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Several New York Giants Named to “Most Influential People in New Jersey Sports” List

August 17th, 2014 at 3:00 PM
By Dan Benton

Earlier this year, six people with direct ties to the New York Giants were named to the "50 Most Powerful People in New York Sports" list. It was the first of two annual most powerful/most influential lists, with the second coming by way of The Star-Ledger and the "Most Influential People in New Jersey Sports" list.

Just as they were in the aforementioned "50 Most Powerful People in New York Sports" list, the New York Football Giants were well-represented on the "Most Influential People in New Jersey Sports" list.

No. 19 – New York Giants General Manager Jerry Reese:

Well, say this about the Giants general manager: At least he's dropped the whole Super-Bowl-or-bust thing from a year ago. Starting 0-6 last season will do that to a GM. Reese is in no immediate danger of losing his job, but there have been too many shaky draft classes and free agent busts not to wonder how long his leash is.

No. 10 – New York Giants Quarterback Eli Manning:

The best punchline of the offseason: New Giants offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo wants Manning to shoot for a 70-percent completion rate next season. Uh, Ben? Can he get to 60 first? Manning is still the biggest football star in the city, though, and for that reason he gets a spot on this list. As he goes, so go the Giants.

No. 6 – New York Giants Head Coach Tom Coughlin:

The Giants coach, who turns 68 later this month, shows no sign of slowing down as he enters his 19th season as an NFL head coach. In case that doesn't sound like a lot, consider: Only 15 men in NFL history have been a head coach for 19 or more seasons, including his mentor – Bill Parcells – who he'll tie this fall.

No. 2 – New York Giants Co-Owner John Mara:

Mara signed his name to a bunch of checks this offseason, something he promises won't become a regular occurrence. Now, the Giants co-owner – left with egg on his face after declaring last year's team the most talented he had seen before its 0-6 start – will expect a return on his investment. And that means Tom Coughlin and Jerry Reese could be in his crosshairs.


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93 Responses to “Several New York Giants Named to “Most Influential People in New Jersey Sports” List”

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  1.  GOAT56 says:


    I just watched the game and haven’t red any comments. I’m sure there’s heavy concern about the offense which there should be. However, it’s just going to take time. Our starting OL that just played it’s first game together and also includes 3 new starters. The offense has 6 new starters overall and we are installing a new offense that’s completely different. Our QB has played in the same offense for 10 years and now has played the equivalent for a little over a game in this offense. I hope it happens sooner than late but I can see it might take a while. Watching the backups you see the design of the offense. I think it will work for us but it will just take time.

    Nassib should have won the backup job with that rally. Wanting Nassib as our backup is not just disdain for Painter’s lack of ability but I also see skills in Nassib. I think he can be everything we hoped when we drafted him. Washington made the team. Hariss is close too. Manningham is close to gone. Parker is making his case as well. I still like Wynn. Cox looks like a better back than Gaskins to me. Taylor is getting better by the game. Robinson showed that he should be on the roster, I don’t think any other TE on the roster has the ability to make the 2 catches he made. Jackson flashed some skills at CB and I noticed he was first team gunner on special teams so I think he’s in play for a roster spot. I wasn’t impressed by McBride it is his first game back but if that’s what he has then he shouldn’t be on the roster IMO.

    •  James Stoll says:

      I have to applaud your ability to stay positive in light of what you saw
      I agree the offense will take time, perhaps as much as 24 regular season games

      •  Krow says:

        GOAT is the JPP of optimists. I love his positive vibe, but I’m increasingly unable to share in it.

        •  James Stoll says:

          It is tough when they are completely and utterly uncompetitive
          If the 1′s had stayed in the entire game, the score would have ended up whatever the Colts wanted it to be to 0

          •  GOAT56 says:

            I think one thing that some are missing is that the Colts might just be that good, especially offensively. Their receivers if Wayne is 100% and Nicks is the 2011 version might be the best group in the NFL. Luck is great. We played good defense and he made some plays. One McBride came in it was a clear mismatch. Their defense might be better than generally thought. That’s doesn’t excuse our performance but it just provides some prospective.

            Our offense looked bad but we have changed a ton and you can’t lose sight of that. I feel like the offense and Eli don’t have full confidence among other issues yet. Once we can put together several positive plays I think we will see a nice improvement. That Cruz play was nice to see even if it didn’t count.

            •  James Stoll says:

              GOAT, it’s one thing to have growing pains, it’s totally another to not be able to do anything. If they were having a good play, a bad play, a couple of good plays, a few bad ones, that would be one thing. But when the starting o runs 4 series without a single good play (other than the long pass/fumble/saved by a penalty) you have to be concerned. You may be right that it will take time for the unit to gel, but that just means we will be 0-3, 0-4, 0-5, by the time it does and season over. As we all know statistically, when a team starts 0-3 or worse, no playoffs.

              •  GOAT56 says:

                I didn’t say there was no concern. What I said is you have to give it time. It’s way too early to panic. And as I pointed out we face Detroit, Houston, Washington and Atlanta (defense) in the first 5 weeks all who have major changes too. We can win some games before we find our form.

                •  James Stoll says:

                  Well if we win 2 to 3 out of the first 5 ok, but we are not beating Detroit, Arizona, Philly or anyone else if our offense can’t score
                  So far we could not move the ball against Buffalo, Pittsburgh or Indy except for 1 running play on an all out blitz
                  I’m sure if you asked TC, he would tell you that that is unacceptably awful and downright scary

  2.  Nosh.0 says:

    I think the team actually has quite a bit of talent, but they need to begin to gel. This week they need to figure out who will be the 5 starters along the OL. Schwartz should be moved to the right side. It never made sense that he would be moved to LG because of Snee, but especially now that Snee is gone he should be playing RG. I’m not moving possibly our best O-Lineman out of position to help Will Beatty. The team should also decide on a center. Then have who ever is not the center compete with Mosely for the LG spot. At least that will allow 4 of the 5 Lineman to gel.

    Also it’s probably time to pick a TE and roll with him. If that’s Donell then so be it. But we need to start having regular guys play and practice consistently with the 1′s so Eli can begin to get his sh#t together.

    •  GOAT56 says:

      The OL just played it’s first game together. There are 3 new OL starters and a new offense. Why should they change now? Schwatz if the better payer should be able to adjust more easily than a lessor player. The starting center was never a competition, Walton was always the starter which is why Richberg has gotten some looks at guard. This is our starting OL.

      •  Nosh.0 says:

        Because Schwartz right now is an A+ at RG and a B-/C+ at LG. I’d rather have one side be good to dominant than average across the entire line. It’d be like moving an all-star Short Stop to 2nd base for a lesser player to play short.

        Mosley played LG briefly last year if I’m not mistaken. Put him or Richburg there.

        •  Nosh.0 says:

          Especially because both players are inexperienced they have less to “unlearn”. It should actually be easier for Mosley to play the left side since he is not used to playing any side. Same goes for Richburg.

          In fact both Mosly and Richburg will be question marks at whatever position you put them at because they have no experience. Why create another question mark with Schwartz? Now that Snee is retired there is absolutely zero logic having Schwartz anywhere but RG.

          •  James Stoll says:

            I know we all like to play GM, but what makes you think that either Schwartz will be moved to RG, or that that will be a panacea?

            •  Nosh.0 says:

              Well Schwartz was one of the best RG’s in football last year. So putting him there should make the OL better. Will they do it? I have no idea.

              I just think it’s dumb when teams force guys out of position for no reason. Like Philly playing DRC in the slot a few years back. Or the Cowboys making Ware stand up last year. Or the Texans not switching to a 4-3 and making Clowney and Watt possibly the best DE combo ever. Instead they’re running a 3-4 because that’s what coach likes. There’s no reason for it.

              Why not play your high priced free agent acquisition at the position he’s most comfortable at.

              •  James Stoll says:

                Well, we can agree that the coaches do what they want. As for Schwartz/Mosely, inasmuch as Mosely can stink at either right or left guard, there really is no reason not to move Schwartz if he really plays better on the right side
                You would think if that were the case they would do it since Mosely has no claim to that position

              •  GOAT56 says:

                You’re making the assumption that Schwatz can’t be a high level LG. The Giants didn’t sign Schwatz thinking he would be a C level LG. He’s been at LG all offseason. It’s more than possible that as he gets more use to playing LG he can be just as good. You’re making the assumption that because a player plays one position well that he can’t play another position well too. Even in you example you’re moving Watt from a 3-4 DE to a 4-3 DE.

                •  Nosh.0 says:

                  Yes Schwartz can play LG, but there is no purpose to it. The purpose of moving Watt o a 4-3 end would be so Clowney, the best defensive prospect in a decade, can play his natural position.

                  If we had a reliable starter already at RG then fine play Schwartz on the left. But we don’t. We have 2 guys with no experience in Richburg and Mosley. It’s not about whether Schwartz can play LG or not. It’s the logic behind the move and what gives us the best chance at having a good OL. And overwhelmingly, the logic points to Schwartz playing RG. Besides it’s not like we’d be breaking up a good thing.

  3.  James Stoll says:

    You can’t give up on the team in preseason but man-o-man they sure are making you want to. I hear the playing out of position argument, but that’s only Schwartz and no one else looks good. The best we can say is based on some measure other than opening holes and pass protecting they aren’t all horrible.
    And the defense isn’t exactly looking like a dominant unit after last night.
    An offense like we are sporting right now requires a defense that surrenders less than 13 points, creates multiple turnovers and maybe even scores itself.
    This defense doesn’t look like that
    Suddenly the Jet game that everyone normally hates becomes really important

    •  GOAT56 says:

      Indy might have the best offense in the NFL. Luck made several subtle great plays that beat us.

      •  James Stoll says:

        I have to say I hate that argument. The other team is really good so it’s understandable (aka acceptable) that we got our **** whooped?
        When do we start having expectations of being the good team?

        •  Nosh.0 says:

          That’s true. Denver was the best Offense in football last season and Seattle had no problem putting their foot up Denvers @s-s in the SB.

          But I’m not concerned about the defense. The pass rush a little, but the rest should be fine. The overwhelming concern is the offense. Which hasn’t gotten into a rhythm since the early part of 2012.

          •  James Stoll says:

            You may not be concerned about the defense, but with an offense as bad as ours now appears, the defense is not nearly good enough to carry the team

            Plus we once again look to have nothing special on special teams

            If the offense doesn’t click into place very very soon we will be debating whether it’s better for them to just lose out and place for a top 5 pick

            •  Nosh.0 says:

              Yeah I agree. The D is not top 5. It can be good, but probably not dominant. But we knew that going into the season. This teams success was always predicated on the offense getting “unbroken”. If Eli and the offense don’t play at a high level we’re not making the playoffs and we’ll be looking for a new Head Coach next winter.

          •  GOAT56 says:

            Seattle had one of the best defenses we have seen in the last 30 years. Luck with his movement can be harder to handle.

            The offense is a concern but we are changing a ton and will take time.

        •  Krow says:

          You’re spoiling it.

  4.  Krow says:

    That pic of John Mara makes him look like one of Hitler’s henchmen.

    •  James Stoll says:

      He may look that way but his years of retaining Reese and Coughlin indicate he’s a pussycat, not a monster

      •  Nosh.0 says:

        Toms gone if we don’t make the playoffs or at least win 9 games. Reese on the other hand will be here for a long time.

        •  James Stoll says:

          I wouldn’t be so sure about Reese. He’s more myth than reality. Almost every one of his drafts flat out stink and the same with his FA signings. He gets lucky like a blind squirrel. I say that while acknowledging what appears to be a lot of young talent on this team. But if they play like garbage every week are they really talented?
          Maybe after we end up 4-12 this year and Tom finally exists stage left, Mara let’s Reese pick the next coach and gives him 3 more years to produce a competitive team. But if we do end up as bad as we look right now – meaning we win 2, 3, 4 games, I’m not so sure Reese can escape the ax.

          •  Nosh.0 says:

            I’m 100% sure about Reese. That’s how the Giants operate. George Young got to stay until he retired, even through some down years. Accorsi got the same treatment. Reese will be allowed at least 2 years with a new HC before ownership thinks about his job.

            •  James Stoll says:

              U may be right

            •  JT Jumbo says:

              Reese has had more than enough time to pick or sign players that actually give meaning to the team. What player have we had since Strahan that is actually one of the best at his position? Not one single player. This mentality of conservatism in all aspects of the organization needs to be extracted. Between signing guys on the cheap, picking players who might be good rather than actually being good, running the clock down when up 7, failing to build personnel around your star QBs ability, not putting another team away when you have the chance, forgiving your players for getting the ball striped, just a lot of things that need to change

              •  Dirt says:

                For the record, this team is perpetually against the cap because they’re doing the opposite of signing guys on the cheap. This isn’t the Jags.

  5.  kujo says:

    Guys….let’s be clear about something:

    There are no less than 10 teams that are objectively better than we are this point in time. In fact, that number could prove particularly optimistic unless things start coming together for us.

    So explaining our (under)performance with caveats like “the Colts’ offense is one of the best in the NFL,” or “the Bills have a top-5 defensive front,” is reasonable, because it puts our team in the proper context.

    We are a .500 team, coming off a sub-.500 year. We’ve made some good moves to tip that scale this offseason, but I’m looking at this year as part one in a rebuild that takes at least 2 years. In other words, we’ll be looking at some of the pieces that we hope come together in the 2015-2016 season for what could be Eli’s final couple of years. We’re not a great team, and the sooner we all accept that, the less disappointing things will be.

    •  Nosh.0 says:

      The only problem with the year 1 of a 2 year rebuild is, TC probably doesn’t get to see year 2 if we have a losing season. Add that to the fact this may be Rolles last year, and Eli needs a new contract (this year will go a long way in determining what that contract is worth). Plus we will need to decide what JPP is worth also.
      Because of all those big pieces being at sort of a cross roads, I don’t think we can go into this season writing it off as part 1 of a 2 part plan. I think this season will determine whether or not we need a new HC and, unlikely but possibly, if we need to start looking at college QB prospects.

      •  kujo says:

        Of course, it could be that all of this offensive transition could be part of preparing to draft a new franchise QB within the next 18 months. Ya know, set up the pieces and schematics so that the new face of the franchise is set to go…

        •  Nosh.0 says:

          I feel guilty even admitting this, but I did take a look at the top QB prospects last night because I was so disgusted with the offenses performance the last few games.

          But I still have some grasp on reality. And at the end of the day I think Eli will play like a franchise QB this year and win us the Division. But yeah when you watch pitiful offensive football long enough, your mind begins to wander.

          Hopefully we’ll put up 30+ on Detroit in a few eels and this will all be just a bad memory.

  6.  GOAT56 says:

    On another note I really hope Taylor is ok. He looks like he’s getting better every game and could really contribute to us this year.

  7.  kujo says:

    Prince scheduled for an MRI on his groin. Cooper Taylor with some sort of foot injury that Coughlin described as being significant enough to keep him out for “quite some time.”

    So much for all that DB depth.

  8.  William says:

    Does Eli’s play of late have me concerned…yes..he does look skittish in the pocket. Do I put that on Eli, NO. I put that firmly on the plate of JR and the entire organization. This franchise does not , nor have they ever protected their franchise QB. In Eli’s entire career his best Left Tackle will be David Deihl, a cheap LT plug in who against any talent was absolute given to give up a sack and numerous pressures. I challenge any poster on this blog…GO WATCH OTHER GAMES…the protection Eli has gotten this pre-season and all of last year is awful and embarrassing waste of his talent. Look at the protection Luck got last night ( did JPP play??), Look at the just decent protection Nassib got in the 4th qtr and ask yourself what could Eli do with that. Every other elite QB gets not just good protection but GREAT protection. Brees’s entire career is based on double move routes taking forever to develop. Watch Hard Knocks on HBO and see the protection that Matt Ryan gets, amazing amount of time. Tom Brady is known for his “smarts” and his ability to find the third option on pass plays…why…because he has the time to get to thru a progression without running for his life. Lets discuss Payton, for years untouched in Indy, then goes to Denver and gets even better protection. Whats interesting is that Denver had shaky line o-line play, just watch Tebow highlights, yet when they committed to getting a franchise QB low n behold in just one off-season their protection goes to superb.
    Its a franchise commitment to spend the money necessary to protect your frachise QB, this has never been done in NY with Eli starting from the day he was drafted and despite his success. JR was trained at the foot of Ernie Acorsi who viewed the o-line as the bargain bin of football positions. I want to remind the naysayers on Eli to think back two or 3 seasons ago when we had a home game versus Oakland. It was one of the few rare games when Eli got A++++ protection without a grass stain on his pants. He shredded the Raiders that day and did something even rarer under TC, we put a team away at home in the first half.Until he gets that protection again (if Ever) I put any struggles on the franchise and the guys who pay the checks.
    What makes me sad despite 2 Super Bowls is I know whats coming sooner than later. I have lived in South Florida for almost 30 years and saw the latter half of the Marino era. While we had Kent Graham I listened to Dolphin fans chew up Marino one of the greatest of all time….well he hung it up in 1999 and since that day nearly 15 yearsago the Dolphins have had absolute dog turd at QB.When your blessed with a franchise QB never take it for granted and for God’s sake give the guy some protection.

    •  Nosh.0 says:

      I agree. It’s why I wanted to trade up for Mathews or Lewan this year, although I’m excited about ODB. But they have begun to invest in the position. Using a 1st rounder in 2013 and a 2nd rounder this year. They also spent some big $$$ in free agency on Schwartz.

      I don’t want to pick on Eli anymore because I’ve given him enough sh#t over the last 24 hours. But, he played excellent in 2011 with a pretty poor OL. Took a beating in the NFC title game and kept firing.

      These past 2 years, especially last year, he’s been skittish and holding the football too long.

      This may pis-s a lot of people off, but in my mind he needs to prove he’s still a franchise QB this season. I’m not going to make any judgments past that until the regular season begins. But #10 needs to show and prove this year. At 33 years old, and coming off 2 bad seasons, I don’t think that’s an unreasonable thought.

      •  JT Jumbo says:

        No I agree with Nosh. To me, Eli of 2011 was the best QB in the league. After that we have not seen the real #10. He really has to win another superbowl to prove he is still the man. Due to the Giants conservative nature, he wont have the stats required to be elite, but doing what he did in the NFC championship game against the 49ers is enough to fix his reputation as of late. I wish I could see that Eli play every week because it would honestly be something worth watching

        •  Nosh.0 says:

          I don’t need him to win another SB for him to prove he’s still a franchise player. But I’d like to see him play better on a game to game basis. Maybe even show some 4th Q magic like he used to.

          Really I just want to see him be able to move the offense down the field. He used to be really good at that.

      •  Fran2Eli says:

        “Holding the ball too long” —– Fear of throwing an interception, remember he plays for TC

    •  TroyThorne says:

      I don’t agree with this really. Aaron Rodgers has dealt with terrible OL play for most of his time in Green Bay. They finally put together a decent squad last season but the dude was running for his life (and still producing at a high level) for a long time.

      The Patriots line hasn’t been great for a few years. Ask any Patriots fan what their main concern is and it’ll be Gronk’s health and their interior OL.

      Denver’s OL looked worse with Tebow because he’s an atrocious QB and his playstyle was predicated around holding the ball for absurd amounts of time and running around the backfield like it was still college.

      Matt Ryan got sacked 44 times last season so I’m not sure what you’re talking about in that regard. He also just got walloped by Clowney last night.

  9.  JT Jumbo says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever agreed with Stoll, but everything he has said recently is right on the mark. I’m just disgusted with how inept and awful this team looks right now. I also have never ever even once considered critiquing Eli Manning but I’m starting to wonder now. Even when there is time his throws are just not good. I’m always going to be Eli’s fan and there is no other QB I want my Giants to have but it’s extremely frustrating to watch. I think Coughlin needs to retire and Reese has been long over-do for a canning. Between horrible draft picks and a coach who absolutely removes his players confidence its time. I can still hope theres something left for them this year but I don’t see a superbowl calibre team at all.

  10.  TroyThorne says:

    Couple of my thoughts the morning after.

    - I don’t buy the “Colts are just that good” argument. They’re a good team and Luck is a monster but they were missing their two biggest offensive weapons in TY Hilton and Reggie Wayne. That’s a big deal for a team that has an awful running game.

    - I didn’t see the concern with Schwartz. Thought he looked fine. Also, he’s shown versatility in the past as he started out at RT for the Panthers I believe. His best position is unquestionably RG though.

    - Pugh did his best David Diehl impression with that spinaroonie on the LB blitz that gave up a sack. Not a good look.

    - Overall, the line looks bad but it needs some time to gel a bit. There’s just not a lot of time left is all.

    - Eli looks like he has the past few seasons and that’s concerning. I know the line is awful but even when he had a pocket he was misfiring pretty badly.

    I said last night I’m not going into panic mode based off some preseason games but that game last night was as bad a performance as you’re going to get. There were almost no bright spots in the entire first half. I don’t know. Just have to hope things click within the next month.

    •  kujo says:

      I think that LB blitz sack was just a great playcall and execution. Totally fooled both Pugh AND Mosley.

      And in his presser today, Coughlin made reference to the possibility that the starting 5 of last night isn’t necessarily what we will have out there in Week 1. To me, that could very well mean that starting Richburg could be in play at one of the guard spots. Whether that means benching Walton or Mosley, or shifting Schwartz to RG, I’m not sure. But this next week of practice, and the ensuing 3 preseason game, should be very interesting.

    •  William says:

      You can’t separate having a little time with no pressure and throwing a bad pass with the more common ” no time” and running for your life. They are interconnected just remind yourself what David Carr was like in a Giants uniform. You need to give any QB at least decent protection 90% of the time, When you get where we are now, when the norm is 90% run for your life in seconds the position in unplayable. Give him protection he can count on on every down and the happy feet go away and the confident gun slinger re-appears.

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