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2014 New York Giants Training Camp: Day 2 Recap

July 22nd, 2014 at 4:00 PM
By Dan Benton

Temperatures approached 90 degrees in East Rutherford, New Jersey on Tuesday as the New York Giants took the field for their very first training camp practice. And although the team was only in shells, excitement and enthusiasm was in the air as they got their first real taste of the 2014 season.

Prior to practice, players spoke with members of the media, but most information had just been rehashed. It was clear their focus was on getting onto the field for the first time and, following warmups, players and coaches dove right in as if there had been no offseason at all. They, of course, were anxious to improve their odds on Carbon Sportsbook.

Some things from practice stood out, others didn't. Here's what we noted:

Practice Notes:

  • Brandon Mosley practiced at RG with the first-team offense, John Jerry with the second-team and Weston Richburg with the third-team; however, Richburd did receive a few reps with the first-team at guards towards the end of practice.
  • The first-team offensive line during the first few series: Will Beatty (LT), Geoff Schwartz (LG), J.D. Walton (C), Brandon Mosley (RG), Justin Pugh (RT). Charles Brown also saw some first-team snaps in the second half of practice.
  • Brandon Mosley was carted off toward the end of practice, but did not appear to be in significant pain. Heat could have been a factor.
  • Dallas Reynolds received some second-team reps at right guard.
  • Jacquian Williams, Jameel McClain and rookie Devon Kennard were first-team linebackers.
  • Mike Patterson saw first-team reps at defensive tackle, while David Wilson received second-teams reps at running back.
  • Andre Williams was used on goal line packages and caught the first pass thrown his way. He was very impressive, decisive and north-south as advertised.
  • Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie had the first INT of camp after Odell Beckham Jr. stopped short on a route — hard to tell if he cramped up or it was miscommunication.
  • Trindon Holliday was immediately thrown in at wide receiver and promptly dropped the very first pass thrown his way.
  • Rueben Randle, Trindon Holliday, Odell Beckham Jr. and Victor Cruz all fielded punts. Mario Manningham also fielded one for the heck of it.
  • The Giants' warm-up routine was drastically different from what we've seen in the recent past — clearly injuries over the past few years have resulted in a much-needed change.
  • Giants ran a fake punt to Quintin Demps. Wonder if we'll actually see that in a game?
  • Ben McAdoo appeared to be working very closely with both quarterbacks and tight ends.
  • As expected, the defense appears to be light years ahead of the new-look offense.

The most glaring note of the day: the offense moves very, very quickly. It could be because we're used to Kevin Gilbride's offense, but things seem overwhelmingly fast at times on Tuesday. And that is exciting.

Of course, nearly all of this was over-shadowed by four players being forced to leave the field (three carted off) due to a variety of issues. We have those updates here: Giants' Jameel McClain, Brandon Mosley & Xavier Grimble Carted Off During First Camp Practice


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19 Responses to “2014 New York Giants Training Camp: Day 2 Recap”

  1.  fanfor55years says:

    Let’s hope McClain’s okay.

    I’m excited to see that Mosley was a starter. I know he’s going to be asked to become part of that core up front, but I wasn’t sure it would start by September. I think he’s going to be a good one. If he is, then we’ve got 4/5 of the offensive line set for the next 4-5 years (assuming Richburg will eventually replace Walton but perhaps not all that soon).

    Now if only Beatty could surprise everyone and play up to his contract, we’d really be in business. But I’m looking to the 2015 draft for the last critical piece going forward.

    •  G-MenFan says:

      Beatty…the last remaining piece of that near-disastrous 2009 draft class. (shudders) Jerry Reese’s “Mulligan”.

      •  fanfor55years says:

        That WAS a turkey but he’s had more good than bad, and I am beginning to suspect that people will look back at the 2013 and 2014 drafts as awfully good.

  2.  ERICHONIUS says:

    xrays negative on McClain’s foot

  3.  Dirt says:


    That’s the name of the game. None of this bullsh|t sub in packages and wait 39 seconds to snap the ball to let the defense figure out what is going on.

    Forcing the action.


    I love it.

    •  G-MenFan says:


    •  fanfor55years says:

      Even if everything else about Gilbride’s offense had been excellent, this was a complete failing in that the defense always knew when it could make a late shift that couldn’t be countered and always knew when they could anticipate the snap. It put the offense at a constant disadvantage.

      If nothing else, this change makes McAdoo very welcome. But my guess is that we will see the beginning of the next stage of an excellent NFL head coach’s development this season and next and hope like hell that he will succeed Tom Coughlin whenever he decides to retire.

      •  GOAT56 says:

        I get on everyone for not respecting Gillbrides offensive success enough but one aspect i cannot defend is the consistent late snaps. This aspect is a welcomed change for sure.

  4.  G-MenFan says:

    My favorite report of the day came from Paul Schwartz on Twitter:

    “The fury of new OC Ben McAdoo: Shouts ‘Clean up the huddle…let’s go!!”

  5.  Nosh.0 says:

    I’ll give my obligatory “Chris Snee was a great player for us” line. He was an all pro in his prime and was part of the best OL in the league in 2008. I also feel bad for the guy because I get the sense that he certainly did not want to retire, but his body forced him to. I’m sure he would have preferred to go out off a good season than the way he did. But, this is great news for the team. Mosley, Richburg, and Walton need to be competing for the Center and open Guard spot. And whoever wins will be a huge upgrade over Snee.

    I know a lot of people seem to be aiming for a run in 2015 but you should be hoping for one this year. Injuries, old age, and free agency have a way of sabotaging promising teams. Look at Nicks. Top 10 WR in 2011, injury prone JAG in 2012 and 13. Plus it’s likely Rolles last season. Sign me up for a trip to Seattle in the divisional round. That’s my goal for this season. Whatever happens after that is house money.

    55- We agree on a lot of things pertaining to this roster but I don’t see the Mannigham production. Guy is still not 100% back from an ACL and surely has lost a step. I think it’s time to see what Jurnigan, Randle and ODB can do. Unless one of them struggle or get hurt I assume Mario will not see the field or the ball much.

    But I’m with you in your excitement for Mosley. Kid should have been playing by week 5 last year. Which highlights another reason why the Snee retirement is great news for the team. Because TC would have kept starting him even if he was playing poorly. (See Kevin Boothe, David Deihl 2013)

    Entertaining read:

    •  fanfor55years says:

      Actually, you may remember that I was supporting Jernigan’s potential when almost everyone had written him off. And I am almost certain that ODB is going to be a top receiver in the league. Probably not this season, but quite possibly next. The reason I said Manningham must be smiling is that it sounded like TC had been unhappy with ODB pulling up on a ball that resulted in a DRC interception today. That could easily put him in Coughlin’s doghouse, and we all have seen how hard it is for a rookie to escape that Purgatory.

      I think we have five good wide receivers: Cruz, Randle, ODB, Manningham, and Jernigan. I don’t share your assumption that Manningham has lost a step. Why? he hasn’t played in a long time so his body isn’t shot, and ACLs these days, once healed, don’t seem to be the impediments they once were. Add that Eli is familiar with him and trusts him (hell, he threw him the most important pass of his career…it was the SECOND Super Bowl win and MVP that really should settle the debate about Eli for all but the moronic). I think he’ll contribute, especially because I think McAdoo is going to throw some four-wide formations at defenses along the way.

      Having said that, I think the way has to be led by Cruz, ODB and Randle and that the rookie needs to have a good season, perhaps more than good by the time they reach December.

      And while I continue to believe this team is building toward something special in 2015-2016, you’re right. Anything can happen. If you’re competitive you have to go for it each and every year because slhit happens. Right now it’s hard to see how they’d manage to get past San Francisco (again, probably, the best team in the NFL), Seattle, and poerhaps one or two others, to even make it to the Super Bowl. But by November that may start to look like a less daunting task. This Giants team has a LOT of talent, some good leadership, a new offensive approach that should make them much tougher, the possibility that Fewell will let the dogs loose and allow the defense to be aggressive instead of reactive, and what should be far better special teams than has been the case of late. So why not the Giants?

    •  GOAT56 says:

      Wow it’s a new year because I agree with basically everything you said. I believe we always have a chance after 2011. Particular teams don’t worry me, it’s more getting back to a championship level of play.

  6.  skinnydoogan says:

    anyone here have any faith we have something in Nassib?

    •  skinnydoogan says:

      Even listening to his interview is awkward, not sure he can cut it.

      •  skinnydoogan says:

        I am feeling hopeful about Mosely as well, the dude is real big, looks nasty too. Brewer is another story, this should be his last camp as a Giant.

      •  Nosh.0 says:

        I only know 2 things about Nassib. He led his team to a bunch of comebacks his senior year at Cuse, and, I’ve heard he’s skittish in the pocket. That 2nd thing worries me a lot. If you’re scared in the pocket then you can’t cut it in the NFL.

        I wouldn’t read too much into the interview. Eli gave/gives some of the most awkward, goofiest, interviews in the history of pro sports. A public speaker he is not. But he knows how to Quarterback.

  7.  GOAT56 says:

    Wait is it true that if Brown gets beat out as our kicker Eli is actually the oldest player on the team?

    •  Krow says:

      Don’t worry. Just because he’s coming off 2 bad seasons and is almost the oldest player on the team there’s no doubt he can regain his form and play for the next 10 years. Just like Chris Snee.

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