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New York Giants Monday Morning Storylines: Andre Williams Shines in Debut

August 4th, 2014 at 6:55 AM
By Dan Benton

Happy Monday, New York Giants fans! The first football game is now in the books and we have at least 21 more weeks (20 games) of Big Blue ahead. While there will be a lot of coverage and news this morning into this evening, we'll start with the following headlines for you to enjoy over your morning coffee.

Andre Williams with a Strong Debut

When the New York Giants sent in rookie running back Andre Williams for starter Rashad Jennings on Sunday night in their preseason opener, Jennings said he could see the whites of Williams' wide eyes.

"I told him, 'Don't worry about it. As soon as you get hit, you realize it's just football,'" Jennings said.

Williams did just fine. He carried the ball five times for 37 yards on the Giants' first touchdown drive of the game. On the play before he ran it in for a three-yard score, he rumbled 21 yards around the left side on a zone run. He showed power and speed and comfort with the offensive playbook. And while his performance came against a second-team Bills offensive line and he still has a ways to go before he can be trusted to contribute in the passing game, the fact that the Giants rotated Williams and Jennings in and out with their first-team offense indicates that he may be a big part of the initial plan.

New Surface Tablets on NFL Sidelines for First Time During Bills-Giants Hall of Fame Game

The Buffalo Bills will have a new piece of technology on the sideline for the Hall of Fame Game.

For the first time, the NFL is allowing tablets on the sideline during games, but of course, there are certain conditions. First, the tablets are Microsoft Surface tablets, because the league struck a $400 million deal with Microsoft, according to Business Week.

The tablets will be able to connect to only a private, in-stadium wireless network, and the only thing coaches will be able to do on the devices is receive and view pictures. On total, 13 tablets will be on each sideline, and coaches will have access to 12 more in the box.

Giants Kicker Josh Brown Nails First 33-Yard PAT in NFL History

Even before the first quarter of the Hall of Fame game between the Bills and Giants had ended Sunday, New York placekicker Josh Brown already had made history.

That's because he became the first kicker in NFL history to attempt a 33-yard extra point. And he nailed it.


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13 Responses to “New York Giants Monday Morning Storylines: Andre Williams Shines in Debut”

  1.  kujo says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, I believe we have found our running back…

  2.  kujo says:

    Some other stray thoughts:

    1) The TEs all suck. I mean, Donnell looked okay (I guess) but Robinson, Fells and the other guys who either didn’t see the field at all (or were so forgettable that I didn’t even notice them) all suck. I watched AR whiff on block after block after block. On the other hand, every major run of the game occurred as a result of Henry Hynoski or John Conner paving the way for the back.

    2) Our defensive line could be really good, but I believe it’s time for us to begin to be concerned about JPP. Yeah yeah, I know it’s only preseason, but go watch him on those first couple of series and tell me that he looks capable of anything more than what he was doing. I didn’t see any speed, I didn’t see any nifty moves; I just saw a guy bull-rush a 2nd round pick with a reputation for laziness and get STUFFED. It’s only the first game of the preseason, so things aren’t written in stone just yet. But you can mark me down as someone who believes JPP has a better-than-average chance of being washed up.

    3) I’d like to see Weston Richburg get some snaps with the 1s next week because I didn’t see SH*T out of Walton, who seemed to be doing his best David Baas impression last night. Walton was getting pushed backwards on every play, while Richburg’s blocks almost always ended 2-3 yards AHEAD of the line of scrimmage. Of course the level of competition was different, but you can’t teach tenacity, and Richburg’s got it. Walton is a placeholder whose place shouldn’t be ceded to him simply because of his age.

    4) Didn’t see much out of Kennard when he was in there. I saw him in on some tackles, but nothing near the level of hype he was receiving around here the last few weeks.

    5) New nicknames: Zack Bowman is going to be called “Darkness, Charlie Murphy!” while Jayron Hosley’s new nickname is Blowsley. FOH, man!

  3.  Krow says:

    Keeping an eye on that Washington kid too.

  4.  Krow says:

    Agree on JPPlease and Hose-me. They were the two major disappointments/concerns. I mean yeah, it’s wayyyyyyyyyyy early. But still …

  5.  Krow says:

    The OL is always the hardest part to assess. So much of it is teamwork and familiarity. They didn’t look good … that’s for sure. But I’m not writing anyone off till we see them gel.

  6.  Krow says:

    TEs suck donkey balls. As a group they rival pond scum in both worthlessness and annoyance. They aspire to mediocrity.

  7.  Krow says:

    Fine showing for Nassib. Very encouraging.

  8.  GIANTT says:

    So Dan , you are testing our skills of observation with the OBVIOUS mistake , right ? I mean this is Monday morning for crying out loud and I have a headache .
    I agree with Krow , Nassib seemed a lot more comfortable out there . I just hope he improves over the next few weeks so we can all feel comfortable with him as the only backup .A nice TD throw there even if it was against scrubs .

  9.  rlhjr says:

    Very strong position for blue. Williams is going to be very good. Punishing North/South with some shake and bake mixed in. The third kid looks like a keeper. In fact he looks like a junior grade Williams.

    JPP is hopefully pacing himself. I will give him a pass until the third game.
    J WILL seems to have put on some needed weight. Kennard was a no show.
    Hankins might become a force. He’s big strong and quick. Jury is still out of Moore. He looked good vs future Walmart employees.

    O-LINE: They need a big nast left tackle. Richburg needs some snaps at center and at guard. He’s a good blocker and has a nasty tude.

    The team would be better off teaching Conner and Ski how to catch. As I suspected these guys are challanged by the prospect of throwing blocks while lined up as a running back. Not a dynamic player in the bunch.

  10.  Krow says:

    FYI … from The Buffalo News

    CANTON, Ohio – The Buffalo Bills’ dominant defensive line wasted little time finding its regular-season form Sunday night in the Hall of Fame game at Fawcett Stadium.

    On their first series of the NFL preseason, the Bills’ fearsome foursome up front helped produce a three and out by the New York Giants. The second series was even better for Buffalo in an eventual 17-13 loss.

    Defensive tackle Kyle Williams sacked Giants quarterback Eli Manning and forced a fumble that was recovered by Bills linebacker Keith Rivers at the New York 22-yard line.

    That set up a 30-yard field goal by Dan Carpenter to give the Bills the lead.

    With that, the Bills’ starters up front on defense were done for the night.

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