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New York Giants Breathe Sigh of Relief as TE Daniel Fells is Diagnosed with “Bone Bruise”

August 5th, 2014 at 9:00 AM
By Dan Benton

Perhaps the most unexpected thing to come out of Sunday's Hall of Fame Game was the surprising lack of of injuries. Considering it was the first game of the entire season and that each team had little more than one week of training camp under their belt, the fact that neither the New York Giants nor the Buffalo Bills suffered any serious injuries is a tremendous positive.

It did not come without a significant scare, however — at least in the case of the Giants, who saw tight end Daniel Fells go down with what appeared to be a relatively serious knee injury.

As the team held their breath, and subsequently learned that running back David Wilson would be forced to retire from the game of football, Fells underwent necessary tests at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York.

"Feel bad about Fells getting hurt," head coach Tom Coughlin said after Sunday's game.

But the Giants received good news as Fells was diagnosed with a "bone bruise" in his knee — something Coughlin referred to as a significant positive when you take into consideration how much worse it would have been.

"I know, there is an injury to Daniel Fells. I think he has a bone bruise, but I think that is where we are on that," Coughlin said during a conference call on Monday.

The Star-Ledger had previously reported Fells suffered a knee sprain, but whether it's a sprain or bruise is irrelevant in that the injury appears minor either way. And while Fells may be held out of some practices this week as a precautionary measure, the injury is of no long-term concern.


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5 Responses to “New York Giants Breathe Sigh of Relief as TE Daniel Fells is Diagnosed with “Bone Bruise””

  1.  Krow says:

    His backup is a potted plant. By camps end the plant could be starting.

  2.  GOAT56 says:

    How can we suffer so many injuries in practice but nearly a bump int he game. Leads me to think that Dan was right all the non contact is actually causing injuries.

  3.  fanfor55years says:

    Were the tight ends really THAT bad or is this typical fan dissatisfaction with immediate perfection in the first preseason game, which was never going to be the case?

    I assume the defense played pretty well, since Buffalo didn’t score much. Let me ask this: If JPP had looked good would everyone be saying the defense is headed for a very good year? Or would there still be real issues that look unresolved?

    It sounds as if Charles James made a real impression, as did Bowman. Given that they’re competing for depth positions it sounds like our corners may be every bit as good as advertised. How did the safeties look, particularly Stevie Brown? If he and Taylor Cooper played reasonably well then our defensive back seven is going to be quite strong, because I think Berhe is going to be a player even if he winds up on the practice squad this season.

    •  rlhjr says:

      The tight ends are still unsure of what to do (BLOCK) and where to be.
      The running game looks good when a real fullback is in the lineup. The tight ends are still learning how to block away from the line of scrimmage. At least one true fullback and maybe two had better make the final roster or there will be Trouble.

      Berhe is a Pop Gator….AKA likes to hit. But his lack of speed will hurt him. He will be feared league wide if they let him stay on the roster for special teams.
      Would like to see each of the backs behind the first offensive line. To O-line still needs to generate at least a stalemate if not a push. Against the Bills #1 D-line our starting O-line looked bad. Need a left tackle who can run block. Overall O-line not impressive but should get better with time. The young center should be inserted at RT Guard.

      JPP gets a pass until the third game. He should be in full stride by then. If not, he becomes a real question mark. Moore was so so. Only really showing up against the Bills O-line scrubs with a sack a two pressures. Linebacking was nothing special. J. Williams looks to have gained signifacant weight while maintaining his foot speed.

      Cooper Taylor has vital signs. Nothing remarkable, but he’s around the ball. Didn’t realize how big a kid he is. He looks like a linebacker. The new kicker looks like he’s a good bet from 55 to 60 yards if pressed into trying from that distance. It would be hard to let go of Browns experience, but I’d be tempted.

      The D-line will not miss Joseph. Hankins is a FN monster in waiting. If Patterson is playing well the DT will be second only to a healthy unit in Cinci. IMHO.

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