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Jon Gruden not Sold on New-Look New York Giants Offense; Believes It Lacks Proper Personnel

September 3rd, 2014 at 1:00 PM
By Douglas Rush

Jon Gruden knows a thing or two when it comes to spotting talent in the NFL. After all, he was an extremely successful head coach with the Oakland Raiders, a Super Bowl winning head coach with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and now, the co-host of Monday Night Football on ESPN.

Usually on the telecast of the Monday night games, Gruden tends to be find what he likes about players and elaborates on it (Giants fans tend to want to throw up when Gruden goes overboard on what he likes about Tony Romo, but that's for another time and place.) However this time, Gruden wasn't too positive when it came to the Giants offensive situation, as he told Neil Best of Newsday that he thinks it'll be a work in progress and will be a process for the unit to get going.

One thing that Gruden said he didn't like about the Giants offense is their lack of firepower and personnel at the wide receiver and tight end positions, citing that it's not as good as it has been for the team in years past.'

While wide receiver is a bit of a mystery, especially with Odell Beckham Jr. not being able to practice or play due to a hamstring issues and the unknown of what Corey Washington will do in the regular season after one of the best turnouts in the preseason in a long time, Gruden's assessment of the tight end position is a fair one.

Giants head coach Tom Coughlin expressed his displeasure in the players at tight end during the summer and felt that nobody really stepped up to seize the position, which is why the team will go with a tight end-by-committee after the players in camp failed to impress the coaching staff in the summer. The team did bring back training camp invitee Jerome Cunningham to the practice squad, but who knows if he'll make enough of an impact to get a shot on the main roster.


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16 Responses to “Jon Gruden not Sold on New-Look New York Giants Offense; Believes It Lacks Proper Personnel”

  1.  fanfor55years says:

    When someone starts writing that they hope Cunningham might help then you know it’s time to start thinking about how bad things might get.

    I totally disagree with the decision about Schwartz unless the original schedule for his return was too optimistic. He could have missed four games instead of seven, and those three games will be important when the season could easily spiral out of control. Did we really need to keep Brewer on the roster? Really? Or the Other Manning?

    And Gruden is absolutely correct. They do NOT have the right personnel in place for this offensive scheme. Their skill positions, other than running back, are just not good enough. That could be made up for in good part by an outstanding offensive line but while I think the starting O-line may surprise a lot of people and be much better than expected, the complete lack of depth will almost inevitably spell doom. And don’t blame Eli if he gets happy feet and throws plenty of picks again if the reason for it is absolute unwillingness to trust his protection. If Schwartz had stayed healthy and Snee were available as a veteran presence for depth the story would be different. But this could turn ugly.

    •  James Stoll says:

      I’ve been saying it for 3 weeks, the right move was to IR Beckham with designation to return
      that hammy is now almost 3 months old and still he’s at least an indefinite time away
      dollars to donuts he comes back and either completely tears it in his first practice or game
      sad, ‘cuz we need him bad

      and all the negativity is fully justified unless we BEAT THE LIONS

      if the negativity comes true, however, both Reese and Coughlin should be canned

      •  BigBlueGiant says:

        we’re not beating the lions.

        •  James Stoll says:



          •  Nosh.0 says:

            The one thing we have going for us in week one is that Stafford is a terrible decision maker. Also Caldwell has never proven he’s a good coach. If we don’t turn the ball over I could see us winning an ugly game.

            In fact all of our first 3 games are extremely winnable so long as Beatty and the OL don’t completely melt down. And Randle and Jernigan have to at least be average.

            Look, I share everyones concerns about this team. The preseason was ugly. But I’m not going to make any definitive statements until I see us in some real games.

      •  Kettles78 says:

        If the negativity does not come true is their penalties the other way?

  2.  Krow says:

    I agree with Gruden … we simply lack talent.

    •  James Stoll says:

      personally I hate Gruden and think he is perhaps the all time worst sportscaster in televised sports history
      for that reason alone I hope we win
      Monday night’s pre-game will be brutal
      Gruden knob slobbering over Stafford, Megatron, Bush, Ebron, Suh, etc

      a big sad sigh for everything Giant
      lots of backhanded compliments to Coughlin and Eli — good onc3e, good no more

      etc, etc

      Giants 34 Lions 17

  3.  Nosh.0 says:

    Week one survivor pool. I’m thinking Philly. Any thoughts?

  4.  fanfor55years says:

    We really won’t know much about the Giants until we’ve seen the first four games. All of us can make guesses but we’re shouting in a vacuum.

    Can McAdoo make adjustments that allow for short passes to be thrown to someone other than the tight ends, or alternatively will one or more of the tight ends look better than was the case in preseason (I actually have a feeling that at this point Fells might be able to do “okay” if given enough snaps, but I’d rather have Robinson getting plenty of snaps so he either shows he’s the future or a lost cause)? Can we pass decently enough to prevent defenses from loading up against the run and taking away what looks to be the strongest part of the offense until Beckham returns and the offense gets in sync? Can we mount a pretty consistent pass rush? Can we do it with four people? Can our excellent defensive backfield avoid being flagged too much for illegal contact? Can Weatherford consistently give opposing offenses long fields to try and navigate so the defense can be aggressive and get some turnovers? Can Randle get his routes right? Can Cruz defeat double-teams and defenses that roll toward him (something he has not done in the past but might be ready to do this season)? Can the youngsters on the offensive line hold up against a lot of stunts and other techniques that defensive coordinators will throw at them figuring their inexperience will lead to plenty of mistakes and get Eli flustered in the pocket? Will we pretty completely shut down the run, even better than last season?

    No one knows. But we’ll at least have some valid, preliminary, answers by the time we get done with the Skins on September 25. I’m hardly confident that this team will do well, but I’m not about to write them off so quickly. A team that has Eli Manning, Antrel Rolle, Jason Pierre-Paul, Jon Hankins, Jon Beason, DRC, Prince Amukamara, Victor Cruz, Justin Pugh, Weston Richburg, both Jacquain and Andre Williams, Rashad Jennings, Henry Hynoski, and Steve Weatherford has some pretty good talent that can probably be depended upon, in addition to which there may be a lot of “emerging” talent. That sounds to me like a team that could go either way. The roster isn’t quite deep enough, but it’s hardly hopeless.

    I want to see for myself before deciding which way this is likely to go. It counts now. I am dead certain we will see things on Monday that we didn’t see during the preseason while the 1′s were on the field.

    •  GOAT56 says:

      I agree with this. Although I’m much more positive than most I have questions too. I just don’t think we know much yet. I think we haven’t seen what we are really going to do on offense (whether it works or not) yet. Nor do I think we have seen the style of defense we will play this year. I think we know the least amount about this team than we have since the early Eli years. And even those years we we didn’t know was mainly because of Eli. Between the new players, new coaches, new roles, etc. this team we know little about.

      We will certainly have the audience to make a presence (good or bad) on Monday to a national audience.

    •  LAFgoesON says:

      +1 This echoes exactly how I feel. While there are plenty of signs that this team could be mediocre. They should not be viewed as bottom barrel trash. This squad is much better than last year’s unit and they went 7-9. With all of the change and turnover, it’s reasonable to think there will be miscues and a lack of chemistry, but there’s also lots of favorable evidence to have optimism (particularly the talent you named above).

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