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New York Giants DT Kelcy Quarles Carted Out of Wednesday Practice with Leg Injury

August 6th, 2014 at 6:45 PM
By Dan Benton

Still dealing with the news that running back David Wilson can no longer play football, the New York Giants were hit with another potentially serious injury on Wednesday evening as rookie defensive tackle Kelcy Quarles was carted out of practice with an apparent leg injury.

Following the injury, which occurred in 9-on-7 drills, the entire Giants team gathered at midfield, kneeled and said a prayer for their teammate.

Quarles, who signed with the Giants as an undrafted rookie free agent in May, finished his final season at South Carolina as a first-team All-Southeastern Conference (SEC) and second-team All-American selection, and had a third-round tag on his head for quite some time. But "questionable character" concerns ultimately led to him going undrafted.

He was among a small group of defensive tackles battling it out for a final spot on the 53-man roster (or perhaps the practice squad) and had shown flashes thus far in training camp.

We will update this story as more information becomes available.

Update: The Giants are calling the injury an "ankle sprain" for now, although initial reaction seems to suggest it was worse. Quarles went for x-rays on Wednesday night and the results will likely be announced on Thursday afternoon.

Other Notes: Former Giants wide receiver Ramses Barden has signed with the Jacksonville Jaguars.


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5 Responses to “New York Giants DT Kelcy Quarles Carted Out of Wednesday Practice with Leg Injury”

  1.  Krow says:

    Or in other words … just your typical NYG practice.

    •  GIANTT says:

      Sounds a lot more serious if they all took a knee and prayed for him . Or maybe it was a meeting to decide the rookie who brings the doughnuts tomorrow .

  2.  Dirt says:

    Been wanting to post this for a while but I’ve been really tied up:

    Had the opportunity to watch Saturday’s game with a dude who played center and coached OL for many, many years in college. He’s a Cowboys fan and was not thrilled when we signed Jennings.

    Anyway, we’re watching the game and I’m getting analysis at a really deep level about our line, I’ve got about 27 pages of blocking diagrams scattered all over my living room breaking down last year’s scheme vs. this year, man vs. zone, I’m watching footwork and the whole nine, and long story short, as Williams starts taking some carries, my man becomes convinced that Williams is going to quickly usurp Jennings as the more successful back in McAdoo’s new system.

    You could really see Williams getting into the line hard, drawing that second level and making them commit, then finding that seam and making the cut at the last second, where Jennings was wanting to make up his mind a lot earlier before linebackers would commit.

    It made a ton of sense to me and became pretty apparent after the 3rd time I watched the early part of the game.

    So, yeah, I’m all aboard the Williams train. The leading rusher in the country last year. Had for a 4th rounder. Crazy world we live in in 2014.

  3.  G-MenFan says:

    I loved what I saw from both Jennings and Williams. But we need to be real. The Giants didn’t gain more than a couple inches on several carries against Buffalo’s first-team Defense. If that line doesn’t come together and create some seams, nobody’s going anywhere with that ball.

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