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Odell Beckham Jr. Won’t Play for New York Giants on Saturday Vs. Indianapolis Colts

August 14th, 2014 at 5:00 PM
By Douglas Rush

Despite returning to practice this week for the first time since battling a nagging hamstring injury that kept him out for the better part of three weeks, fans of the New York Giants will have to wait at least a week to see the debut of Odell Beckham, Jr.

Giants head coach Tom Coughlin announced on Thursday that the rookie wide receiver won't play on Saturday in their third preseason game against the Indianapolis Colts, as per Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News.

It makes sense for the Giants to be cautious with their first round pick from LSU, as they saw Hakeem Nicks battle injuries over the last two seasons that saw him go from being a top-flight playmaker into a shell of what he once was before Super Bowl XLVI.

Even though he won't be playing in the game on Saturday, Beckham started to show glimpses during practice of what he's capable of with his tremendous athletic ability. Beckham also made waves this past week when he said the Giants offense would be one of the very best in the NFL during the 2014 season.

So while we all continue to wait and see Eli Manning's possible new favorite weapon on the field, it'll have to wait at least one more week; maybe for their fourth game of the preseason at MetLife Stadium against the New York Jets.


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9 Responses to “Odell Beckham Jr. Won’t Play for New York Giants on Saturday Vs. Indianapolis Colts”

  1.  fanfor55years says:

    Good. Don’t rush him back, and give more opportunities to others fighting for jobs.

    Around Week 3 Mr. Beckham will be surprising people with what he can do on the field. He can be a difference-maker in his rookie season. If you saw enough of him at LSU you’d agree.

  2.  Krow says:

    I’m having a flashback. Nov. 24th of last year. We’re on a 2 game winning streak, and sitting at 4-6 with Division games yet to play. We’re cocked and ready to make our last ditch run at the playoffs. Injured Hakeem Nicks says he’s good to go … that you don’t miss this one if you’re a Giant. Especially in front of the hometown crowd.

    But oops … he hasn’t practiced enough this week. So Gramps holds him out. We lose 24-21 as boos rain down on the field … and that’s where the season officially ended.

    Now I don’t pretend to know what the hell went on last year with Hakeem. However I’m starting to wonder if Beckum is our latest “doghouse player who needs to be destroyed”?

    •  fanfor55years says:

      Nah. This time its the medical staff holding his clearance back. The Old Man wants him out there. He knows that it’s win or else this season.

    •  wduda83 says:

      I have to believe the face-to-face he had with Coughlin a few weeks back made an impression. That’s old school and right up TC’s alley.

    •  Krow says:

      With Wilson gone the doghouse is vacant. Nature … and Coughlin … abhor a vacuum.

  3.  fanfor55years says:

    I really don’t know why everyone seems so concerned about Randle. The kid has talent. He was a bit lost at times last season because of poor reads, but I cannot believe that McAdoo is not making sure that his X-receiver can function properly in the offense. The guy isn’t an idiot, and he knows, because he saw it on tape, that the complexity of Gilbride’s reads was one of the things that brought this team low in 2012-2013.

    Cruz and Beckham are very smart. They won’t have much trouble with whatever system is being installed and the various game plans.

    Eli is more than smart. He may be the smartest quarterback in the league (perhaps Andrew Luck and Tom Brady are equals in that department, but perhaps not…Peyton has already admitted his brother is “smarter” than he).

    So if there’s going to be a real long-term problem with the passing game it will not be because of the starting wide receivers. It will be because of breakdowns up front (O-line and TEs) and the inability of the tight ends to threaten the defense so whichever wide receivers are out in patterns can be doubled or rolled toward. Is it possible those factors will come into play? Sure, but I’m pretty confident that the offensive line will acquit itself adequately this season (I’m even hearing that Beatty looks good against both JPP and Moore, both of whom are being talked about as being right where they need to be in order to be ready to go hard when they play the Colts for real in three weeks). I think the question remains the tight ends.

    Could the tight ends ruin the offense, and therefore the season? One position really stinking has sunk many a season before this, but it still seems to me that they can get at least two of these guys to play up to a level at which they only hurt the team a little. I have little hope that any of our tight ends will be league-average in 2014. I’m just hoping they can get to around the 30th-35th percentile of tight ends around the league. Then I hope McAdoo will account for that by severely diminishing their role in the game plans. Use the fullback freely and run the ball until the safeties must come up, then throw to the wide receivers. Use backs as receivers. Use the tight ends largely as decoys. Bring an extra offensive lineman in to play outside the offensive tackle when needed rather than have a tight end there. There are lots of ways around problems at the tight end position. It may, in fact, be the easiest position of all for which to do a workaround. Lucky for McAdoo. Lucky for the Giants.

  4.  turkish says:

    My biggest concern is that the same communication problems exist with Gilbride gone. Question is, how much of this offense is actually “New”. Same issues between Eli and the WRs. Same shotgun draw play run in games/practice.

  5.  Dirt says:

    Are these Jaguars helmets for real? Are the Bucs unis for real?

    What the hell is in the water down in the sunshine state, kujo?

    •  turkish says:

      Great reflection of the unfinished work the human pats itself on the back for these days. Awful helmets.

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