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New York Giants Saturday Morning Storylines: John Jerry Expected Back for Start of Camp

July 19th, 2014 at 7:00 AM
By Dan Benton

Happy Saturday, New York Giants fans! And welcome to the final weekend without football until mid-February. As we help you pass these final moments, please enjoy the following headlines over your second-to-last last football-less first coffee.

John Jerry 'Should Be Ready' for the Start of Giants Training Camp

To this point, John Jerry is the invisible Giants free-agent acquisition.

Nobody outside of the organization has seen him. He hasn't practiced. He hasn't spoken to the media (despite numerous requests on our part) or done any team-related appearances.

Jerry, an offensive linemen signed after four turbulent seasons in Miami that ended after his involvement in the Jonathan Martin incident, underwent a minor knee operation this offseason. It kept him out of Organized Team Activities and minicamp.

But Jerry "should be ready for the start of [training] camp," a person with knowledge of his situation told He expects to be on the field with the team when they open camp on Monday after having his knee scoped this spring.

Closer Look at Jon Beason's Foot Injury, Sesamoid Fracture

The body's ability to heal any fracture depends on the precise nature and location of the break as well as the presence—or lack thereof—of adequate blood flow to the area. In general, a fracture with excellent surrounding blood flow often repairs itself well and without issue, whereas the opposite scenario leads to a risk of nonunion—or the bone fragments reattaching poorly or not at all. Certain types of sesamoid fractures can be prone to nonunion.

As always, precise medical details about Beason's care are not available to the public. Regardless, it seems Dr. Anderson—a bona fide expert of experts when it comes to sesamoid and other foot injuries—deemed the fracture and ligament tear of appropriate natures and locations to proceed initially with a trial of nonoperative therapy. If all goes well, the linebacker's pain will continue to subside with time, and he will gradually be able return to his prior level of conditioning after the walking boot comes off.

However, if pain persists for an extended period of time—unfortunately a possibility even with the best doctors practicing the best medicine—further evaluation might become necessary to assess the quality of Beason's healing. Surgical intervention could follow in such a scenario—a bone grafting procedure to stimulate healing, for example—though such an outcome probably remains several steps down the road.

NY Giants Co-Owner John Mara Says Don't Get Used to Aggressive Offseason Spending

It was a massive reinvention unlike anything the Giants had ever done, a spring spending spree that saw Big Blue dole out more than $100 million in player contracts, overhaul the offensive coaching staff and remake the identity of the defense.

And it’s likely not going to happen again anytime soon. Giants co-owner John Mara made that clear on Thursday, stressing that Big Blue’s “aggressive” offseason would not be the norm.

“It’s not going to happen every year,” Mara said Thursday, after presenting a $250,000 donation to the Meadowlands YMCA in East Rutherford. “We’re not going to have that kind of cap room every year. And listen: If you’re that aggressive every year, there’s something wrong with your organization. But you have to do it every once in awhile.”


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