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New York Giants’ Tom Coughlin: Corey Washington Has Played in Superb Fashion

August 25th, 2014 at 9:00 AM
By Douglas Rush

Corey Washington has already turned heads this preseason to the point where people are looking at him like another potential Victor Cruz-like impact, who originally broke onto the scene during the 2010 preseason and, eventually, catapulted his way into super-stardom in 2011.

Washington, just like Cruz, was an undrafted free agent looking for a chance to make the team and, unlike most of the others, has a height advantage at 6'4" and the kind of physicality missing since Plaxico Burress shot himself in the leg and eventually got released. It's something the team was hoping Ramses Barden would develop into, but never did.

Washington, who has caught four touchdowns along with 152 yards this preseason — one in each of the team's four games — has not only caught the attention of everyone watching the team, but has caught the attention of his head coach in Tom Coughlin, who raved about his young receiver at practice this weekend.

"Anytime anybody plays in a superb fashion, it gets your attention," Coughlin said. "He has certainly been a big part of any type of fourth quarter success that we have had. You acknowledge the fact that the young man has made progress."

With Odell Beckham Jr. dealing with injuries and now Marcus Harris out for 3-4 weeks, Washington may have made himself uncuttable for the Giants now and could have worked himself into a bigger role for the team once the regular season rolls around

While the team will certainly use the speedy receivers like Beckham, Cruz, Rueben Randle and Mario Manningham in the west coast offense, Washington could end up being the red-zone target that Eli Manning throws the ball up and has Washington use his raw size and strength to go get the football; which is something Coughlin said that he's done well all summer long.

"Of course, he has one are area that he has done very well, and this is he will go up and get the ball," Coughlin said. "That is very noticeable."

Washington will have one more chance to impress Coughlin, his teammates, the coaches and the fans when the Giants play the New England Patriots on Thursday in their preseason finale; a game in which if Washington again plays well, may cement his status and spot on the team in 2014.


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20 Responses to “New York Giants’ Tom Coughlin: Corey Washington Has Played in Superb Fashion”

  1.  William says:

    TC and rookies, how many other teams would this kid not be a 100% lock to make the squad? Let’s face it there is still doubt despite the performance because of the coach. You would think he could get some time with the first string but JJ is a veteran who to be fair went thru the same thing in his career. I’m not saying he’ s not making the roster, it’s that because of the coach I’m still not sure.
    Another year, even with new faces the “same issues” begin to raise there ugly head.
    Injuries, hamstrings and Major types
    Ignoring stand-out play by rookies, vets start no matter their performance
    Can’t protect a franchise QB.
    Very frustrating to see these patterns again.

  2.  James Stoll says:

    I read this earlier. I hope it means he makes the final 53, but as I said over the weekend, it is still a little concerning that he didn’t see time until the 3′s were in.

    given Beckum’s questionable health you would think they have to keep 6 WRs
    with Beckum Cruz and Randal as locks, that leaves 3 spots up for grabs

    although he doesn’t really deserve it, JJ probably nabs the 4th spot

    does the 5th spot go to MM, with the 6th a jump ball between Washington and Parker

    or does MM get the ax and both Washington and Parker make the team?

    I noticed in yesterday’s practice Parker did not return punts
    he apparently did get some looks at kick offs

    at this point, with Harris likely headed to IR or outright cut do to injury, I’d prefer to see Washington Parker and Talley in lieu of JJ and MM, but that seems highly unlikely

  3.  fanfor55years says:

    Who are you guys kidding? Washington had the team made before the Jets game. He could sit out the Patriots game and still be on the final roster.

    The news about Barden and Thomas isn’t in the least surprising. Sadly, in Thomas’ case, because before his injuries he was a player. But I said last year that it was obvious that he was no longer anything but a JAG who couldn’t cover deep any longer and therefore could only play in very defined circumstances and schemes and wasn’t worth keeping on the Giants. In Barden’s case, the only shocking thing about this is that a team was stupid enough to bother taking a flyer on him. I’ve been saying since Day 1 that the kid is a turkey and everyone kept telling me I was being too tough on him (and then came that game where he ” beat” a corner on Carolina who shouldn’t have been in the league and was instructed to play way off him just to be safe, after which I caught much abuse for saying I STILL thought Barden was a guy who shouldn’t be in the NFL).

    I suppose now kujo will post saying it was really lots of people who had Barden figured from the get-go and I’m taking credit for the ideas of others. Can’t blame the boy. Expectant fathers behave in crazy ways.

    •  James Stoll says:

      probably right about CW but wde are so innured to this management team making bonehead decisions that one can never say never when it comes to idiocy

      •  fanfor55years says:

        They make very few real mistakes. Every group of people making collective decisions makes some mistakes (some of the things we’ve collectively suggested would not have turned out well), but in the course of the Coughlin/Reese/Eli Era they have not cut a single player, or failed to re-sign anyone (with the one big exception, at least so far, of Bennett) who became a mistake. Personally, I still think they totally misplayed the relationship with Nicks and I expect him to prove to be a top receiver, but I don’t know where the fault lays in that situation and it could easily be with the player and his agent.

        Have they been late to play some talented rookies and second-year players when the veterans ahead of them were less-than-adequate? Yes. Did they let Diehl and Snee hang on too long? Yes.

        But they’ve been pretty good. And we HAVE won two championships under their stewardship. That’s more than any other franchise can say during the same span of their years. And it at least appears that they could be on the way to setting us up to compete for another before their “Era” is over. Not bad for a parity-obsessed league.

  4.  Fars says:

    I just hope that they already know they keep CWash and just give the others (JJ, MM) playing time to decide whom to cut.

    This has to be the reason … IT HAS TO BE !!!!!

    •  James Stoll says:

      again, probably right, but what disturbs me about that approach is I want to see if CW can play against the 1′s; or whether he’s just a 3rd string wonder
      without any reps against the 1′s in preseason, you know he’ll be buried on the depth chart and will never see the field absent injury

      •  fanfor55years says:

        Look at the arc of Cruz’s career. Except in Red Zone situations Washington would have had to wait for an injury to get a chance to play many snaps, BUT, this is a different situation. McAdoo is going to use plenty of spread formations, so there will be opportunities for four wide receivers to get on the field regularly. Right now he sure looks like the #4 guy on the depth chart. He’ll get his chances soon enough. I wouldn’t bet on his looking great early because the zebras will probably allow veteran corners to get away with more against rookie receivers. But soon enough we’ll find out if he’s the real deal. It sure looks like he is that.

      •  Fars says:

        I agree that him being buried on the depth chart is most likely :(

        (At least he will not ne stashed away on fake IR like Cruz was)

        •  G Fan since Ninteen Forty Eight says:

          Hey it was fake IR that allowed Cruz to flourish and still be protected. I hope they do the same for Harris.

          As much as I like MM – He does not make the final cut. Was not able to get separation against anyone. Talley and Washington stay along w JJ, Cruz, Beckum and “wrong way Randle” . Would not be surprised if RR is the #6 by the middle of the season. He has BO(Barden Odor).

          •  Fars says:

            > Hey it was fake IR that allowed Cruz to flourish and still be protected.

            But instead of Cruz back then, CWash should have a realistic chance seeing action. (mostly because McAdoo’s offense and thus more 3+ WRs looks).
            That’s why I hope they don’t stash him on fake IR.

            That he won’t see much action anyways when buried on the depth chart will be on Tom.

  5.  G Fan since Ninteen Forty Eight says:

    Every one is upset abt the play of our offense (and rightly so) and some are even speaking of the demise of Elisha. I watched 9 games this weekend and most of the QBs were running for their lives. The only ones with decent stats (among the games I saw) were Peyton, Brees and Wilson. Most of the OLs appeared unable to handle 4 man rushes. Luck had a few runs but looked like ELI last week including the 2 minute drill at the end of the 1st half. How abt Big Ben on Thurs???

    Another thought: I love the 4 in the backfield look. Great for blocking on passes – easy set up for screens – Great to dump of to either the HB/FB/ or TE. But since our TEs suck eggs we would probably be better off putting Ski and Conner back there with a HB.

    •  Kettles78 says:

      I will say this Robinson actually did a good job staying in and blocking when he entered the game. Now getting open and making plays didn’t see that but he was in the game much earlier and made contributions by blocking at least it was something. Looks like Robinson replaced Bear Pascoe which is not what the team predicted for him with all the hype. Don’t know what they are going to do with the TE situation unless somebody worth while gets cut but they have the make the best of what they do have.

      I would love to see the Giants get back to a good screen game. I would rather see that then the draws on 3rd down again.

  6.  Kettles78 says:

    Randle makes a few nice plays this week and people still take shots at him. The guy can play but he needs to be more consistent. Everyone complained about Gilbride’s offense but Kills Randle for not thriving in it. Amazing. I wonder how many were disappointed when he made the plays. Or said Randle Touchdown o come on not him he is terrible why couldn’t it be somebody else. Meanwhile if he didn’t you would of heard Randle hasn’t caught a TD he sucks.

    •  fanfor55years says:

      Randle is a pretty good player. It’s just that folks get invested in their prior opinions and cannot see otherwise. I think he should have a very good season.

      I think it’s the same with Robinson. We’re all disappointed that he didn’t become what Reese suggested. But that doesn’t mean he cannot contribute. The more I see the more I think the idea that Donnell is better than Robinson is ridiculous. The latter DOES block, and frankly, a tight end who cannot block is less than worthless in an offense that plays in the northeast in December.

      The next guy to get labeled as a “bust” here will be Schwartz, but that, too, is ridiculous. Fact is he was starting to look pretty good on Friday before that really unfortunate injury. But I suspect he is going to become a Giants 101 whipping boy, much as Robinson and Nassib had become. Mob mentality takes over and people start seeing what they are inclined to see.

      •  G Fan since Ninteen Forty Eight says:

        55 If Randle has a good year (catches 70% of passes thrown his way- 750yds and 60 recpts) no one would be happier than me. It is not his skill or ability I doubt. It is his mental awareness and ability to make quick decisions or when to use the physical assets to his advantage.
        When was the last time you saw him come back on a route to help out his QB or go over the top to fight for the ball (see Sat)? He does block on running plays but stands around when another recvr has the ball – does not run over to assist on downfield blocking. Considering his height why doesn’t he get passes thrown to him at the back of the end zone. Does he ever use a double move. His initial acceleration is poor which is why he has problems with really short passes which could be overcome with physicality at the line (He is a big strong guy) etc.etc.

    •  James Stoll says:

      I agree that Randle had his best game Friday and looked pretty good doing it
      the question is whether he can show up consistently
      if he doesn’t, there is going to be absolutely no passing game to start the season
      ODB is either going to sit or go to short term IR with that hammie — who knows when and how much he’ll contribute
      every decent defense will make sure to take Victor out of the game
      that leaves Randle
      unless CW, PP or JT actually makes the team, is given opportunities to play, and lives up to preseason scrub performance, unless and until ODB gets healthy and productive, beyond Cruz all there is is Randle

  7.  fanfor55years says:

    I wanted to respond to a posting that someone put up a few days ago that stated that it was “sad” that some of us have said the offensive line was doing better because they were only missing some blocks (which of course DOES mean that there will be sacks, and blown up running plays, and hurries, etc.).

    Is it clear to everyone that in the NFL the defensive players frequently win their individual matchups and that’s why they generally get paid more than their offensive counterparts? Is it clear to everyone that, in general, the best athletes reside on the defensive side of the trenches rather than on the offensive side? If the standard for excellence on the offensive line was winning every matchup then I guess an excellent offensive line would never allow a sack and would get their running backs 5.5-6.0 YPC averages year-in-and-year-out. Sadly, there are many hundreds of sacks recorded every season and a running back generally gets Pro Bowl consideration if he can average over 4.5 YPC.

    So we should judge the offensive linemen based upon realistic expectations. An offensive line the equal of the one we had in 2008, or the one the Cowboys had in 2007, comes along very rarely. I think that the young players on the Giants’ offensive line acquitted themselves pretty well against a good Jets’ defense. Beatty was an exception and we’d better start hoping he is going to get better. But you guys need to look at what you’re seeing and not bring your prior conclusions to the screen and thereby see only what you expect to see. I was really worried about this O-line, especially after the previous games, but I liked a lot of what I saw on Friday night. It’s still a work-in-progress, and the depth is lacking, but there are encouraging signs for now and into the future.

    •  Fars says:

      I don’t think there are sacks or hurries because the defense has better players.
      It’s just that one mistake of the OLine can quickly destroy the whole protection.

      It’s the same as if a DLineman shots the wrong gap and you have a 50 yard run …

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