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New York Giants’ Tom Coughlin: Eli Manning Has Re-Established Himself as a “Tough Customer”

August 23rd, 2014 at 1:00 PM
By Dan Benton

Eli Manning's toughness has never been something in question. But after taking a beating during the 2013 season, which ended early due to an ankle injury that eventually required offseason surgery, Manning has seemed a bit timid thus far throughout the preseason.

That changed on Friday night as Manning once again resumed his role as one tough SOB, taking shot after shot from the New York Jets defense, bouncing back up each time.

The relentless pressure, sacks and hits had Manning scrambling for his life early on, but after absorbing some big-time knocks, the timidness eventually faded away and Manning found some level of comfort both in the pocket and on the move, eventually leading the Giants on a 91-yard touchdown drive at the end of the first half. And while he admits he never likes to see his quarterback take that many big hits, head coach Tom Coughlin felt Manning's ability to absorb the blows and get back up is nothing short of a positive.

"He re-established himself as a tough customer tonight because he got drilled a few times and bounced right back up and made plays," Coughlin said. "You never want to see him hit, but he got hit and he got back up and made some plays down the stretch at the end of the half."

Never one to point fingers, Manning accepted some of the blame for the hits after the game, saying he has to do a better job moving around in the pocket and finding some space.

"When you play the Jets it is always going to be a challenge when you get in third down to protect what they’re doing," Manning said. "They show a lot of different looks and a lot of overload blitzes, but there is going to be pressure. I have to do a better job of moving around in the pocket and finding windows and finding lanes."

As tough as Easy-E may be, the Giants desperately need to do a better job protecting him. They can't afford to go through another season without properly shielding their franchise player from crushing blows because injury is inevitable. They were lucky enough he managed to make it to Week 17 a year ago before suffering serious injury and that's not likely to be the case again in 2014.


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7 Responses to “New York Giants’ Tom Coughlin: Eli Manning Has Re-Established Himself as a “Tough Customer””

  1.  Nosh.0 says:

    You’re right we have been agreeing too much lately. And you’re also correct in saying there were a lot of good things last night.

    But by far the most important aspect in order for us to have a winning season is the passing game being able to get into a rhythm. Something we really haven’t done in 2 years. Yesterdays game showed no signs of being able to develop a rhythm. It wasn’t until we went into a hurry up 2 minute drill when we finally moved the football. If I’m not mistaken that was about the same results Gilbride gave us in 2012, and 2013.

    Right now the OL is not good enough for the QB to get in a rhythm, with Will Beatty being the worst offender. I was starting to build up some hope based on preseason games 2 and 3. But drives #2-4 last night looked a lot like flashbacks from last year. Not to mention Schwartz is given everyone flashbacks of David Bass right now.

    I’m not trying to kill everyones buzz going into the season. But yesterday looked a lot like 2013 to me.

  2.  Nosh.0 says:

    Put it this way. If the line plays like it did last night and we have to start rolling Eli out every other play then this team is going no where. Eli scrambling is not a good look for us or him.

  3.  Michael Cervellino says:

    Eli Manning absolutely is a tough player. He is almost like a boxer who rolls with punches, he knows how to get hit, and goes with it to minimize force of impact. If that makes any sense. And anyone who doesn’t think he should be in no huddle shotgun full time doesn;t know football, and that includes the decision makers. He is one of the most immobile NFL quarterbacks today, plays behind a porous offensive line, and doesn’t have a true #1 receiver (let’s call Cruz a 1 and 1/2). Put him in a position to shine, which is the 2 minute type offense where he can get the ball out quick and spread it around to different guys. When he gets rolling, he can be tough to stop. I watched first 3 quarters and I’m not sure I saw a TE targeted once. That worries me, because most teams today utilize the position. I absolutely like our depth to the point that I almost find myself looking forward to our “2′s” playing their “2′s” because I know we’ll kick them up and down the field. I also think Nassib has a bright future: very well suited to this offense. Need OBJ back soon though, as outside of Cruz and Randle things are thin. Richburg is very good. I saw him pull from the guard spot on a sweep and he was so sudden and got such a good run fit that I actually thought he looked like a seasoned pro. My concerns are the fact that games are won in the trenches and we do not control the line of scrimmage on either side of the ball. Jets ran on us much too easily. Those will absolutely be positions of need down the line. I agree with whoever said James and Donnell are in trouble. They did themselves no favors last night. If we get Beason snd Prince back soon, this will be a solid defense, but someone has to provide a pass rush. Perhaps Damontre Moore. Or start to bring blitzers regulrarly. Special teams not too bad right now. Offensively, I’m really not sure yet, but the fact we are not turning the ball over very much is encouraging. I’m intrigued and excited for the season right now, which I suppose means we’re competitive.

  4.  rlhjr says:

    I haven’t read anything this morning. I did not see the game until 10AM this morning. I was able to do an effective job of insulating myself from the results.

    I even managed to avert my eyes from the ticker on the NFL Network.

    The thing I am most let down about is the Giants offense. Second place is the rush by the defensive ends. That said, once again we find out what Eli is made of, and for. The man operates as well or better than anyone playing QB with two minutes left in the half of game. The Jets were dropping into a 2 rush/9 back set through the two minute drill. Never the less, once Schwartz left the game, the pass protection got better. This is both a tribute to Richburg and condemnation of the decision to play Schwartz at left guard.

    Eli last night got some help in the form of his offensive line. At least in the final moments of the first half. He still has a bond with Cruz and seems to be comfortable with both Jernigan and Randle. Thing is Washington, Talley and even the kid who got hurt deserve to be on the roster. Certainly they are ahead of Manningham. I love MM, but he can’t hold a candle to these kids.

    The Giant offensive line did what I had hoped they would. They did not back down from the Jet D-line and linebackers. And I am not talking about a world beating performance here. I just think the manned up and fought the Jet defenders. They had good movement and Jennings was able to run effectively behind them. The Jets first team defense ARE NOT SCRUBS.

    As far as the O-line goes, Schwartz playing the left side is looking more and more to me like a mistake. And his injury may never have happened had he been playing on the right side. As for Richburg, I told everyone that the Giants will have a hard time moving this kid back to center once they see him play guard.

    I see improvement in Mosley, however the strongest offensive line combination might well have been with Schwartz at right guard and Richburg at left.
    The plain truth about the matter is Richburg may well be the best guard the Giants have on the roster. And he’s the center in waiting.

    Beatty is still being victimized way too much at LT. I hope and pray the Giants draft a left tackle. If Eli escapes this season without serious injury (from his blind side) it should be taken as a miracle. I’m not sure if they could pull of a position switch that would move Pugh to LT. That might help. However, with Schwartz gone for perhaps a month, there may not be enough cards left in the Giants hand to play.

    The tight end position once again looks null and void. Hynoski proved a point by scoring on a “skill” play. None of the tight ends deserve a roster spot IMO.
    But I think the best blocker and best receiver both make it.
    The problem is the Giants don’t have a player who is both those things amongst the current tight ends.

    Defensively the Giants were stung by the Jet running game and the speed/power combination of C2K and Ivory. Also, the QB smith is coming along pretty well.
    Bottom line is the Giants remain hard to run against.
    And plenty of teams will do a lot worse than the Giants did against the Jets rushing attack this year.

    The pass rush still needs work. It seems Fewell will need to scheme a way of producing pressure off the edge. Stand by for Moore and Kennard to be asked to contribute.

    Until the NFL sorts out what constitutes contact on pass plays it really doesn’t matter who is playing DB. Well sort of…………….
    James did not do himself any favors getting burned for a TD and for some yardage by Jet second teamers. Overall the secondary is still the strongest unit.

    Nassib looks like he’ll be a valid #2 QB. In fact, I don’t think he should be thought of as trade bait. I think this kid stays. I always thought he had the stones to control the huddle. He will also get in the face of his offensive team mates to correct them. The kid’s a leader. He is already changing plays and he has very good arm strength and touch. He had to work on his throwing motion from what I saw of him last year. Whoever coached him did an outstanding job.

  5.  Krow says:

    “When you play the Jets IN PRE-SEASON it is always going to be a challenge …”

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