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New York Giants’ Brandon Mosley Aiming to Be “As Good as Chris Snee”

August 15th, 2014 at 2:55 PM
By Douglas Rush

Ever since the sudden announcement of Chris Snee's retirement from the NFL before training camp, the New York Giants needed a Plan B for right guard — which thus far, has been Brandon Mosley.

Mosley has been the team's starter in place of the departed Snee ever since the summer started and in the team's first two preseason games against the Buffalo Bills and Pittsburgh Steelers; he's likely to get his third start in preseason against the Indianapolis Colts on Saturday.

The team does have former Miami Dolphins guard John Jerry for depth purposes, as he can play all over the line and start if needed, and they also drafted Weston Richburg who is normally a center by trade, but has plenty of experience playing guard and has practiced and played at guard for the Giants during camp and in preseason games.

Yet Mosley is hoping that he doesn't get his tentative starting tag removed from Tom Coughlin and is hoping that he can continue to be a mauler on the line and be an every-down starter on the offensive line.

"I’ve still got a lot room for improvement," Mosley said Thursday. "Hopefully I can be that guy."

One particular play that might look kindly in his favor when it comes time to pick starters was the block that Mosley made, pulling on the line and sending a Steelers defender flying backwards on Rashad Jennings' 73-yard touchdown run this past Saturday. If Mosley can take his massive size and mix it in with the physical nature and great overall football sense that Snee possessed for 10 years, Mosley could turn out to be a great asset on the line for years.

Mosley mentioned that he still keeps in contact with Snee on a regular basis through text messages and the 25-year-old Auburn product said that he hopes one day to be as good of a lineman that Snee was for the Giants.

"It’d be tough to be as good — hopefully one day I’ll be as good as him," Mosley said. "But he taught a lot of us a lot of stuff while he was here — a lot of technique, watching film, what to look for, what not to. So it helped a lot."

There was also talk of the Giants being in the mix to trade for San Francisco 49ers guard Alex Boone, as he is currently in the midst of a holdout looking for a new contract and the Giants were rumored to be a team that could offer the 49ers a third round pick for Boone, but it may not need to come to that if Mosley can develop into the kind of lineman that he looked up to on the team in Snee, which if he did, would be a really good thing for the team going forward.


New York Giants guard Brandon Mosley is aiming to earn a starting job and aspiring to be "as good as Chris Snee" was in his prime.

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6 Responses to “New York Giants’ Brandon Mosley Aiming to Be “As Good as Chris Snee””

  1.  rlhjr says:

    God bless him. I hope he get’s it done.

  2.  skinnydoogan says:

    Dirt says:
    August 15, 2014 at 2:53 PM
    I thought about posting this 2 hours ago when this article was published. With nothing but crickets in that 2 hours, I’m definitely going to post this:

    I feel like I am one of two people (including Hillis) who likes Hillis on this team. And I don’t know why. He adds a nice element that isn’t the worst thing in the world from a 3rd or 4th string back.

    I am with you Dirt, your not alone, I like having him on the team as well.

  3.  skinnydoogan says:

    Quiet today, what is going on? I have been off for a while, just sold my favorite toy, back to football now.

  4.  Fran2Eli says:

    So if you’re running a variation of a hurry up offence, meant to be at a pace that doesn’t allow the D to shuffle in players, which in the same light doesn’t allow you to either, in order to maintain that objective. Each play call is dependent on the results of the play you just moments ago finished, but then also limited to the personnel you have on the field. Now wouldn’t having your TE being able to fill in for a play at FB, or using the FB to cover the TE position for a play allow you to keep the hurry up pace, and the D guessing. Possible we are reading to much into these personnel maneuvers as they may just be practice for such a scenario. POSSIBLY?

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