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New York Giants Face Several Tough Decisions as First Cutdown Day Looms

August 25th, 2014 at 10:55 AM
By Daniel Graham

On Tuesday, the New York Giants, along with the rest of the NFL, will be required to hand in their 75-man roster and let loose several players. It will be unfortunate to see some cut and we may even question the decisions made on Tuesday. We can however, get an idea of who may be facing a possible cut by how they’ve performed this preseason. And though several players have had a great preseason so far, they could still end up not making the roster due to the amount of talent that’s already set at that position.

One player that could be on the cutting block for Tuesday is cornerback Charles James II. James has had a disappointing preseason this year, and it doesn’t help that this is his second season with the team.

Things started to unravel for James when he was called in to return a punt against the Pittsburgh Steelers. With the Giants holding a 10-point lead, James failed to get into position to catch the ball cleanly and ending up muffing the ball. The Steelers recovered the ball at the Giants’ 20-yard line and brought the game back within reach. With that being his only return of the night, James was quickly pulled from returning any more punts.

Against the Jets, James failed to cover receiver Greg Salas in a slot right that went for a touchdown, but not before being called for a personal foul that set the Jets up for a first-and-10 at the Giants 11-yard line.

Another player that could end up not making the Giants regular season roster is wide receiver Mario Manningham. It would be hard-pressed to dismiss Manningham as not being good enough. That would be a complete fabrication. It is in every way possible that Manningham will get past this first round of cuts. In the past, he has more than contributed to the Giants’ success, most notably his big reception in Super Bowl XLVI.

Manningham left the Giants for the San Francisco 49ers that offseason and is back in New York looking to still be a big contributor like he was in his first stint in New York. Unfortunately for Manningham, the times have changed. The Giants went out to find pieces to take his place, resulting with the selection of Rueben Randle in 2012 and Odell Beckham Jr. in 2014. Beckham’s nagging injury has opened the floor for other receivers, but the Giants will definitely not do away with the prize of their 2014 NFL Draft. And the sudden meteoric rise of Corey Washington may have Manningham looking for another team come first week of September, which he will be successful with.

And don’t forget, when the time comes on Tuesday, Giants 101 will be here to fill you in on the Giants roster cuts. We will then see who the team still deems worthy of wearing the uniform for at least another week. May the best man continue to compete.


New York Giants Face Several Tough Decisions as First Cutdown Day Looms

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27 Responses to “New York Giants Face Several Tough Decisions as First Cutdown Day Looms”

  1.  fanfor55years says:

    fanfor55years says:
    August 25, 2014 at 11:03 AM
    I wanted to respond to a posting that someone put up a few days ago that stated that it was “sad” that some of us have said the offensive line was doing better because they were only missing some blocks (which of course DOES mean that there will be sacks, and blown up running plays, and hurries, etc.).

    Is it clear to everyone that in the NFL the defensive players frequently win their individual matchups and that’s why they generally get paid more than their offensive counterparts? Is it clear to everyone that, in general, the best athletes reside on the defensive side of the trenches rather than on the offensive side? If the standard for excellence on the offensive line was winning every matchup then I guess an excellent offensive line would never allow a sack and would get their running backs 5.5-6.0 YPC averages year-in-and-year-out. Sadly, there are many hundreds of sacks recorded every season and a running back generally gets Pro Bowl consideration if he can average over 4.5 YPC.

    So we should judge the offensive linemen based upon realistic expectations. An offensive line the equal of the one we had in 2008, or the one the Cowboys had in 2007, comes along very rarely. I think that the young players on the Giants’ offensive line acquitted themselves pretty well against a good Jets’ defense. Beatty was an exception and we’d better start hoping he is going to get better. But you guys need to look at what you’re seeing and not bring your prior conclusions to the screen and thereby see only what you expect to see. I was really worried about this O-line, especially after the previous games, but I liked a lot of what I saw on Friday night. It’s still a work-in-progress, and the depth is lacking, but there are encouraging signs for now and into the future.

    •  Fars says:

      I don’t think there are sacks or hurries because the defense has better players.
      It’s just that one mistake of the OLine can quickly destroy the whole protection.

      It’s the same as if a DLineman shots the wrong gap and you have a 50 yard run …

      •  fanfor55years says:

        Yes, but the fact is that any NFL participant will tell you that the defensive players are the better athletes in the trenches. And even ignoring that, when it only takes one small mistake to have a sack occur, is it fair to assume that no sacks should be allowed? These players are human. They make mistakes. We all do.

        Like any player will tell you “The other guys are getting paid too.”

        For me, it’s simple. I see some young guys progressing, and pretty quickly. I think that’s very encouraging. They’re far from a great unit, NOW. But I see glimmers of a very good future. I’ve said all along, we need a better solution at LT, but otherwise I’m pretty happy about the progress.

        •  Fars says:

          No, don’t get me wrong .. I was glad the OLine improved against the jets (albeit still not superb :)

          I was just saying I don’t believe sacks are just due to the fact that the defense has better athletes.

  2.  fanfor55years says:

    Yeah, James is a goner. Too bad, I liked the kid, but he has played his way off the team.

    If they cut Mario I think it would be because they don’t see him making the final 53 and want to give him a chance to get signed sooner than later somewhere else. But I wouldn’t cut him. He’s a quality receiver when he’s healthy. It appears he still isn’t 100% (and maybe he never will be, and if that’s what the medical people say then he has to move on). I’d try to find a way to keep him around because otherwise we’re dependent on too many inexperienced receivers and that isn’t a situation that usually works out well.

  3.  James Stoll says:

    question: to get from 90 to 75, do they have to count Hermann and Holsely on the roster for right now even though they will be suspended and not counted come Week 1?

    also, any word on whether Schwartz and Harris are headed for IR now?

    assuming yes to Question 1 and no to Question 2, here are my 15 candidates for tomorrow’s cuts:

    Travis Harvey
    Jerome Cunningham
    Daniel Fells
    Xavier Grimble
    Rogers Gaines
    John Sullen
    Jordan Stanton
    Everett Dawkins
    Terrell Manning
    Chandler Fenner
    Ross Weaver
    Kyle Sebetic
    C.J. Barnett
    Justin Anderson
    Trindon Holliday

    •  Kettles78 says:

      I would think they would but I forget what game I was watching and they were talking about another suspended player and how he won’t count against the 53. Not sure of the correct answer though

      •  Kettles78 says:

        Reserve/Suspended- This listing is for players who have been suspended by the NFL. Players on the suspended list are not paid for their time suspended, do not count against the active 53, and their salaries are reduced to reflect the weeks they are suspended. For example Justin Blackmon of the Jaguars will see his base salary drop from 17 games of pay to just 13 games of pay. Players can also have their signing bonuses reduced due to forfeiture provisions in the CBA. In the case of drug suspension this is mandatory. In other cases teams will determine if they will go after bonus money. I am unsure if this forfeiture is accrued during of after the season, but will try to clarify at a later date. While suspended the cap charges count in full.

  4.  Krow says:

    Ugh. It’s kind of bloodless to us fans. But to the people involved it’s a painful, unhappy situation.

    •  fanfor55years says:

      Not bloodless to me. I have to confess that I always feel awful for these guys. It’s usually the end of a lifelong dream and that’s hard for anyone. Almost every one of them was the best player, or one of the best, in every environment in which they’ve been in. But when you get to the upper reaches of any endeavor you have to really be incredible to achieve the final goal. And for many of these kids it was also their families and friends hoping that their success would change the arc of their futures. It’s a VERY sad day. I would truly hate to be Tom Coughlin tomorrow. I have always been affected for weeks after firing people. It has been the worst part of my business career (far worse than losing money or making decisions that were in retrospect wrong). You always know that what you’re doing is crushing someone’s hopes. It really, really sucks.

  5.  BigBlueGiant says:

    Any word on Schwartz and his recovery time? It seems a little odd to me that a player would miss really more than 5 weeks with an injury like this. I’ve had a dislocated toe that required surgery, and in a little less than 4 weeks, i was training again.

  6.  BigBlueGiant says:

    Strange to me that the Giants don’t want to entertain the trade for Boone or trying to bring in Incognito at this point. We need help on the interior ( and outside) and these two guys would be”plug and play” well type of guys.

    •  fanfor55years says:

      See my tirade of a day or two ago as to what Boone makes no sense.

      Now Incognito I could see, but we don’t know how they feel about bringing him into the locker room.

      •  BigBlueGiant says:

        Why not? We brought in his counter part John Jerry into the locker room and he was as much a part of that whole thing as Incognito.

        Gonna check your post now about Boone. But I’d 100% be willing to depart with a 2nd rounder for him.

        •  fanfor55years says:

          I agree with you about Incognito. I was just talking about how Coughlin might feel about him.

          I think it would be nutso to give up a 2nd pick and sign a $9MM contract with the guy. There are better ways to build that line.

    •  rlhjr says:

      I’m with you BBG. I thought it might take 4/5 weeks for him to make it back.
      But Schwartz is a big boy what about 325 or so? The weight/torque he generates in his joints must be massive. That toe might be mangled. Is there not a non season ending IR he can be placed on?

      I do like James and think his career will not end if cut. But he just dropped the ball the last few weeks. Super Mario to my sorrow is all but gone. He knee will not allow him the explosion and change of direction he once had.

      The bright side of that is the young recievers are indeed good enough to warrant a shot at the roster. Wahington and the young man who returns punts really deserve to make it. The kid returning the kicks may one day be a All Pro selection.
      I dont know if any notices, but the first man never stops him. The kid is a natural.

      I think the competition between Quarles and Kuhn will be setteled Thursday night.
      I think Kuhn has the inside track. I will have to watch Thursday in order to even know who the remainder of the players are. I do know that backup/reserve DE/LB/OG/OT are needed.

  7.  Jackhajb says:

    I want to respond to the Randle talk on the previous thread.

    I don’t see how people can have faith in this kid. He caught a couple balls the last game but did nothing to impress. He’s a former 2nd round pick that hasn’t really shown. He’s not a great route runner, isn’t very fast, the one thing he should have going for him is his size and we haven’t seen him produce using it. Case in point, the slightly under thrown ball by Eli on Friday. For a big man, that’s a gimme play. I’ve seen nicks take those kind of throws to the house. We saw Dez produce for Romo on a similar throw this preseason. They slow up, jump and catch the ball at it’s highest point, and usually defenders are so spun around they have a hard time making the tackle.

    I’m not saying Randle should or could be Nicks or Dez, but this kid hasn’t shown the ability to use any of the physical skillset you’d assume he should have. Very unimpressive.

    •  Kettles78 says:

      No the issue has been that he has shown it at times and not at others. Inconsistent is the name of his game at this point. The potential is there

    •  fanfor55years says:

      To clarify, he wasn’t a great route runner in Gilbride’s offense where there were too many reads for many receivers, not just him. He was fine when given a defined route.

      This preseason, in practices and games, he’s been fine on the routes. He makes tight cuts and he HAS shielded with his body. And he has managed to get deep on some awfully good corners in practices so I’m not so sure he doesn’t have speed.

      He certainly hasn’t impressed so far, but he has certainly not previously been a major focus for Eli. Let’s see how he does when he is a big target. He did fine against the Jets. We don’t need a superstar, just a very good NFL receiver, and he shows signs that he could become that, at least IMO.

  8.  Krow says:

    Boone is currently in a contract dispute that’s turning bitter. No way we’re walking into that mess.

  9.  Krow says:

    They need to cut Painter. He’s a decent backup QB. And from all reports a good guy too. If they wait till they have to get down to 53 then it will make it harder for him to catch on somewhere.

  10.  Krow says:

    Hate to say it, but Randle sort of typifies one of the problems with our team. They don’t want it bad enough. Randle isn’t putting in the work to realize his potential. He’s not alone. There’s a bit of complacency that seems to have crept in. And it’s damn hard to root that sort of thing out.

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