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New York Giants not Yet Ready to Panic Over Sputtering New-Look Offense

August 10th, 2014 at 11:00 AM
By Dan Benton

The New York Giants may have won the game, but with the exception of Curtis Painter in the fourth quarter and a huge run by Rashad Jennings early on, their new-look West Coast-style offense took a step back on Saturday.

The passing game was essentially non-existent, penalties killed drives and there was clearly some miscommunication with the tight ends and wide receivers — both on their routes and where they were supposed to be lining up pre-snap.

Despite it all, the frustrated Giants not yet ready to hit the panic button.

"We could’ve executed better, but that’s something we’ll look at on the film and learn from that," quarterback Eli Manning said. "I think we’ll try to learn from it and understand that it’s the preseason and not everything is going to be perfect. But we’ll definitely have some stuff to look at and to get better on a few things."

The aforementioned Rashad Jennings, who was the lone offensive bright spot for the first three quarters, echoed Manning's sentiments, saying Saturday's game presents a learning opportunity for Big Blue and that their job is now to come back and fix the issues.

“We didn’t execute as well as we needed to, a well as we can,” Jennings told the New York Daily News. “That’s just kind of what it is. Learn. Grow. Come back out next week and try to get better.”

Although both Manning and Jennings were a bit scaled back in their analysis of the offense, head coach Tom Coughlin was a little more blunt in his assessment.

"Didn’t like a lot that went on. Didn’t like the penalties. Didn’t like the turnovers. Didn’t like the muffed punt. Didn’t like the backwards lateral that I think was awful close but they called it a fumble, so what are you going to do," Coughlin said. "The production should have been better. But we certainly do have some things to work on. So we will again teach from the standpoint of correcting mistakes with a win."

The Giants will return to practice on Monday and have only four remaining before training camp concludes. Between now and then, and then up to Week 1 against the Detroit Lions, there's a lot of learning they need to do, but all remain confident that when the games start to count, they'll be ready to go.


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11 Responses to “New York Giants not Yet Ready to Panic Over Sputtering New-Look Offense”

  1.  PittsburghJim says:

    Excellent assessment….

  2.  James Stoll says:

    Sounds pretty much like the assessment I made

  3.  fanfor55years says:

    Well, I’m not so convinced they’ll be “ready to go” come Week 1. I think it’s likely to take at least 2-3 games into the season before the offense starts to click. You just can’t get it done in limited snaps in preseason and through practices against a defense that you pretty much know so well that you can anticipate their approach.

    I really hope that at the beginning of the season the plan will be to depend heavily on the run, the defense, field position provided by the special teams, and trying to “win ugly”. I don’t seem them mounting a great West Coast passing attack until well into the season, if then. We may not see it until 2015.

    I also think they need to get Beckham into the lineup because he can be an “x-factor” in this offense.

    I will say, though, that if they’re not worried about their tight ends then they should be. Right now I’d take Fells and Davis over the two younger guys. And I’d have my scouting department revved up to find a few good ones in the 2015 draft or plan on grabbing one in free agency right off the bat when the opportunity arises. This West Coast-influenced approach requires more talent at that position than we’ve got, at least as far as I could see. And last night, at least, didn’t convince me that Donnell and Robinson will ever fit the bill. Is tight end Jerry Reese’s new “linebacker black hole”?

  4.  James Stoll says:

    I rewatched the last series with Painter (or is it Perfect Painter?) and Washington
    I wonder if Corey’s performance earns him second team reps against Indy
    Also, on second watch I realize that JJ started
    Does that first play get put on him for not reading the route as a back shoulder toss?

    •  fanfor55years says:

      Well, either he or Eli clearly misread the coverage. And given the plan for the play turning to the outside seemed the easy, and smart, read, so it was probably JJ’s mistake.

      He didn’t have a particularly good game. Neither did Randle. And Harris didn’t do anything so gave Washington a big leg up toward making the roster.

  5.  fanfor55years says:

    If anyone taped the game, scroll through it and look for the play sometime in, I think, the second quarter, when Nassib rolled right on what was a third-and-three (or maybe third-and-four). That play was designed for Robinson. He was to scrape the defensive player on the outside and then do a short out cut and allow a really easy completion for the first down. What he did was hardly touch the defensive player, take a slow, rounded route to his spot, allow the defense to get completely in the passing lane to him, and force Nassib to throw the ball away. It was the kind of play that a good high school tight end could make. Certainly any decent college tight end would have made it. Robinson completely blew it. Then he came to the sideline and Gilbride Jr. was talking to him and gestured in a way that indicated he was trying to get him to square up his cut. If the kid still needs to be taught that three years into the league he’s pretty close to hopeless.

    Just that one play told me Robinson is more than a project. He’s a project that is likely to never get off the ground. I hope I’m dead wrong, but watching that play gave me a real sinking feeling in my stomach.

  6.  GIANTT says:

    Jim , I do agree with you that this team is a work in progress with some bright spots and a bucket load of mistakes . I think , and I will say this without malice , that your lawyerly view on where this team is , is very blunt and forthright and even though many of your comments are right on ,the harshness of the insight make some of us who are Optimistic Fans feel you are a glass half empty supporter while many of us , including myself, see it as half full .
    I have said from day one that this look like a team that is going to rely on a very strong running game and it definitely looks that way at least until Eli gets his protection and a comfort zone . Having said that , does anyone think that the Giants could keep the two full backs and go with two tight ends ? I think both the FBs may need a little practice catching the ball out of the backfield but I think both guys wuld represent a load to a safety trying to tackle them .

    •  skinnydoogan says:

      With as Horrific out TE’s are, I am now advocating a 2 FB no TE approach. At least Hynoski can catch balls and block.

      •  skinnydoogan says:

        and FF, I usually agree with your assessments, but come on how is watching Brewer chase his man all over a good performance, he is as bad as they get.

  7.  GOAT56 says:

    I don’t think the TEs are horrific or our issue right now. Donnell is slowly improving every game. He knows what to do but is just slowly gaining confidence in himself. Fells is solid and Davis is a JAG we could get by with. Robinson hasn’t looked good and I can’t blame anyone that doesn’t think he will ever do anything. However, I think the coaches are using the wrong tact. He needs to play more and play as much as he can if he’s ever going to get it. Weather that’s mixing in with the first string more or playing with the 4th string he needs the reps. By how slow he’s moving he’s clearly thinking a ton out there. Hopefully playing more will help that but it might not. I think Robinson clearly has ability but he just might not be smart enough. Given his lack of intelligence I still think it makes sense to keep him at 3rd TE this year with the thought that things could slow doesn’t and he can really help us.

    Brown I think is holding the whole first team offense back. He’s been horrible and I think the conservative play calling is because we don’t want Eli to be killed in the preseason. Beatty’s return will make a huge difference in not mot the OL play but more aggressive play calling. If Beatty has any issues injury wise or other I think Pugh really might have to be considered for LT. I know it’s best not to move Pugh and he might not be great at LT but watching Brown and Brewer I think it’s the only choice we can make.

    No to Boone. We can’t ry to fix everything with outside help.

    James hurt himself with that punt **** but CB is how he was likely going to make the team. He’s still played well there and I still see it as a heated competition.

    WR competition is crazy. I think Manningham is in deep trouble, he was playing into the 4th quarter. Parker by being our leading PR guy is maybe in the best position in the whole group to make the roster. Washington looks like he can really full the role of the big WR our group is missing. He’s not just big but he plays big and fights for the ball. Harris who probably has been the best and most consistent could lose out because he doesn’t fill a specific role liek Washington or Parker. It seems that we need to find a way to keep atleast 2 of 3 bewteen Washington, Parker and Harris.

    Kerry Wynn continues to llok good but just like Ojomo I hope they gey him some snaps against better players to see what he can do. Bromley is even more impressive and definitely would like to see him earlier but his road is harder.

    Hosley looked bad tonight. You always have to llok back and at the ball and he failed to do so tonight when he was in decent position twice. He seems to have lost some confidence. iven his tealnt level we still should keep him and put him on the suspension list. But right now he definitely looks no better than our 7th best CB.

    Painter shouldn’t be considered as a backup because he’s proven he can produce in real games. We have no chance with Painter, at least we have some chance with Painter shoul he have to play.

  8.  Kettles78 says:

    I am not panicking about the offense yet but I think it is time to start seeing a bit more starting with this next game. Big run by Jennings and great blocking on that play but I have not seen much from the Oline that shows me this year will be different then last. I like the way the secondary is playing and even the LB core but need to see more out of the Dline

    All in all happy that there are no major injuries and want to see more out of Washington.

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