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New York Giants’ Geoff Schwartz, Marcus Harris Suffer “Serious” Injuries in Victory Over Jets

August 23rd, 2014 at 7:00 AM
By Dan Benton

It's the same story year after year after year: when the New York Giants meet the New York Jets in the annual MetLife Bowl, many injuries are suffered. Friday's 35-24 victory over Gang Green was no different as both offensive lineman Geoff Schwartz and wide receiver Marcus Harris went down with what head coach Tom Coughlin referred to as "serious" injuries.

Schwartz suffered his injury late in the first half and was subsequently carted off the field with what was deemed a "dislocated toe" — which, all things considered, is much more positive news than the potential alternatives.

"Pretty serious," Coughlin said of Schwartz's dislocated toe. "Hard to play with a toe that’s not functioning."

Following the game, Schwartz took to social media in an effort to thank fans for their support, vowing he would return to the team as quickly as possible. He'll have an MRI on Saturday to determine just how long that will actually be.

Meanwhile, wide receiver Marcus Harris suffered the more devastating injury, going down with what is reportedly an injury to his AC Joint. It's an injury he expects to keep him out 3-4 weeks and one that will undoubtedly have an impact on his chances to make the 53-man roster.

"It doesn't hurt too bad now, but I've got a nice little knot in the AC [joint]. I'm going to start motion [rehabilitation] and stuff ASAP," Harris said. "I think I've done enough this summer. I hope they feel the same and keep me around."

WWith Odell Beckham Jr. nursing a lingering hamstring injury, Harris' situation puts the Giants in a difficult spot. He had previously appeared to do enough to earn a spot on the 53-man roster, but with Schwartz hurt, Jon Beason (PUP) hurt and the aforementioned Beckham Jr. hurt, the Giants may not be able to afford carrying another injured player on their active roster for the first few weeks of the season.

In addition to Schwartz and Harris, cornerback Zack Bowman suffered a bruised triceps and defensive tackle Markus Kuhn suffered a lower leg injury of some kind. Neither returned to the game and there's no word on how much time either will miss.

Finally, safety Antrel Rolle suffered a hand injury, while defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul suffered a knee injury. Both eventually returned to the field and neither injury is expected to be serious.


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9 Responses to “New York Giants’ Geoff Schwartz, Marcus Harris Suffer “Serious” Injuries in Victory Over Jets”

  1.  Dirt says:

    Everyone is clearly hung over after the big Snoopy Bowl win

  2.  fanfor55years says:

    fanfor55years says:
    August 22, 2014 at 11:05 PM
    Will all the folks who said the Giants were nuts to trade up to get Nassib and that Reese is an idiot please have the grace to admit that just maybe the team management knows a bit more than we do about football?

    He looked good against Jets’ starters. He looked good against backups. He just plain looked good. In fact he looks perfectly fitted to this offense. Reese and Coughlin may have grabbed the real deal.

    I think James is a goner. I think Harris just lost out to Parker for a roster spot. I think Damontre Moore should be starting at defensive end, or at least getting the most snaps of any of them. I like our first four defensive tackles.

    Do we have any tight ends? I don’t remember noticing any of them except when they were running after the guy they didn’t block.

    And boy do we need Prince and Beckham back and healthy.

    Was Schwartz’ injury a BID? Richburg looked better than him. Beatty is still not playing very well at all.

    But at least SOME positives came out of this game. It’s a start. Still a LONG way to go.

    Make no mistake, the Jets are a pretty good team. They’re going to make some noise in the AFC this season. So it was a good win.

    •  Dirt says:

      I haven’t taken many hard stances yet this season but you hit on one that I keep hitting on: Moore should start over Kiwi, yesterday. Especially if we think they’re gonna struggle early, he may as well take his lumps early, because he’s going to take the job eventually and you’d hate to have him making mistakes that cost them games.

  3.  Dirt says:

    Here’s some food for the pessimists:

    People are always like “preseason doesn’t mean anything”. Well that’s what everyone said last year after they lost four straight preseason games. But then they lost six regular season games and, well, maybe preseason did indicate things to come.

    Well, they’ve all of ‘em so far. Does that mean they’ll start 6-0? No. But they’ve clearly got more talent now than they did a year ago. Otherwise they wouldn’t be scoring more points than everyone that’s lined up against them.

  4.  jb322 says:

    I have to agree with you 55. It looks like the light has finally gone on in this kids head. He has a cannon for an arm, and you couldn’t have thrown those touchdown passes any better. Now if he can learn to put a little touch on the ball we might have a very good qb on our hands. I think he has answered the question as to whether he can be the backup qb. Bye bye Painter. Heck,if Eli falters this year, things could be very interesting next year. At the very least, I can see some team wanting to offer us a decent draft pick for this kid.

    As for Moore, he is looking like the best defensive end on the team right now. He needs to be on the field, and I really think he moves into the starting lineup sooner rather than later.

    I also agree James played his way off the team last night, as did both Davis and Fells. Hankins looked really strong last night and I think he will be a more than adequate replacement for Joseph. Patterson looked rusty last night and he could be the odd man out on the defensive line.

  5.  jb322 says:

    You really have to like some of the youth on display this year. There are young studs peppered throughout the team. Cut down day this year will be very interesting and will go a long way towards setting expectations for the season. If they decide to keep alot of the youth, it could mean that they think that they need another year of seasoning before we can really compete.

    •  Dirt says:

      Or it could mean that the youth has business pushing some of the established guys out. Which I agree with.

  6.  fanfor55years says:

    I’m still not sure what to make of this game.

    Saying that Eli can still play, and play at a high level, if given protection is something that shouldn’t have been in any doubt at all, but fans are almost always idiotic about their quarterbacks. The problem is, will he get that protection? While I really like Richburg and am glad that he will now be starting, Schwartz’s injury means that this line has almost no depth at all. Another injury among those five would be devastating and frankly, I think Reese has to look to sign someone between now and the season opening. I didn’t think Pugh, Mosley, Walton and Richburg looked bad at all (by no means great, but progressing). Beatty looked like he still had a way to go, but he wasn’t awful except on a few plays. Jerry is hopeless. The second-teamers on the O-line were helpless against the Jets’ starters and only became decent when the Jets’ second-teamers came in, and then just barely. Actually, Asper looked like the best of them to me.

    I don’t think there’s enough that can be said about Nassib. He’s perfectly suited to McAdoo’s offense, clearly proved the game isn’t too big for him, showed elusiveness and a big arm, and was accurate with most of his passes. He can make plays that Eli cannot because he can elude the rush when the O-line breaks down. Now, he isn’t Eli Manning and may never be. But he sure looks to me like Eli’s heir apparent. That was a very good defense he chopped up. The kid is a player. The Giants were brilliant in trading up to get him. They may have solved their quarterback position for the next decade or more with a fourth and sixth draft pick, which would be a stroke of genius.

    I guess they’ll try and put Harris on the practice squad, or just IR him. Parker gets his spot.

    My top candidates for tight end are Robinson and Fells. I thought Donnell looked horrible and simply cannot or will not block.

    I think the running game looked pretty decent, which was one of the things I thought was most important. And our starters did a pretty good job against the run (I would have liked to see better but the defensive ends didn’t play well at all, while the tackles were very good).

    They need to start worrying about JPP and Kiwi. They did nothing last night and that’s becoming a theme. Moore was clearly the best defensive end on the team and Wynn might have been next (although you cannot tell against guys who will be cut on Monday).

    If the zebras keep calling defensive illegal touches the way they’ve been doing it in preseason then if we don’t rev up the pass rush we’re in trouble. As good as our defensive backs are (and wasn’t DRC fantastic?) they cannot defend if a quarterback is given the time that we gave the Jets and the opposing QB can as easily get in a rhythm as we allowed last night. We made Geno Smith look like a star. Either the defensive ends get a LOT better or Fewell is going to have to use blitzes a lot more than he’d like.

    Why do many of you feel Jernigan is now on the team and Manningham is off? What did he do last night to impress? I’m not at all sure what will happen, but I lean toward Mario since they know what he can do when 100% and they aren’t going to use Jernigan or Manningham on special teams. In fact, I could see Talley beating both of them out.

    I could go on, but I’m sure that others have already written a lot of what I would. This game was neither great news nor awful news. They’re getting better. They don’t look likely to challenge for a championship this season, but there are a lot of good young players on the team and they do seem to have a lot of good stuff upon which to build. I wouldn’t have said that after the first 25 minutes of play.

  7.  jb322 says:

    The running game looks great and is getting better every week. And if it was me, I wouldn’t hesitate to keep Parker Talley or Washington over Jernigan

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