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Michael Strahan Trying to Mentor Giants’ Damontre Moore, Mold Him into Player Similar to His Style

August 1st, 2014 at 2:25 PM
By Douglas Rush

When the New York Giants drafted Damontre Moore in the third round of the 2013 NFL Draft, many people saw the possibilities with the pick, especially in a defensive line that was already loaded with talent.

Although Moore wasn't featured a lot in his rookie season and didn't record a single sack, the team still has high hopes for Moore's future, especially now that long-time veteran Justin Tuck is now a member of the Oakland Raiders, Mathias Kiwanuka took a paycut to stay on the team and is getting up in age, and Jason Pierre-Paul is trying to recover from the injuries suffered throughout the course of the year; if any year is the time for Moore to break out and show the Giants why they were smart to draft him, it's this year.

But he's had some help along the way into his second year, someone who knows a thing about the path he's traveled to get to the team and into the NFL; former New York Giants and soon-to-be Hall of Fame defensive end Michael Strahan. Strahan, a former second-round pick who went to Texas Southern and was seen with a potential bright future, has been offering Moore advice and guidance as he goes along in his new career and tries to keep in touch with him as often as he can.

“Talking to him, just trying to pick his brain, trying to make myself better, he helped me make myself better as a football player and as a man, showing me stuff he learned from his mistakes,’’ Moore told the New York Post. "Having that edge of talking to him and picking his brain,’’ Moore said, “it puts me more closer to that goal than somebody else who doesn’t know him at all. I can get all that experience and knowledge from him knowing at one point in time he was in my same shoes."

When asked about why his rookie season didn't go the way it had hoped, especially with JPP going down for the rest of the season with multiple injuries and others failing to step up, Moore cited the maturity factor and said he got a complete rude awakening, which he will use going forward in his career.

“Maturity,’’ Moore said, “and learning behind some of the greatest. I mean playing behind [Jason Pierre-Paul], Kiwi [Mathias Kiwanuka], Tuck, all those guys played under somebody, Tuck played under Strahan and Osi. One of the things you got to bide your time and if tradition keeps going like it usually goes with the Giants, you sit out your first year or don’t play as much and then you learn behind somebody great and then eventually you get to move up in the rankings.’’

This weekend, Moore and the rest of the Giants will all fly out to Canton to watch Strahan be inducted into the National Football Hall of Fame.


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