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New York Giants Sunday Morning Storylines: David Tyree Still Coming Under Heavy Anti-Religious Fire

July 27th, 2014 at 7:00 AM
By Dan Benton

Happy Sunday, New York Giants fans! Big Blue returns to the practice field today and will wear full pads for the very first time in training camp. Today also marks the official one-week countdown until the very first game of the year. In an effort to pass some time prior to practice, we present the following headlines to enjoy over your morning coffee.

New York LGBT Group Attacks Giants for Hiring Former NOM Spokesman as Coach

An LGBT group has attacked the New York Giants, for hiring a former National Organization for Marriage spokesman as a coach.

The NFL team recently took on former player David Tyree as director of player development.

Sheilah Sable, of Empire State Pride Agenda, said: “Tyree’s hiring says to them that it’s OK to hate someone because of who they are.

“A former spokesperson for the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), or one of the most prominent opponents to marriage equality, Tyree has a long history of making outlandish and ignorant comments about LGBT identities and experiences.

“Most recently, Tyree spoke out against the bill in New Jersey to protect LGBT youth from conversion efforts, claiming that he’d met ‘former homosexuals’ and that there’s ‘no scientific data to support the claim of being born gay’."

Simple Logic Behind Ravens Signing Suspended Safety Will Hill

When the Ravens signed trouble-prone former New York Giants safety Will Hill, it immediately raised a few eyebrows and prompted many obvious questions.

Why add a player with so many off-field problems, including an arrest last year for failure to pay child support, one day after running back Ray Rice was suspended for two games for violating the NFL personal-conduct policy?

First, there's no financial risk by signing Hill to a one-year, $570,000 contract with no guaranteed money or signing bonus. If Hill has another misstep, the Ravens can simply cut him and move on without any regrets.

It's similar to the thinking behind the Ravens bringing in linebacker Rolando McClain last year. He was another player with a history of off-field issues. The team gave him another chance this spring only for him to retire again after performing poorly during a workout and then ultimately trading him to the Dallas Cowboys without him having ever practiced for the team. The Ravens never lost any money in the failed McClain experiment.

With Tuck, Snee Gone, Giants Look for Loud Leaders

Antrel Rolle was barking out encouragement as if he had a whistle around his neck.

“Get that ball out! Compete, compete, compete!” the Giants safety yelled.

His words were shouted from the sidelines to his defensive teammates, who were in the midst of seven-on-seven drills with the offense late Friday afternoon at the Giants’ training facility in the shadow of MetLife Stadium.

In his fifth season with the Giants, Rolle is one of the obvious leaders on a team that has lost two key leaders in defensive end Justin Tuck, who signed a free agent deal with the Raiders, and guard Chris Snee, who retired at the start of training camp.

Replacing their leadership — as well as the veteran influences of former players such as David Diehl and Kevin Boothe — is an unspoken objective of training camp. It’s part of building the kind of chemistry that leads to success on the field.


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3 Responses to “New York Giants Sunday Morning Storylines: David Tyree Still Coming Under Heavy Anti-Religious Fire”

  1.  William says:

    Dan, its hard to impose a no politics rules when you keep posting political stories. This is like crack to a crack addict. In addition I think you may want to consider how as someone in the media that your falling for a legite liberal or progressive strategy that is used all the time. That being to take a non issue like the Tyree story and pound it over n over in the press to give the false illusion of outrage that does not exist at any level that would mount change. This story is a perfect example. Let me list any number of groups and tell me if any, if they were aware of all the unbiased facts would care about this Tryree story beyond 10% of those polled.
    Giant Fans….not a chance
    Football fans…ditto
    Sport fans…ditto
    Half the US population…the conservatives
    Most of the rest of the world
    Much ado about nothing but for some reason we allow a very very small majority in this country to tell us how to be out-raged. Granted sometimes the issue may be legite but far too often they go to the well with BS like this just to push a long term agenda.

    • Dan BentonDan Benton says:

      The irony being that I am barely covering it in comparison to the other outlets, forums and blogs.

      The thing about Giants 101 is that we don’t ignore anything. The entire concept behind Sports Media 101 is “24/7 Obsessive Coverage.” So I could pick and choose what to share and violate the very rules I’ve set in place for this entire company — making me a hypocrite and giving competitors a chance to point that out — or I can merely cover it to as little a degree as possible (see: Morning Storylines) and hope it’s early enough and disinteresting enough that readers simply ignore it.

      However, they don’t. The Tyree stories have all generated the largest number of traffic we’ve gotten in months. Which I find funny considering I spent 25+ hours on my training camp previews and one single Tyree story, which took 25 minutes, received more traffic than every single camp preview combined.

      •  William says:

        First let me say unequivocally how much I love this site and appreciate the job you do for very little gain and plenty of heart ache. Your points are well taken and I can see your in a no win situation. Its rare that this type of story makes me smile but knowing this gets the site monster hits does just that. I think those monster hits comes from the 90% feeling pushed around by a very small minority and its stirs the passion to fight back or at least blog on a football site. psychology is always fascinating..
        Keep up the great work the silent majority loves your efforts. LOL

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