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Giants’ Daniel Fells Could See First Team Reps Against His Old Team, the New England Patriots

August 28th, 2014 at 7:00 AM
By Douglas Rush

Last year, the New England Patriots tight end position was an unknown heading into the summer. Rob Gronkowski was dealing with injuries, Jake Ballard was coming back from a torn ACL and trying to rejuvenate his career and Aaron Hernandez went to jail on murder charges. So for Daniel Fells, he thought he had a legitimate chance to make the team in 2013.

Yet even though he played well despite suffering a concussion in training camp, the Patriots cut Fells before the start of the season and the veteran tight end surprisingly didn't get a second chance to play again in the season and to this day, Fells, now a member of the Giants, is still shocked that the Patriots cut him last summer and he didn't a second opportunity to play.

"To be honest, that's the burning question I've never really been able to figure out. I kept asking myself day in, day out, all season last year. It just wasn't the right fit [in New England] I guess," said Fells, who was released by the Patriots in late August and signed by the Giants in January. "I don't want to say it was an injury-thing. It was timing. It was what it was. You just make the best out of it."

After the season, the Giants needed tight ends after Brandon Myers failed miserably to be the guy that produced with the Oakland Raiders, so they signed Kellen Davis along with Fells to compete with Adrian Robinson and Larry Donnell. Of the now four tight ends (Jerome Cunningham and Xavier Grimble have since been released,) Fells may have had the best summer and could go from not playing at all in 2013 to possibly finding himself as the team's starting tight end come Week 1. On Thursday night, he could also find himself in first team reps with the offense and Giants head coach Tom Coughlin said that his steady play may have earned him that chance.

"He's a pretty steady guy," Coughlin said. "That is the best I can say. He knows what to do. He was effective on some of the plays you are describing or reaching for [last week]. I think he did a pretty good job."

Fells will not only have a chance to impress the coaches to the point where he might earn a starting job, he could have a chance to make the Patriots regret cutting him last year by playing well when they play in the preseason finale of the summer.

It would only be fitting, as the Giants have had a knack for getting one over on the Patriots since 2007, and it would continue that same trend, especially if the Giants were able to find success with Fells one year after the Patriots let him go.


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10 Responses to “Giants’ Daniel Fells Could See First Team Reps Against His Old Team, the New England Patriots”

  1.  Krow says:

    Our collective TEs have had the impact of a sack of potatoes. But there’s no denying that the Giants’ present situation represents an enormous opportunity for these chumps. If one of them can up his game then it will change his life. Let’s hope that happens.

    •  G Fan since Ninteen Forty Eight says:

      Mashed potatoes. They cannot even roll and they are too soft to block anything.

  2.  GIANTT says:

    Im normally the optimist but I really dont have much hope that any of the TEs on the roster now is going to break out . Having said that , the TEs two necessities are , of course blocking and catching the ball . If it doesnt really happen with these TEs then divide up the duties between Hillis , Hynoski and the other running backs and also as Ive been advocating Corey Washington . I think he would make a decent tight end .

    •  Sintexo says:

      I’ve seen you mention this about Washington a few times, but what makes you think he could possibly be a TE? Yes, he could catch, but he’s not nearly big enough to handle the blocking required. For reference, he’s 214 lbs. Our other TEs weigh in at:
      Fells: 265
      Robinson: 264
      Davis: 265
      Donnell: 269

      Even Jimmy Graham weighs in at 265. The lightest TE I can find with a quick google search is Jacob Tamme at 236. Even Travis Beckham was 234. It just seems really unrealistic to me that he would be able to do the job.

      •  James Stoll says:

        besides Corey is the new Plax

      •  GIANTT says:

        Hes certainly got the height and he could definitely add a few pounds .I think Im just a little frustrated that the Giants havent had an above average tight end for years and this group certainly isnt inspiring any confidence . I was just thinking that , getting away from labels , what does the TE end do ? he blocks and catches (usually ) short passes .With this new offense , and perhaps an improvement on the TE situation , a large slot receiver and a good blocking back who can catch . Hillis can catch and hes surely a better blocker than our current crop of TEs so hes in there at running back alongside Jennings . A group of two or three guys who , between them , can catch and block better than our TEs , is all Im saying . Of this group you need a receiver type large enough to catch and thats why I suggested Washington

        •  Nosh.0 says:

          I don’t see it for Washington but I think Mike Evans could be the next Jimmy Graham if he moved to TE. So I definitely don’t dismiss the idea of WR’s moving to the position.

          Also why haven’t they just named Robinson the starter? None of the other TE’s has shown anything so why not give the job to the guy with the highest upside and who they made the largest investment in.

  3.  Dirt says:

    Well, Tony Gonzalez recently said he’d listen if a contender calls late in the season…

    All they gotta do is be a contender late in the season.

    Pretty easy solution to the TE problem.

  4.  rlhjr says:

    I was thinking that most of us liked Washington. Assigning him tight end duties would most certainly get him snapped in two. At 214 lbs. he becomes meat anywhere close to a defensive lineman or linebacker. Defensive backs and safeties are the best athletes on the field on any given play. Putting Wash at TE would make him a target for DB’s looking for a blitz mismatch.

  5.  G Fan since Ninteen Forty Eight says:

    Do not be surprised if Washington does not make the cut. Lousy ST play

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