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Bills Fans Heckle, Ruthlessly Boo Giants Head Coach Tom Coughlin Following Hall of Fame Game

August 4th, 2014 at 12:00 PM
By Dan Benton

Hall of Fame weekend went off without a hitch for the New York Giants. At least until the very end. That's when things got a little weird, as fans of the Buffalo Bills took unprovoked aim at Giants head coach Tom Coughlin, heckling him and ruthlessly booing him during his postgame interview following Big Blue's 17-13 victory on Sunday night.

The boos got so bad and so loud at one point that Coughlin stopped his interview, turned to the heckling crowd and said "are you kidding me?"

But kidding they were not. The fans continued to boo and heckle for the duration of his interview, with at least one fan yelling louder than the rest: "seven and nine, Coughlin. Deal with it." In fact, it so was so loud and increasingly vile that Coughlin's presser couldn't even be heard.

The Star-Ledger was able to capture the entire display, which can be heard below:

The booing became screaming, with the voice of some young female fans crackling as they tried to out-shout their male counterpoints. But the question remains, why? For what reason would Bills fans single out Tom Coughlin, who has next to no direct history with their franchise and has done nothing to warrant such hate. It was almost Philly-esque in a way, with the only difference being that Eagles fans would have a legitimate reason to boo.

The second Coughlin was done with his interview, the booing subsided.

Could it possibly be lingering feelings from Super Bowl XXV? Coughlin was with the Giants during that Super Bowl, but it's really the only logical connection between he and the Bills franchise. And it hardly seems worth the level of trolling directed at him on Sunday night.


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  1.  skinnydoogan says:

    Perhaps it was “Belgarath” and his friends, they are mad because Dan blocked them.

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