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New York Giants Suffer Multitude of Injuries in 27-26 Victory Over Indianapolis Colts

August 17th, 2014 at 9:00 AM
By Dan Benton

The New York Giants managed to prevent an embarrassing loss on Saturday night, rallying from 26-points down in the fourth quarter to take home a 27-26 victory over the Indianapolis Colts. However, the preseason victory came at a cost as Big Blue lost several players in the process, including cornerback Prince Amukamara, who exited the game with what the team called a "strained groin."

The injury was enough to keep Prince from returning to the game despite his efforts to return. He had "jogged" and even "cut" on the sidelines shortly after it occurred, but couldn't "open it up" in terms of speed, so the Giants sat him for the remainder. After the game, Amukamara gave the pain a '6' on the scale of 1-10, but also said that after it had calmed down, he would give it a '4.'

Although Amukamara feels the injury isn't serious, he will likely head for an MRI on Sunday and could miss the remainder of the preseason.

In addition to Amukamara, defensive tackle Markus Kuhn suffered an elbow injury and was promptly sent for x-rays. He told Coughlin after the game that his elbow was "fine." The same can be said for offensive lineman Charles Brown who suffered a shoulder injury, but also had his x-rays come back negative. However, he may be headed for some additional tests on Sunday.

“Prince has a groin strain. Who else? Brown had a shoulder. Cooper Taylor, I believe it’s a toe or something of that nature and Kuhn said after the game his elbow is fine," Coughlin said after the game.

The injury to safety Cooper Taylor, who had to be carted into the locker-room, appears to be the most serious. He was seen in a walking boot and on crutches after the game and early reports suggest the Giants are not at all optimistic about his ability to return. He, too, will have additional tests on Sunday.

Finally, safety Quintin Demps and quarterback Ryan Nassib suffered leg and back injuries respectively, but both players either returned to or remained in the game. Neither injury is expected to be serious.


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21 Responses to “New York Giants Suffer Multitude of Injuries in 27-26 Victory Over Indianapolis Colts”

  1.  PittsburghJim says:

    The ole “Insult to Injury” is actually….Injury to Injury. Ironic pun.

    Kujo- Agree with you 98% of the time. The 2% this morning.

    I actually put on NFL Network at 11pm last night to watch the debacle in Hi-Def.

    I read the boxscore & all of the G101ers comments in real time & needed to see for myself.

    An absolute disgrace of an effort. The O-Line quite simply: overmatched.

    If something isn’t done, and I mean a trade or upgrade of sorts, this will be Eli’s swan song. Even on throws he got off, he was being hit. Be honest. Aside from D’Qwell Jax (a Brownie castoff)…WHO was on their defense!!!!?

    I LOVE this team, but am bracing for another 2013 redux.

    Oh, the defense needs to SHUT UP & play ball too. Holding teams to a 3 & out, then letting them go 75+ yds for scores does not equal a top 5 squad.

    Old school = Shut up & play. I feel sorry for Tom….

  2.  skinnydoogan says:

    Well fella’s, that was pretty bad last night, actually very bad. I am not sure where to start, I was pretty active last night on here, but I almost feel like I exhausted myself last year on these same issues, not sure if I want to start repeating them again. One thing, Pugh was not really an issue, neither was the center as far as I could see. Some other positives, Damontre Moore and Ayers look better than JPP and Kiwi right now, maybe we have something there? Corey Washington does not need to prove anything else to me, if he doesn’t make our squad, I will have to seriously question the front office. Jaquan Williams and Devon Kennard look to be a pretty good Linebacker tandem. Yes Robinson made not one but two catches, I had to check my glasses after that, not sure how excited I am going to get though, it was against future grocery baggers.

  3.  Dirt says:

    Anyone have a read on Cooper Taylor the person? He had an interception a game or two ago and made it all the way to the sideline, through the players standing there and to the Gatorade with only 1 “good job” acknowledgement. Last night he made a good play and same thing, not a single player came up to him to say good job. No one seems to interact with the guy.

    •  skinnydoogan says:

      Yeah I noticed that as well.

      •  rlhjr says:

        He played college football at Georgia Tech from 2008-2010. He was selected for the second team All-ACC by Rivals[2] and was an honorable mention Freshmen All-America by College Football News in the 2008 season.


        After being diagnosed with Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome, Cooper missed most of the 2009 and 2010 seasons with Georgia Tech and transferred. He spent his final two seasons at the University of Richmond. Cooper was impressive during his time with the Spiders. In his Senior season he was a selected for the First-Team AP All-American, First-Team Walter Camp All-America, First-Team The Sports Network All-American, Second-Team All-American by Phil Steele and the Second-Team All-American by Beyond College Sports First-Team All-CAA, the First-Team VaSID All-State, College Sports Madness First-Team All-CAA, the First-Team Capital One Academic All-American and was the selection of the CoSIDA Academic All-District.[1] He also was selected for The Touchdown Club of Richmond Division I National Defensive Back of the Year. Following the conclusion of his Senior season, He was selected and participated in the 2013 East-West Shrine Game as a member on the East team.[5] On February 19, 2013, He was selected as the CAA Football Scholar Athlete Of The Year.

        Professional career

        Before the Draft, Taylor impressed scouts during his performance in the East-West Shrine Game. His large frame (6’4″, 228 pounds) and athleticism drew many comparisons to Seattle Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor. Taylor was eventually selected in the 5th round (152 overall) in the 2013 NFL Draft by the New York Giants.

        Personal life

        He is the son of former Georgia Tech quarterback Jim Bob Taylor who was drafted in the 11th round in the 1983 NFL Draft by the Baltimore Colts, where he spent his one and only NFL season in 1983.

        This kid is a player and he need to have a chance to show it. I think he sticks especially in light of Hill being gone. He stays around the football. I see him flash quickness and agility during his playing time. He has the look of a loner.
        But that’s just IMO. He’s light on talk and seems to be all business on the field.

  4.  James Stoll says:

    Time to can JR and TC, strip down, and reload
    Assuming what we get this season is what we are seeing now
    May also be time to draft the QB of the future

    •  skinnydoogan says:

      I am not going there yet however, things continue like this, that is exactly where things are going, the owners would need to be institutionalized if anything thing else were to transpire.

      •  James Stoll says:

        It all depends on the season looking like what we are seeing now
        Hopefully things turn around but so far not only are they showing us nothing but they are looking worse by the week

  5.  skinnydoogan says:

    Something else, is there something wrong with Schwartz? He looks far from the dominant beast he was advertised as. Is he the next David Baas? or am I just over reacting now?

    •  rlhjr says:

      Dude is still wearing the same uniform he wore in the first pre-season game.
      I think he’s afraid to get it dirty. Cinderfella…………………..

  6.  rlhjr says:

    You really have to dig deep to pull ANY positives out of this one.
    By far the Giants run defense is pretty damn good and only stands to get better with a healthy Beason. Most likely Beason can return by game three.
    The caveat is the Colts scare no one with their running game.

    The defensive backs look good. They forced several bad throws by Luck and assisted in the limited pressure the Giant front four was able to deliver.
    However Nicks & Luck toasted them pretty well. More to the point, they toasted McBride to a crisp.

    Individuals: Moore; DIRT needs to buy his Jersey to replace the 72 I’m sure he owns. Kid is a speed rusher that I hope will also attempt to show up against the run unlike DIRTS hero Osi.

    Defensive Tackles: They all played well and have for the most part done well all preseason.

    Special Teams: Not bad, not special.

    The pass protection is really bad in single back looks. Once a blitz is called, the edges evaporate and the jail break is underway. Also the ball is not coming out fast enough. Also, there is no climbing the pocket for Eli. Who wants to step into a straight hand? I know Eli doesn’t. It looks like his drops need to be adjusted.
    Three to five vice five to seven step drops.

    Right now it looks like Gilbride’s offense only without max protections.
    I mean come on, zero yards passing the better part of a half of football?
    That doesn’t happen in Pop Warner. If McAdoo’s offense is predicated on feet Eli and this offense is in a heap of trouble. Right now Eli is doing a good imitation of James Brown. His mechanics look horrible. He doesn’t plant and deliver.
    He’s aiming the ball downfield instead of throwing. He doesn’t trust anything he sees downfield and is unsure of his protection. It’s a $7!+ sandwich.

    Once teams figure out the Giants can’t complete a forward pass, the running game will suffer even more. They will face run blitzing because teams will not fear them going over the top. The Giants running game looked like one yard and a cloud of dust. I keep telling myself they really cant be as bad as they look.
    This level of play has to get better just by virtue of repetition/practice.

    If they are not 100 times better in the Jet game, this season will be painful.
    But by my clock they still have until regular season game four to wake up.

  7.  Michael Cervellino says:

    I was so embarassed by that first half last night. They took us to the woodshed in every facet and were celebrating with each successful play. Even Pagano got at one of our special teams guys for what he thought was a late hit. I coached a long time, and if I’m Coughlin I tell Pagano after the game never to yell at one of my players, NFL courtesy be damned. Here’s what you have: 2 good starting corners and excellent CB depth, a good safety in Rolle, a good LB in Beason with some young LB depth, a great punter, acceptable kicker, a couple promising RB’s, and two good #2 receivers in Cruz and Randle (notice I didn’t say #1′s). Pugh is a decent lineman, but should either be a LT or a guard. Not many 300 lb RT in the NFL right now; it’s a position of mashers. Check the facts and you’ll see, He and Richburg are a good starting point. Schwartz and Mosely got worked last night pure and simple. I say move Pugh inside and get one of those veteran RT still on the market like David Stewart or some camp cut. You solve two problems at once. Schwartz is far more comfortable at RG, but was moved to LG immediately upon signing due to their loyalty to Mr. Snee. We see how that turned out. Glimmer of hope: Beatty wasn’t that bad in his return. I thought for awhile that they were playing pre-season possum with their offense, and Carl Banks confirmed that last night. Even he’s frustrated. Bob Papa doesn’t have a clue, plus I’ve never seen the guy smile in 5 years btw. Watching Eli Manning has become painful. He’s a brilliant guy football wise, and is easy to root for, but his lack of manueverability is troubling (how jealous was everyone watching Luck extend plays with his feet), and truth be told he does not possess a strong arm and his previously praised accuracy is dissipating (he’s consistently high with his throws and places receivers in jeapordy). I sure hope these next two games put us all in a better mood, but right now I think we lack the horses and the fire. Just some thoughts.

  8.  Krow says:

    The Giants are like a Quentin Tarantino movie. The script is lousy. The acting is pedestrian. And you’ve seen the plot a hundred times before. It stinks. At the end you want your $12 and 2 hours back. Time passes and after a while you convince yourself that it was a good film … artsy even … with nuance and subtlety …because you don’t want to be the only person who doesn’t get it. You don’t want to be uncool. But in the end your first impression was correct. It stinks.

  9.  James Stoll says:

    The good news is during the week ODB and Randal will e
    Remind us that the offense is going to be great and we will believe

  10.  TuckThis says:

    We won’t believe. Who are you kidding Jim? We know better!

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