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New York Giants’ Weston Richburg Could Be Working Way into Starting Job

August 19th, 2014 at 9:00 AM
By Douglas Rush

The New York Giants have been searching to figure out who their starting right guard will be once they begin the 2014 regular season next month against the Detroit Lions.

With Chris Snee retiring just before training camp, they have used Brandon Mosley as the first-team right guard, but with him being up and down, plus the rumors of the Giants possibly being interested in current San Francisco 49ers holdout Alex Boone, it leaves to speculation that Mosley is no lock to be the right guard at the start of the season despite starting the first three preseason games there.

Giants head coach Tom Coughlin didn't come right out and say that the Giants would make Richburg a starter, but it certainly sounds like he is open to the idea and given his increased playing time on Saturday against the Indianapolis Colts, they may be preparing him to do just that.

"We are not stuck with anything," Coughlin said on Sunday, a day after Richburg played more snaps (48) than any Giants player against the Colts. "As I said, just because five guys trot out there doesn't mean that's the starting unit. What we are doing is we are trying to introduce, for example, Weston Richburg played guard, center, right guard, left guard, and he did so last night. We are looking at all of those things."

During Monday's practice, Richburg not only got to practice again with the first team offense, but he was inserted into the left guard spot, normally where Geoff Schwartz plays. Schwartz admitted that he played terribly against the Indianapolis Colts, although Richburg and Schwartz alternated at the left guard spot in practice.

Richburg, who was the Giants second-round pick back in the 2014 NFL Draft, is a center by trade and was drafted as the guy that could be the center of the future, especially with the team's release of David Baas after three seasons, but the team also signed former Denver Broncos center J.D. Walton, who may have a lock on the starting center job, so Richburg playing center might not happen unless Walton goes down with an injury.

But with Mosley not having a lock on the right guard spot, Richburg may in fact work himself right into the starting offensive line and into the right guard position in the team's continued efforts of revamping an offensive line that played poorly last season.


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28 Responses to “New York Giants’ Weston Richburg Could Be Working Way into Starting Job”

  1.  James Stoll says:

    The Schwartz thing is odd to say the least.
    He was one of 2 flagship FA signings and now his starting roll is in question because he has played so poorly.
    Feels eerily reminiscent of the David Baas signing.
    Hopefully this is not so because if Schwartz flames out, the team will once again have tons of $$ tied up in 2 sub-par O-Linmen (lookin’ at u Mr. Beatty) and that will impede the rebuilding effort

    •  Kettles78 says:

      If any big money free agents don’t work out and tie up money it impedes the rebuilding effort

  2.  fanfor55years says:

    Okay, well just one more time, it just doesn’t seem to me to make any sense to have Schwartz sit down. The guy is a good player who just had a bad game. Not only that, but his natural position (at which he was All-Pro) is right guard. So insert Richburg at left guard and make Mosley beat back Schwartz at right guard. My guess is that while Mosley is going to be a good player, Schwartz would be the better of the two right now and perhaps even into the future.

    I feel strongly that Richburg should be playing. But Schwartz shouldn’t be competing with him. He should be competing with Mosley.

    And Jim, Schwartz is a whole other deal than Baas. The latter was always hurt. Schwartz is a solid player who is healthy. He has just had a bad few weeks. He was given a job by Andy Reid, who then tried to sign him before the Giants came in with a rich offer. So he has the imprimatur of Reid, Flaherty, Reese, Ross, and the folks who chose the Pro Bowl teams last season. The guy will be fine, given time. Baas might have been fine, too, had he ever been able to stay healthy. He was a huge bust here, but Schwartz is likely to be an entirely different kettle of fish.

    •  James Stoll says:

      I’m not projecting anything viz.-a-viz. Schwartz
      Just reacting to the report and the general consensus that he has not looked good so far

      The one thing that does bother me is the constant assertion that while he’s a very good right guard, that doesn’t mean he can be a very good left guard.
      It mught be true but I don’t quite get why, and apparently the Giant Brass doesn’t think it should be so.
      But if it is the case that playing the right side is for some night and day to playing the left, and that’s what’s holding Schwartz back, WTF is up with this coaching staff?

    •  rlhjr says:

      OL Weston Richburg

      Q: Is there any difference in left guard and right guard in this offense that you’ve seen?

      A: Left hand down on the left side and right hand down on the right side. You run the same plays on both sides. One play you’re on one side if you’re the left guard, same play you’re on the back side. So you just have to be aware if you’re on the front side or the back side.

      It seems simple enough to me. However, for some folks (myself included) switching the down hand and the leg you initially push off and drive with can be quite a strange feeling. I am speaking of Swartz.

      I know, he’s a pro and has played different offensive line positions in his career. I get it.

      But I remember an episode where I was told to rush the passer from the defensive left side. The first snap coach blew the whistle and called me out.
      Wide eyed, I had no idea what I had done. Coach told me I was in the wrong stance. My RIGHT hand was down.

      After switching to my left hand, I got my a$$ kicked about the football field for the remainder of practice. I didn’t know how to drive of my left leg. And I could not get off the ball near as fast and with as much power as I could with my right hand down.

      My left arm was unable to rip across the lineman’s inside shoulder and propel me to the inside. I couldn’t stand up a lineman using my left arm like I could with my right. I was in the third level of hell. I am naturally right handed, but do plenty of stuff (athletically) with my left hand or off my left foot.
      But that day with my left hand down, I felt I had never played a down of football before.

      Please don’t think for a second I am comparing myself to any NFL caliber player. I’m just saying that something seemingly as small as changing sides can have a dramatic effect on some people. A gifted natural athlete might not have the same issues as yours truly did.

      I know it never made LT any difference what side he came from. He just kicked the a$$ of whoever was in front of him and got after the QB.

      Obviously it does not bother Richburg one bit. I could be wrong, but I think it bothers Swartz. Either way, I think as I related yesterday once they get a load of Richburg at guard they might not want to move him to center.
      BUT THEY BETTER. This kid is bright and a brawler.

      They are paying Swartz too much to bench him in favor of Mosley.
      No hate toward Mosely, but no way he’s better than Swartz at this stage.
      I’m thinking we may see the O-line structure that’s we’ve advocated all along.
      That is Richburg at left Guard, Swartz at right guard which is his natural position.

      •  skinnydoogan says:

        It is Coughlin’s way rlhjr, we are all used to it by now, put square pegs in round holes.

        •  James Stoll says:


          great post
          of course my reaction to it is to start my Fire coughlin chant before the season has even started

          I guess I better take a powder for now

      •  GIANTT says:

        Never having played , its a real eye opener to understand but yes I can see that being strongly right handed having to do something the other way around is going to cause problems . I would prefer to see Schwartz and Richburg on the field so a line of Beatty Richburg Weston Schwartz and Pugh makes the most sense to me . Quite honestly I dont understand why the Giants tried Schwartz at left guard if he was All Pro at right guard . Youre paying him good money and not putting him where youre paying him the money ? Doesnt make sense to me . I understand the versatility factor , maybe injuries down the road force a shuffle of the line and they are just checking out what each guy can do . I hope thats the reason but lets move on and put him in the right place and hopefully help the offense improve .

        •  skinnydoogan says:

          Things don’t always seem to make sense in East Rutherford. Just another episode of “it’s always hammy in Metlife”

  3.  skinnydoogan says:

    It is this coaching staff’s most maddening fault, there complete refusal to put players in their natural position, it has literally destroyed player careers. It has reached absurd levels. Schwartz is not a bust, the guy is a solid player, put him in his position where he can do the most good. Coughlin and his staff are so frustrating sometimes.

  4.  Fran2Eli says:

    Excerpt from article on CNBC site:

    The Meadowlands Regional Chamber of Commerce is to unveil plans on Tuesday for a Las Vegas-style casino, two 1,000-room hotels, a one-million-square-foot convention center and a youth sports center at the Meadowlands Sports Complex, less than nine miles west of Manhattan.

    The chamber says that it could be the most successful casino in the world, sitting northeast of MetLife Stadium, next to the planned American Dream shopping mall, water park and amusement park, and so close to New York City.

    •  skinnydoogan says:

      I work 2 miles from this, will also be the worlds largest cluster f*** if completed.

    •  James Stoll says:

      anyone who knows anything about the casino industry should know this is a bad idea
      Atlantic City is dying
      Revel just opened less than 2 years ago; it is the tallest building in NJ and its largest casion. It is already in bankruptcy and just had to cancel its auction becuasr the bids received were ridiculously small
      they are now talking about repurposing the property
      Caesars is teetering on the edge of bankruptcy; only its Las Vegas and New Orleans casinos are profitable
      there are far too many casinos across the country
      most of these establishments are marginal at best
      I understand it is a more palatable way to tax the population, but it is an overall loser as an economic program

      •  skinnydoogan says:

        I live much farther up North Jersey than where I work (Secaucus) I am right on the border of NYS. They have also approved and will start to build 2 more casinos in Tuxedo NY near where I live and Nanuet NY. Going to be a real pain in the a** to live and work around here. Oh and Jim, AC has been all but dead for a while now.

      •  BigBlueGiant says:

        AC is a giant $hithole. They tried to revamp it a few years back, but it’s just a miserable place. Fun, but miserable. And not that safe.

  5.  BigBlueGiant says:

    FF, What do the Jets have to prove on Friday night?

    i’ve watched some of their games, and gotta tell you, they have a pretty decent team.

    •  skinnydoogan says:

      Yep real solid O-line and D-lines.

    •  fanfor55years says:

      You gotta be kidding, right?

      Their annual quest to prove they’re the best team in New York and can beat up their older brother.

      I shouldn’t have to even post this but you asked.

      •  BigBlueGiant says:

        I knew what you meant in that aspect.

        I think Rex is over the whole Jets are the REAL NY team. Especially since he failed to get to the SB twice and we got there and won it.

        anyway… I like the fact that the players on the Jets actually like playing for Rex. And he seems to be a players coach.

        Seems that our guys dog it for TC.

  6.  rlhjr says:

    The physiological BS directed at pro players is more or less a waste of time.
    It could have some degree of effect on the young cats. But it must make seasoned players angry as hell.

    I don’t have many quibbles with Coughlin. Well other than his past refusal to play youngsters or even give them a serious look. And this may be the offensive line coach’s doing. And Coughlin letting his staff handle things.

    But playing mind games with veteran players is straight BS. Treat men like men and tell them if they are not up to standards. I really think Swartz playing with the second team is minor. But it’s also silly. I’m not behind jerking Mosley around either. I hope they are just testing different combinations of players.

    Bottom line, it’s OK to look for versatility. But put players whenever possible where their strength lies. Sometimes I feel this organization just doesn’t get it.

    •  James Stoll says:

      something is not connecting here
      we all know the o-line has played like utter 2013 so far this preseason
      no way the coaches are just trying to see different combinations
      the 5 they have been starting (absent pre-beaty) are the 5 they must want to go with
      but they’ve been 2013-ish so now panic is setting in
      TC can’t afford another 2013, at least one would hope
      but they seem to have wasted the first month of the season believing that Schwartz can play LG as well as RG and their 2d round pick was not good enough to allow their recently signed all pro RG to start in lieu of their 2012 4b draft pick who has amassed all of 1 start in 2 seasons

  7.  BigBlueGiant says:

    Odell Beckham Jr. walks into a Denny’s. Sits down and the waitress goes to take his order… He says ” I’ll have the Moon’s over My Hammy”.

    GET IT? !

  8.  fanfor55years says:

    My guess is they figured that Snee would play this season so wanted Schwartz to play on the other side and saw Mosley doing pretty well so didn’t want to upset the apple cart (and we’re getting their best guard next to their weakest position of left tackle since they didn’t know Beatty could make and didn’t know how he’d play if he did).

    There IS logic there, but once Richburg started showing how good he can be they may have been a bit late to recognize the next logical step, which was to move Schwartz and be willing to rely on a rookie who while raw is better than Mosley so they could have the five best players starting.

    Let’s just hope they DO now move Schwartz rather than put Richburg on the right side. That would be ridiculous.

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