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New York Giants’ Adrien Robinson Trying to Produce; Knows It’s Now or Never for Him

August 21st, 2014 at 1:00 PM
By Douglas Rush

When the New York Giants drafted Adrien Robinson back in the 2012 NFL Draft, general manager Jerry Reese referred to him as the "JPP of tight ends," and thus far, he's looked nothing like that.

Now entering his third season, Robinson knows that he has to show the Giants that he can stick on the roster in 2014 or he faces being cut loose before the regular season, which he was staring right in his face after being dropped to the bottom of the depth chart in the summer. The "JPP of tight ends" remark continued to haunt him and Robinson told the media this week that it's something that he had wished Reese never mentioned from the get-go.

“I don’t think [Reese’s Pierre-Paul comparison] was a bad thing, but it brought a lot of extra attention and the media just kind of took it and ran with it,” Robinson told The Post on Wednesday. “I don’t like hearing it now, going into my third year. But it’s just something I’ve got to deal with.”

Since Robinson has been drafted into the league, the Giants have gone with Martellus Bennett and Brandon Myers as their starting tight ends in 2012 and 2013; Bennett was productive and got a bigger contract from the Chicago Bears, while Myers was terrible in his one season and was released, which now has six guys battling it out this summer for the starting tight end job.

While Robinson was staring at the possibility of being cut by the summers end, he may have helped his own cause when he caught two passes late in the fourth quarter that helped the Giants rally to beat the Indianapolis Colts 27-26 last weekend in their third preseason victory. Giants head coach Tom Coughlin took note of Robinson's performance and felt that it has given him a second chance to move up on the depth chart.

“He certainly has given himself an opportunity to play a little bit more, yeah,” Coughlin said.

Robinson lead all receivers in the game against the Colts with two catches for 58 yards, his longest was a 33-yard catch; he also had a 25-yard catch as well in the fourth quarter on a fourth-and-16 play. In order for Robinson to continue to move up the depth chart, he'll need to continue to impress in the summer and in the team's two final preseason games against the New York Jets and New England Patriots.

“I definitely feel like it’s time for me to produce,” Robinson said. “It’s my third year, and it’s now or never. I definitely feel that pressure.”

While Larry Donnell and Daniel Fells have been labeled the front-runners in the tight end competition, Robinson is trying to make sure he does not go quietly into the night and wants to seize every opportunity he can with the Giants. With no starting tight end in place, now's his time to make a name for himself.


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5 Responses to “New York Giants’ Adrien Robinson Trying to Produce; Knows It’s Now or Never for Him”

  1.  skinnydoogan says:

    Fear not A-Rob, history clearly indicates, you are going nowhere.

  2.  rlhjr says:

    I really want to see this kid against the Jets. He either folds like a cheap card table, or he gets with the program. Personally, I think I think he’ll fade. But I hope he has it in him to prove me wrong. Based on his interview, he seems too passive to be a player.

    I could be dead wrong and would like that to be the case. Yet another reason to watch the Jet game is to see if Donnell has made any progress. I still think a draft pick is going to be made at this position. A size speed freak.

  3.  BigBlueGiant says:

    I’m really sick of hearing this kids name in the hopes that he can “do” something.

  4.  fanfor55years says:

    My opinion is that yes, we will use draft picks on tight ends next April/May (and we’ll also have to get a left tackle and a pass rusher….those appear to me to be the three crying “needs”, with another wide receiver a secondary concern).

    I should clarify what I wrote one thread earlier. I think we can win this Division. Not because I think we’re done building and ready to compete at the top of the league. No way that’s the case when I suspect it will take until late October, or even November, for the offense to start to work well and even then it will take another half-season for them to really start to make best use of it. That’s the price you pay when you completely change your offense. I think we can win because the Division looks really weak to me. Dallas is a disaster. The Skins are awfully dependent upon a fragile quarterback and a small subset of offensive plays that have now been well-scouted. The Eagles are going to be pretty good IF their QB doesn’t turn into a mirage but their defense is still suspect. I think nine wins could win the Division. And I’m counting on the Giants having a good second half of the season and getting a few wins in the first half on the backs of the defense and special teams and a lot of running the ball.

    I would not be at all surprised to see the Giants at 3-5 or 2-6 after the first half of the season but still far from out of the Division race.

    So don’t get me wrong. I’ve thought all along that they were building to 2015-2016 and I still do. The only change in my thinking is that I now see the possibility of sneaking into the playoffs and starting to play much better on the offensive side of the ball by December/January. If you get in the playoffs you just never know, especially if this defense plays the way I think they will and stays healthy.

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