any injuries along that line this season beyond the one already suffered by Schwartz we’re looking at a very long season.

    The body blows keep coming. A win in Detroit would be nice, but it’s a 16-round fight and there’s some question as to whether we’re really a contender yet. I started out the spring figuring I should look to 2015. I’m ending the summer unconvinced I was wrong. There’s always that puncher’s chance, but that’s certainly nothing anyone should count upon.

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