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New York Giants @ New York Jets: Preseason Week 3 Gameday

August 22nd, 2014 at 5:30 PM
By Dan Benton
Preseason Week 3
Aug. 22nd, 2014
New York GiantsNew York Jets
Game Details
Time: 7:30 PM EDT
Stadium: MetLife Stadium (East Rutherford, NJ)
Broadcast: CBS
Game Conditions
Weather: Mostly Cloudy
Temperature: 69°F – 73°F
Wind: ENE 5-9 MPH
Key Injuries
Odell Beckham Jr.
James Brewer
Jon Beason
Prince Amukamara
Charles Brown
Cooper Taylor
Dee Milliner
Dimitri Patterson
David Nelson
Calvin Pryor
Bilal Powell
O-Out D-Doubtful Q-Questionable P-Probable

Player/Coach Quotes:

Willie Colon:

"At the end of the day, that’s our house. We consider it our house and only one way to solve it is to beat them."

Rex Ryan:

"The last time I saw [Andre Williams], he was getting smoked by Clemson. … I have a funny feeling he's going to get some Riddells [helmets] on him, but we'll see."

Jason Pierre-Paul:

"We both are in New York and we want to know who the best team is. I say the Giants are," Jason Pierre-Paul said on Wednesday. "But as far as that, everybody’s going to be playing hard. The stadium will be packed and the crowd will be going wild or whatever. They’re the home team, right? So we’re going to play our hearts out. We’re going to make a statement basically."


New York Giants – Odell Beckham Jr., Prince Amukamara, Charles Brown, Jayron Hosley, Trindon Holliday, James Brewer, Peyton Hillis, Xavier Grimble, Cooper Taylor and Jon Beason.

New York Jets – Dee Milliner,


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177 Responses to “New York Giants @ New York Jets: Preseason Week 3 Gameday”

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  1.  ERICHONIUS says:

    My biggest fear right now is that the braintrust cut Corey washington to keep Parker on the roster as a punt returner.

    •  BigBlueGiant says:

      why on earth would they cut Washington? He’s the only WR we have that has shown up in practice and from week to week.

  2.  Dirt says:

    So the Albany CBS affiliate can’t get the NYC CBS affiliate’s broadcast, but they can show the national CBS game, which is Oakland/Green Bay

    Are you f|sting me?

  3.  kujo says:

    The New York Jets can suck my fat white c0ck.

  4.  kujo says:

    Haven’t been around much this week on account of the beginning of school. I’m teaching civics and economics to 7th graders, who must master this material and pass a standardized test on it in late spring of 2015. So my participation in the day-to-day minutea on G101 ought to be compromised accordingly for the time being.

    That being said, here are people I’d like to hit with a truck:

    1) Rex Ryan- Bro, really? No one in the entire NFL gives a single gram of f*ck about the preseason. Yet year in and year out, you and your funboys treat this game like it’s the g0ddamn Super Bowl.

    2) Odell Beckham Jr.- Bro, seriously? Get the high-holy f*ck off Instagram and start playing some f*cking football! You’ve let Adrien friggin’ Robinson outpace you in receptions, dude. Not a good look.

    3) Every TE on the Roster- You’re all a bunch of chumps. And the sorry sack of sh*t who hired you, and told us that you were going to be the answer to this annual sack of crap? You can go sit on a thumbtack!

    4) Jerry Reese- See #3

    5) Eli- Alright, alright, alright. Enough already. It’s time to put up, or it’s time to start thinking about finding yourself a new team. It’s been 18 months since you’ve been worth your roster spot, and yes, I recognize that there have been many reasons for your struggles. But guess what–you need to be better. Your footwork is dogsh*t, you can’t place the ball anywhere your receivers can catch it, and you appear genuinely disinterested in what it takes to succeed in this offense. Quit slumping your shoulders and be BETTER already!

  5.  turkish says:

    Good Evening (Alfred Hitchcock’s voice)

  6.  turkish says:

    BTW…Lance Medow is brilliant on Mad Dog Radio.

  7.  turkish says:

    Ehhhh….honestly not bad

  8.  BleedingBlueSince04 says:

    Let’s see how our offense does now.

  9.  turkish says:

    Loving the speed of the play development/release.

  10.  turkish says:

    Brilliant F’N pass by Eli there to Randle!

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