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New York Giants’ Adrien Robinson ‘Not Upset’ Over Lack of Play Time with Starters

August 12th, 2014 at 11:00 AM
By Billy Javed

The battle at the tight end position for the New Giants has been a well-documented one as there are no big names, but rather a bunch of guys with various skill sets vying for the number one spot in an offense that will rely heavily on their play. The fourth-round pick of the 2012 draft, Adrien Robinson, was supposed to be the incumbent starter. Unfortunately for the Giants, none of the current tight ends have stood out and stole the job. The battle ensues and Adrien Robinson is not giving up despite appearing last on the team’s first official depth chart and seeing limited action against both the Buffalo Bills and Pittsburgh Steelers.

Through the first two preseason games, Robinson has amassed only one catch for nine yards on just two targets. He had an opportunity to make a play in the third quarter against the Steelers but dropped the pass. Well after the game was over, the drop was still bothering Robinson. That could either be good or bad depending on how you look at it.

The fact that the drop was bothering him shows his level of responsibility and belief in himself that he could’ve easily made the play but took off before looking the ball in. However, it could also be indicative of weak mental fortitude as the great receivers often forget about the drops and move onto the next play in the hopes of making an impact with a clear head rather than dwelling on a mistake.

"I didn't get my eyes around quick enough," Robinson explained. "When I turned the ball was right there. I should have caught it. I should have caught it. It was a good ball."

When asked about the depth chart and his lack of playtime with the starters, Robinson revealed that he was not upset and that he knew it was a motivational ploy from the coaches.

"I wasn't upset," Robinson revealed. "I tried to see it as a motivational thing, like I need to keep working. I wasn't upset at all because it was so early in camp and by the time we get to the end I won't be there [current position on depth chart]."

Over the next few games Robinson should see more action than he has in order to prove that he deserves a spot on this team. However, in order to ensure that he gets those added minutes, he must impress and work hard in practice or else Larry Donnell will likely start again against the Indianapolis Colts. One thing is for sure, Robinson is not waiting for his turn, he knows that time is limited and he has to make an impression quickly.

"The time definitely is right now," he said. "That's why I wish I caught that first pass. But we have three more games."


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19 Responses to “New York Giants’ Adrien Robinson ‘Not Upset’ Over Lack of Play Time with Starters”

  1.  G Fan since Ninteen Forty Eight says:

    Why should PP be upset. He has been made a millionaire for doing 0 zip nada.

  2.  James Stoll says:

    Good for Adrien
    save being upset for when he is cut

  3.  James Stoll says:


    GOAT56 says:
    August 12, 2014 at 10:39 AM
    What’s the injury status of Patterson? With Hankins, Kuhn and Bromley playing well I don’t think it’s impossible that Patterson doesn’t make the team. Patterson is a good player. Him not making the team would be more about the young guys playing well. Bromley is playing like a guys capable is mixing in 10-15 snaps from game 1. Hankins and Kuhn are playing like guys ready for major snaps. Ayers is already scheduled pass rushing DT so keeping 5 DTs when we are in nickle 50% of the time doesn’t make sense. The logic of keeping 5 had to do with questions about Hankins, Kuhn and Bromley along with the age of Jenkins and Patterson. I just wonder if the roster crunch causes us to go with 4 DTs. Maybe it’s Kuhn that goes over Patterson. But 4 DTs for how we play defense makes much more sense it’s just a matter if we are cutting too needed of a player.

    Careful GOAT, FF is going to rain heLL-fire down upon you for such heresy
    I hate to say it, but I actually agree with him

    although i was skeptical about all the old-men DT signings last year both Jenkins and Patterson played very well
    I can’t see the Giants going into the season with only 1 proven vet at DT
    Yes, Hankins and Bromley have both looked good in the first two pre-season games, but they have about 12 regular season snaps of experience between them
    and while everyone wants a long haired german on their squad, our teuton is coming off an acl that nullified all of last season
    Patterson is a lock unless his injury is severe

    •  GOAT56 says:

      Part of it too is the coaches seem very high on Kuhn. If we were talking keeping 4 DTs I would have thought Kuhn would be the odd guy out but with the coaches praise follow up by good play it’s possible. So far it seems that Bromley is further along than Hankins was last year. Last year 3 of our our top 4 DTs had age and injury concerns in Jenkins, Patterson and Rodgers. While young I don’t think Hankins and Kuhn posses the same concerns Patterson and Rodgers did going into last year. In the past we mostly kept 4 DTs. It will be interesting especially if Patterson’s injury continues to linger.

  4.  GOAT56 says:


    GOAT56 says:
    August 12, 2014 at 10:28 AM
    Gaskins continues to get snaps ahead of Cox and I just don’t see it with Gaskins. To me he’s a short yardage RB that would make sense if we didn’t have Williams. He doesn’t add to the RB group to me. I’m also not high on Hillis. Brown would bring a better version of the same all around skill set. I don’t see Jennings, Williams and 2 out of the 3 between Cox, Hllis and Gaskins as a strong enough group. I like Cox and would like to keep him but it seems like the coaches don’t. Another RB like Brown and/or a scat back option would be helpful. We have a strong top 2 but the rest of the group is in question.

    skinnydoogan says:
    August 12, 2014 at 10:34 AM
    So Painter is steaming garbage, but Robinson and Brewer have potential?

    GOAT56 says:
    August 12, 2014 at 10:44 AM
    Painter has played for what 5-6 years. And proven to be bad by playing NFL games. Robinson hasn’t really ever played in a regular season games. He’s been here 2 years. He was a raw rookie that was barely active year 1 and injured year 2. So far this year hasn’t been good but he hasn’t been given a full chance. My thought has always been give these guys a chance to succeed or fail which is a full 3 years. Brewer has played a full 3 years now going into his 4th he has gotten a full chance and hasn’t been good. I have said I’m in favor of going with 8 OL.

    James Stoll says:
    August 12, 2014 at 10:44 AM

    Gaskins is young, healthy and 240 lbs
    I noted yesterday that he’s a glider in the tradition of Larry Johnson
    I actually think he’s the 3d best back on the team, at least as a runner

    as for Andre Brown, I was always a big big supporter
    Coming out of college he was likened to Rodney Hampton, but that was 7 years and a ton of injuries ago
    if he’s healthy, being just shy of 30 and with little actual playing time wear on his tread, he’s plainly a more dynamic back than Hillis or Cox
    but he’s not healthy, or at least has never been able to stay healthy through an entire season
    still, as a 4th back behind Jennings, Williams and Gaskins, I’d have no objection to taking a flyer


    •  GOAT56 says:

      I don’t see it with Gaskins yet but I continue to watch because obviously the coaches see what you see. He played at Richmond which has 3 players on this roster.

  5.  rlhjr says:

    The fact that Mrs. Robinson is NOT upset is precisely the problem with him.
    He should be chomping at the bit to prove his worth. Instead he is passive about looking like a first year high school player who’s not sure what and where the two hole is. He’s ok with only catching one pass, and blown blocking assignments.

    Sorry, but I am a player optimist. I believe if giving players a chance to grow and in turn show. But I also can detect BS based on performance sans injury.
    This kid (IMHO) couldn’t care less about playing. He is “fine” with where he is.
    Not a care in the world and no fire in his belly. SEE: G Fan since Ninteen Forty Eight remark above.

    •  skinnydoogan says:

      4 years of college, 2 years of NFL 5 catches = garbage. Robinson will be selling pretzels in the stadium this coming season.

      •  skinnydoogan says:

        Dirt summed him up better than perfect the other day, “he is the JPP of nothing”

      •  G Fan since Ninteen Forty Eight says:

        Hey SK. Knew a Greek guy who ran a pretzel and soda stand out CCNY on Amsterdam Ave in 1960 and 61 who left every day after sell 1K soft pretzels and 20 cases of Soda. Before I left to go to LIU he told me he cleared $500/day.

  6.  fanfor55years says:

    Sadly, the drop wasn’t even his worst play in that game. I already noted this, but in what I think was the second quarter they literally designed a 3rd-and-4 play to be targeted to him. Nassib rolled right. Robinson had only to chip the strong-side linebacker and then cut outside to catch an easy 6-7 yard completion for the first down. He missed the chip and then took a lazy, curved, route outside that allowed the linebacker and a safety to identify the play, was fully covered, and forced Nassib to throw the ball away. A truly horrible play that should have been second nature for a decent freshman tight end in college. Until proven otherwise, he’s a joke.

  7.  rlhjr says:

    I feel to some extent that Gaskins is being given an opportunity to make a case for himself. One thing is for sure, I had no clue he was a 240 lb back simply looking at him move. This kid shifty and may get better as the offensive line gels.

    I still feel Cox is a good running back who is powerful and fast.
    This sounds like a really fun battle coming up between Cox and Gaskins.

    I am all in for giving the offense and select defensive players until after the fourth pre-season game to show. The team as a whole has a pass from me until after the fourth regular season game. It’s going to take that long to figure out what going on here. Too many variables to call it now. I don’t however see them middle of the road. They either get locked in and play well, or they get toasted. Top’s: 9-7. Ugly: 6-10/7-9/8-8

  8.  Krow says:

    I’m upset that Robinson stinks so badly that he’s not secured a starting job.

    •  G Fan since Ninteen Forty Eight says:

      Instead of the JPP of TE’s let’s call him RPP Really piss poor TE

  9.  GOAT56 says:

    Robinson is not the smartest so I don’t know he realized how he sounded. If that’s really his mentality he’s in trouble. He sounded more focused in OTAs. Hopefully he means he’s extremely disappointed at his position on the depth chart but not discourage. He’s completely confident in his abilities so he believes he will change the the depth chart with his play in the coming games.

  10.  GOAT56 says:

    The first 4 games give us a chance to get some wins even though we might be trying to figure things out. Weeks 1,3 & 4 we face teams with new head coaches. Arizona in week 2 we get at home. And in week 5 we face Atlanta that is switching to a 3-4. So even with all the questions with our schedule we need to get off to a 4-1 or 3-2 start because then we face a really tough stretch. The goal really might be getting to 5-5 or better in our first 10 games. Because our last 6 games on paper look favorable.

    •  G Fan since Ninteen Forty Eight says:

      Have you ever noticed how badly we do at the start of the season against teams w new head coaches

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