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Healthier-Minded New York Giants Suddenly Dealing with More than One Dozen Injured Players

August 1st, 2014 at 8:00 AM
By Dan Benton

2014 was supposed to be the year. It had to be the year. And after setting an NFL record in 2013 for being the most injured team of all-time, the New York Giants knew they had to change some things.

The team added a new, healthier menu and eating properly was supposed to aid in keeping players healthy. They added new GPS tracking devices to the uniform of every player in effort to eliminate excessive wear and tear on their high-priced athlete's. And they added new stretching routines before and after each practice to limit soft tissue injuries. But as we head into their first preseason game, things have not gotten any better on the injury front.

At the conclusion of practice on Thursday, the Giants had a grand total of 13 players who either missed practice entirely or had to leave practice as the result of an injury or ailment. That, of course, does not even include players like Mario Manningham (knee) who remain limited due to offseason surgery/previous injury.

Let's take a horrifying, gut-wrenching and ever-so-frustrating look, shall we?

Not Practicing:

David Wilson (neck), Odell Beckham Jr. (hamstring), Trindon Holliday (hamstring), Xavier Grimble (hamstring), John Jerry (knee), Mike Patterson (shoulder), Jon Beason (PUP – foot), Spencer Paysinger (concussion), Spencer Adkins (groin) and Travis Howard (knee)

As the late, great Billy Mays would say… "But wait, there's more!"

Left Practice Early:

Will Beatty (illness), Robert Ayers (ankle), Bennett Jackson (ankle) and Corey Washington (heel).

The good news is that Beatty's injury was not related to his hand as first reported, but the bad news is that many of the other injuries are potentially serious. Bennett Jackson will be receiving x-rays on his ankle (it didn't look pretty), while Corey Washington's heel injury also appeared potentially severe. Then, of course, there's the potential career-ending status of David Wilson, the lingering knee issues with John Jerry and the multiple hamstring injuries that just will not go away.

There's a good chance that come Sunday and the Pro Football Hall of Fame Game against the Buffalo Bills, that the Giants go into it without upwards of 13%-15% of their 90-man roster.


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