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New York Giants’ Tom Coughlin Kicked Damontre Moore Off Field in Monday’s Practice

August 25th, 2014 at 6:45 PM
By Douglas Rush

Things can always get rather snippy when it comes to practice and training camp in the summer for NFL players. It's hot out, tempers are high, people are tired, they are away from their families and homes and like any team that views themselves as a family or brotherhood, eventually, people get tired of seeing one another every day and eventually fight.

During the end of Monday's practice, that appeared to be the case with Damontre Moore, as he was seen visibly upset and complaining about something an offensive player did and didn't let up with his opinion for several minutes, which lead to Giants head coach Tom Coughlin kicking Moore off the practice field.

When asked about why he decided to remove Moore from practice, Coughlin explained it as a bit of emotions getting the best of people during a very warm day of practice, but there was nothing more to read into it.

In the summer time, most players are over the notion of training camp and the preseason and want actual football season to begin, but just like any football team; whether it's high school, college or the pros, teams still have to practice in the summer because, well, that's their job.

Overall, it's nothing more than summer practice frustrations coming out of a young player who may need to learn how to control those said emotions before he gets kicked out of another practice and sets an expectation to the team and to Coughlin; one he doesn't want heading into his second year with the team.


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21 Responses to “New York Giants’ Tom Coughlin Kicked Damontre Moore Off Field in Monday’s Practice”

  1.  Nosh.0 says:

    Yeah that’s the bottom line with Beatty. It’s not a matter of physical ability or talent, he just doesn’t have the toughness between the ears. He gets beat early for a sack and that’s ball game for him. He’s in his own head for the next 4 quarters. You’re absolutely right, I’d take a line of 5 David Deihls over 5 Beattys every time.

    Which is why I suggested last year that it may not be the worst idea to move Beatty to RT. Because I don’t think it’s physical with Beatty. It’s a 100% mental with this kid. So I wonder if moving him to RT would take some pressure off him. Also I wonder if it would make Eli more comfortable in the pocket. Of course that only works if you think Pugh can handle the blind side.

  2.  Krow says:

    Damontre Moore is showing a lot of fire … and his play is aggressive. There’s no place for that kind of stuff on this team. Tom will grind that attitude out of him. A little bench time is what this guy needs.

  3.  Dirt says:

    I just wanted to address some erroneous theory that FF55 has been posting lately. Specifically the one where it’s natural for offensive linemen to get beat from time to time.

    That’s mostly true, except for when they face our current #1 pass rushers.

  4.  Nosh.0 says:

    Here’s my final statement on Eli until further notice.

    In my mind the best we ever saw him was a stretch late in 2010. He didn’t have a healthy Nicks. Cruz was on IR. And I believe Mario might have been banged up as well. I know Hagan was one of our starting WR’s for a few games. Ohara had also been banged up most of the year and Seiburt eventually went down. So the OL was starting to show cracks.

    We had just lost 2 divisional games (Philly and Dallas) and it looked like we were heading to another late season collapse. Eli in my mind then rolled off 4 of the best games of his career. Not big numbers by any means and not huge plays. Just methodical drives when we needed them the most. We beat the Jags, Skins, and Vikings (on a tuesday night) to run off 3 straight. And with 8 minutes left against Philly we were the best team in the NFC. We obviously know what happened next.

    Point is, I’ve seen Eli succeed without great WR’s so I can’t use these WR’s as an excuse for him. They’re plenty capable. But if the OL can’t pass block then there is no way to know what kind of QB the 2014 Eli Manning is.

    Also, while I’m not ruling out at some point having the discussion about Eli’s future, we are no where near that point yet. That’s a discussion for a later date, and hopefully, a much later date.

    •  Dirt says:

      I was thinking about something earlier today and for some reason you made me want to post it:

      I wish someone with enough time, resources and connections would launch a serious investigation into two week sof Giants history:

      October 7, 2012 – October 21, 2012

      It was those two weeks that saw a defending champ deal with a great deal of hype leading up to a rubber match of a recent high stakes rivalry, walk into the Stick and absolutely aszblast the Whiners for 30 minutes, and then that’s where the mystery begins. Something happened at halftime of that game. They would have a listless second half and a stinker the following week against Washington.

      I need to know what happened. I need to know what allowed them to play with all the swagger, confidence and ability in the world for the week leading up and the first half of the game, and how and why they seem to have permanently shut it down from that 12 minute intermission to today.

      •  Nosh.0 says:

        Good call man. Yeah if you wanted to draw a line in the sand of when things changed for us that’s the game. We’ve been a completely different team since then.

  5.  Nosh.0 says:

    Vintage Eli.

    This is the guy I want to see again. We don’t need the 2011 version. 2010 Eli gets the job done.

  6.  William says:

    I read a really interesting column while traveling in the midwest this weekend. A number of high profile college programs (Michigan as an example) are very concerned by the aging demographics of the season ticket holders and more alarming is that they are not getting students to show up. We are talking Michigan, not someone like Purdue or Indiana. Are young people really following football in the same percentages as their parents? If not this does not bode well for football or any of sports long term.
    As a Financial Planner I have studied the power of national demographics. Recent years of economic struggles in Japan are in many ways a simple reflection of their aging population. Retirees spend less than young people, plain n simple. In the United States we are not far behind Japan with 65% of our population ” the famous baby boomers” who are just a few years away from averaging 65 years old as a group.
    Consider that the explosion in popularity of all the major sports in this country all took off in the early 1970′s. This is when you saw new modern stadiums and huge increases in attendance. Give the average baby boomer a birth year of 1950 and presto, 1970ish is their early 20′s and their first paycheck (without family obligations) a perfect way to enjoy their new found wealth. Now this trend is reversing, how many games does a 65 year old attend even if he can afford. You also have less young people in general and to make matters worse they don’t seem that interested as their parents. This truly could be the high water mark for all major sports just based on the “math” and the demographics. Something to consider if your local community wants to tax your income to support a new stadium in what maybe a retreating industry.

    •  Dirt says:


      I read an economic piece a few years ago that said the U.S would be expected to have the most robust, productive, largest young population of any developed market and China over the foreseeable future.

      That’s not disputing your view. In fact both could be true. The future young adults could be the most vibrant in the world, but there could very well be less of them.

    •  fanfor55years says:

      I know one 65-year old who attends every home game, travels to Super Bowls that the Giants are in, and even sometimes goes to a preseason game or two. And he sees plenty of others around him in the stadium who attend a lot of games even though they are in their 60′s, or older.

      I don’t dispute your point, but there are a LOT of exceptions and I wouldn’t bet against the NFL over the next 20 years.

      •  Dirt says:

        You’re not kidding.

        Giants Stadium. Where the long time season ticket holders tell you to sit down while you’re standing on 3rd down.

  7.  GOAT56 says:

    It’s been a little while. I see at least there is more balance now. A few points.

    To me the main aspect that many are missing in what I felt was a good to very good overall performance by our OL is the opposition. The Jets have as good of front as anyone in the NFL. Those guys are top 5 at worse. To run the ball against their first team defense at 6 ypc is extremely good. And it wasn’t one 50 yard run it was consistent quality runs. The pass blocking definitely had some issues but it looked a little better than 2011 and with the design of offense an newness of the players starting together it has the ability to be a lot better.

    Another point about the offense many are missing is it’s about real improvment rather being great now. There was real improvement. 200 yards in 1 half against that defense is good stuff. We didn’t do a great job generating points but we moved the ball. If we make the same progression we did from last week against Detroit week 1 we can be good week one. Not great, not a juggernuat but we can score in the mid 20s if we continue improvement.

    We do need some help depth wise inside and some outside help is not a bad look. But we need to go with our current group of starters. We keep on changing alignments some of which are out of our control. But the only way we can build chemistry is to play together.

    I have been saying for a while our defense will look different than we have seen for the last several years. There will be a lot more blitzing. Not just to help out the pass rush but to take advantage of our coverage abilities.

    I agree with several that Moore needs to start. We need to work on playing the other side so he can play with JPP.

    The WR decision is a difficult one. I know no one wants to see us lose these young guys who have been great. But having a group with only Cruz and Randle with any experience seems to be a stretch. I think Jernigan makes it over Manningham because Manningham has shown no explosion. Washington is on our team and should be our starting outside WR in the redzone. Parker has forced his way on the team by showing nice WR skills and natural PR skills. Harris is a better WR but his injury makes me think either IR or PS. Harris has been good but not overwhelming that he couldn’t possible be held on PS. I like Harris and want him on the team but it’s hard for me to see the coaches putting Harris over a vet like Jernigan when no vets are around. I like Jernigan but I do think Harris is the better overall WR. However, with ODB possible being out or at least slow to catch on we really might need the speed and open field skills Jernigan has.

    Sadly James seems to have played his way off the roster. I do think some make way too big of deal out of the PR ****. But it seems like that play got in his head and he hasn’t been the same CB since. I think Bennett Jackson will make the team as our 10th DB. His gunner skills, flexibility to help out at safety and being a draft pick.

    Nassib is the classis tale of many jumping the gun. He looks like a good backup now with the possiblity to be a good starter. I don’t now if he has great upside but I do see a lot of Matt Hasslebeck in him.

    One area that will be important to watch for the last preason game is the DTs. Patterson has been clearly passed by Hankins and maybe even Kuhn. Bromley looks really good and Quarles has NFL starting talent. Patterson is a good player but he might get caught up in a numbers game.

    I think there could be RBs available to upgrade our group. I like Cox but it seems the coaches don’t as much. I’m not a fan of Hillis or Gaskins (decent just not goign to help us IMO). We could use more quality depth.

    The long shot guy who I think should be looked at long for a 53 man roster spot is Wynn. This kid is Ojomo part 2. Hopefully he can do it against better players. But the kid has shown good pass rush skills.

  8.  fanfor55years says:

    So there are at least two positions, tight end, and wide receiver, where no one really knows what will happen.

    At wide receiver it’s certain that Cruz, Beckham, Randle and Washington are on the roster. It’s very likely that Parker is on based upon his role on special teams, but that’s no certainty. I thought Talley made a very good case for himself last Friday and if he follows that up with another good game he may make the final decisions awfully tough. I don’t think they can stick him on the practice squad again (although I’m not sure about the rules in that regard). But I just cannot see them going with Beckham, Washington, Parker and Talley together because I think collectively they have zero regular season catches in the NFL. That inexperience doesn’t sound like a Tom Coughlin team to me. Then there’s Jernigan and Manningham. I’m guessing one of them makes the roster to balance out the youngsters, probably Jernigan. But I really do think the game on Thursday may matter, a LOT, in making those final decisions. It’s all over for Mario unless he’s given a chance on Thursday and excels against the Patriots’ backups.

    At tight end anything anyone suggests is simply a shot in the dark. But I’m guessing that Robinson and Donnell definitely stick and the third tight end will be one of the free agents signed over the spring. I have a feeling it’s Davis if Tom has last word, Fells if McAdoo is the most influential voice (because he adds catching ability even though he’s an indifferent blocker).There will probably be one placed on the practice squad if any are eligible (Cunningham is a rookie and therefore a good candidate, as is Grimble, but they might IR the latter).

    The two cuts that I will probably feel most badly about are Manningham and James. I still think that within a few months Super Mario can help someone. And I love Charles James’ grit. But unless they are truly outstanding on Thursday in a credible situation neither is going to get past Tuesday.

    •  wduda83 says:

      It wouldn’t shock me if our top TE isn’t even on the team yet. We have clearly moved on from Jermichael Finley, but Rob Housler was tied to giants a few months back and will likely be cut by Arizona. He can’t be any worse than what we have now.

      •  GOAT56 says:

        That was justa rumor. Housler was one of the starting TEs when Arizona lined up with their starting unit.

        •  wduda83 says:

          Maybe, but he doesn’t seem to fit the mold of a Bruce Ariens offense. I assume they may have been trying to showcase him for a potential trade.

          •  GOAT56 says:

            A trade I can see. I don’t see them cutting a guy who had reasonable success in that same offense last year.

  9.  GOAT56 says:

    Here’s huge news with roster cuts:

    I saw there were 2 new players added to PS but what was also added is just for those 2 players is those players could have played 32 regular season games in the first 2 years. Basically it means James and Cox are guys that are eligible for those extra PS spots this year. It might change our team this year but it allows us great flexibility to keep 2 players that could help us this year. Being a James fan it would be nice to keep him around. Cox I think it deserving of a roster spot but with his PS eligibility and maybe adding a RB cut who adds some Wilson skill makes sense.

  10.  TroyThorne says:

    You know things are bad with the offensive line when people begin to romanticize David Diehl.

    For the record, Diehl gave up more sacks in a single season than Beatty did last year. “Grit” means nothing when you simply can’t play.

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