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Retired Giants DE Michael Strahan Feeling “Overwhelmed” as Hall of Fame Induction Nears

July 24th, 2014 at 11:00 AM
By Dan Benton

When Michael Strahan joined the New York Giants in 1993, his goals were simple. There was no Pro Bowl expectation or Super Bowl dreams and the Hall of Fame wasn't even a thought. Rather, Strahan said on Wednesday during a national conference call, he was simply hoping to make enough money so he didn't have to move back into his parents' home.

“My goals when I first started were just to make a little money so I didn’t have to move back in my parents’ house,” Strahan said via “I just didn’t want to live with my parents. That was my goal to try to just make my parents proud, make them happy, play hard and just do the best I could do.”

A lot changed in the blink of an eye for Strahan, and that once young man determined to leave his parents' home behind now has a new home – the Pro Football Hall of Fame. It's an honor that still created a surreal feeling for Strahan, who admits his enshrinement is a bit overwhelming.

“It’s overwhelming, to be honest with you,” Strahan said. “Mr. Mara was there when I was drafted and would come to practice every day. [He was] the face of the NFL and also the Giants and one of the original pioneers of the game, so they’ve got such a rich history. On top of that, Harry Carson [is] a great friend of mine, as well as L.T. being a great friend and the one guy that I looked up to when I came in. Just so much history on the side of the Giants and the fact that you can see that we all spent our careers in one place just goes to show that it’s a family. I’m just honored, because there’s nothing I had in my brain, nothing I imagined when I started out, that I would be joining these guys in the Hall of Fame. I’m honored to be doing so."

In addition to discussing his upcoming Pro Football Hall of Fame induction, Strahan was asked about his one-time rival, Philadelphia Eagles offensive lineman Jon Runyan.

You might remember that Runyan recently said he could still "take Michael Strahan" on the football field. And while seemed serious at the time, it was apparently meant as a joke for Strahan because, as it turns out, the two have actually become quite close friends. Who would have guessed that?

“Everyone thinks that Jon Runyan and I hate each other, but Jon’s been a great friend,” Strahan said. “We weren’t friendly at first, obviously, and when we played in the Pro Bowl together I tried to avoid him, because I didn’t want to be his friend. His wife brought us together. I’m talking to this sweet lady and she’s so nice and she’s like, ‘Oh, why don’t you meet my husband,’ and she brings over Jon. At that point, I kind of had to give in. We ended up being good friends."

Jon Runyan and Michael Strahan … good friends. Crazy.


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