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Giants’ Rashad Jennings on 73-Yard Touchdown: You Can Thank Eli Manning for That One

August 11th, 2014 at 6:40 AM
By Dan Benton

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning made his way to the line, saw something he either didn't like or thought he could exploit, so he audibled into a Rashad Jennings run to the inside. After the snap, guard Brandon Mosley pulled and Jennings was off to the races — nearly 73 untouched yards later and the Giants took a 7-3 lead over the Pittsburgh Steelers.

"It was a play that Eli [Manning] made sure we were in the right play. It was perfect," Jennings said. "Offensive line beat the double team. A puller came around and put a body to clear the hole and it gave me an opportunity for a one on one. One on one battles, you have to win, and that’s what I did. The rest was just a race."

The entire play was perfect execution. It was 11 players doing everything right — a glimpse into what could be for the new-look New York Giants offense. Unfortunately, it was one of only a handful of moments that displayed what the offense is capable of.

Still, Jennings knew that the moment had to be seized. After all, it was his first and last chance to make a good first impression with Big Blue's diehard fans.

"This is the first time as a Giant I get to play at the stadium, so you only get one chance to have a first time impression," Jennings said. "That is something coach Tom Coughlin was reminding us before we went out on the field so it obviously feels good to get out there and gel with the offense and find a gaping hole like that and be able to make a big play."

73-yards and a cloud of dust is one heck of a first impression. On the other side of that coin, Giants fans will now be expecting a lot more of that.


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9 Responses to “Giants’ Rashad Jennings on 73-Yard Touchdown: You Can Thank Eli Manning for That One”

  1.  Krow says:

    He flashed a lot more speed than I thought he had. That was a real top end gear.

    •  James Stoll says:

      the one thing that has come out of the first two games is that our RB’s, at least Jennings and Williams, can be very effective if they get some consistent blocking.
      The Gaskins kid looks pretty interesting too. A big guy who seems to glide through holes , somewhat like Larry Johnson used to do
      He and Cox look to be in a tight battle for the No. 4 spot, assuming Hillis regains health and is retained.
      Right now cox looks best suited as a receiving back

  2.  GIANTT says:

    So, if the TEs dont particularly impress and there really isnt a decent pickup available before the regular season , does this point to maybe keeping Hynoski AND Conner (assuming the concussion issue doesnt keep him out too long ) b/c they are better blockers ?

    •  James Stoll says:

      this seems very tempting
      2 FB’s, 2 TE’s

      •  G Fan since Ninteen Forty Eight says:

        When I said this 3 wks ago everyone Pooh Poohed, “We don’t need any FBs in the new offense” More talent in one of our FBs than in all 4 TEs combined.

  3.  GOAT56 says:

    Too much is being made about the TEs. GB didn’t use their TEs a ton last year and neither have we historically. Donnell has progressed as could be reasonably hoped. Davis is what we though he was. Fells is a little better than most thought. Robinson has had flashes in practice but looks lost and hasn’t produced in the games. We still have 3 preseason games left. The whole offense has been out of sync with the first team including our WR not looking good. I think people are jumping the gun. Maybe I was wrong about Robinson but the TE group won’t determine the success of our offense. They can give the offense a boast but they are not the key some are making it.

    Just like FB in different for TEs the same is true for FBs . Putting two on the field makes little sense, just like keeping 2 FBs.

    This is a new offense that’s completely different than our old one. Learning it and getting everyone in rhythm is going to be a process. The key short term is getting Beatty back so that there’s freedom to call passing plays without putting Eli in harm’s way. It’s clear to me now that if something were to happen with Beatty Pugh has to play LT. Brown just isn’t good enough and Brewer doesn’t appear to be either. I understand the risk in moving Pugh but this would be one of the situations taking the chance is our best option. Beatty is a very pivotal player for us this year.

    •  G Fan since Ninteen Forty Eight says:

      Sorry Goat but we will keep 2 FBs and on short yardage do not be surprised to see Conner carry and Hynoski blocking. Conner has averaged 6 yrds /carry.

  4.  GIANTT says:

    I know someone is going to say – well , if we dont have a TE in there isnt that going to telegraph what we are going to run ?
    My two cents – well if its something you feel comfortable running a play and you KNOW you can get the distance you need then h–ll yeah . Im gonna run this play , try and stop me . OR , now that Eli has a bunch of simple options , if a team sells out to the run then Eli is going to option out of it if he sees something . This 73 yard play turns out to be an Eli option . I dont know about anyone else but Im ecstatic that Eli gets to pick his play depending on the defense . You dont think he isnt smart enough to pick a defense apart , IF HE GETS ENOUGH BLOCKING ? if this play is a portent of the play calling to come from Eli , then I think the Giants will have a good season

  5.  GIANTT says:

    Ok , again , didnt Eli and he whose name should not be mentioned again as Offensive coordianator , didnt they have options ? Yes but the difference is that , last years options depended on anything up to 3 or 4 reads per play . Maybe Eli was smart enough to pick them up , but how many times after an interception would he look frustrated and kind of indicate where the receiver was supposed to go ?
    The options now are very simple – run this play not the one called
    maybe the players will be able to remember the plays this year .

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