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New York Giants Thursday Morning Storylines: Could Tony Romo Have Won with What Eli Manning Had?

July 17th, 2014 at 7:00 AM
By Dan Benton

Happy Thursday, New York Giants fans! We're now approaching the final weekend without football until February! What a pleasant thought. In the mean time, enjoy the following headlines over your first morning coffee.

Just Like Eli Manning, Tony Romo Could Have Won Super Bowls with Giants? Don't Be So Sure

Question: Romo could have led the same Giants' team to the Super Bowl that Eli was fortunate enough to play with. Eli, on the other hand, would be ringless in Dallas. Period.

Jon Machota: I will agree on the part about Eli being without a ring if he was playing in Dallas. But to assume that Romo would have had the same success in New York is a bit of a stretch for me. It's easy to bash Eli because of the terrible season he's coming off of, but he was outstanding in both of those Super Bowl seasons. He threw 15 TDs and only 2 INTs throughout those playoffs and was the MVP twice in wins over the best franchise of the last decade.

Giants Hosting Annual Blood Drive Saturday

The New York Football Giants are teaming up with the American Red Cross to host their 4th Annual Blood Drive, presented by Bob’s Discount Furniture as part of the NBC 4 Giants Health Expo on Saturday, July 19 from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at MetLife Stadium.

The drive comes at a crucial time: during the summer months of June, July and August, on average, about two fewer donors schedule an appointment to give blood at each American Red Cross blood drive than what patients need. This can add up to more than 100,000 fewer donations during the summer.

“We are proud to partner with the American Red Cross and Bob’s Discount Furniture on this life-saving initiative,” said Mike Stevens, SVP and CMO, New York Football Giants. “We’ve experienced great success at our past blood drives and sincerely thank Bob’s for promoting the program so effectively on NBC 4 New York to help maximize donations at our second annual Health Expo. We believe that successful partnerships can achieve great accomplishments and the Red Cross, Bob’s and NBC 4 New York have been spectacular partners in working together to make this blood drive even more successful.”

Former Giant Luke Petitgout in Court Hearing

At a court hearing Wednesday, the lawyer for former New York Giants lineman Luke Petitgout called the man his client is accused of slugging ?in a jealous rage a greedy opportunist.

Petitgout, donning a blue suit, pink tie and ?4 o’clock shadow, looked downcast as he stood beside his lawyer Dennis Ring at an appearance in Manhattan Criminal Court on the misdemeanor assault raps.

“From the beginning the complainant in this case appeared not to be cooperating with the police or the District Attorney’s office,” Ring said after the brief appearance. “Mr Constantinides, after consulting with some kind of civil attorney, has apparently found Jesus, which I believe is a result of his hope to obtain some kind of civil judgment against my client.”


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3 Responses to “New York Giants Thursday Morning Storylines: Could Tony Romo Have Won with What Eli Manning Had?”

  1.  GOAT56 says:

    Interesting question. I actually think Romo is underrated by too many. He’s the one QB in this division that’s done enough that I could see being ranked ahead of Eli going into this season. However, I do think Romo lacks that bigtime pressure performance trait that Eli has and that’s the main difference in them. 2007 that Dallas team was good enough to win a SB and if Eli was leading the way for them he could have lead them to a SB.

  2.  bpan says:

    Wow. This hypothetical gets me pretty angry these days.

    Not only would Romo have been awful in Green Bay in the Ice Bowl II, he wouldn’t even have gotten past Dallas. Oh the irony. Forget about playing disciplined intelligent football against the Patriots who fell to the only team and QB that could have beaten Brady/Belichick that year. They steam rolled (almost) everyone.

    But Romo’s 2007 team was RICH with Probowlers and that year was Romo’s best chance. They lost it ultimately, and, when it mattered most, on his arm. If anyone doesn’t understand that Romo would have committed a likewise fatal error as the QB of the Giants, on the road, in the 2007 post season playoffs, they are clueless beyond help. Assuming that everything else is the same, here, and we’re just switching out players like some stupid video game.

    Would Romo have won with what Eli had? NO EFFING WAY. The Giants are never favored! They are never considered to have the best team. Then, for example, when Eli carried the 2011 team to that second SB title, with a dangerously deteriorating Oline we all saw the cumulation of last year, everyone is all like, “Oh!!! If only Tony had what Eli had, it’s not fair, blah blah blah…” Oh you mean a bottom third defense and 32nd ranked run game, weak protection off the edges, and the cherry on top of losing both his non-star non-Jason Witten tight ends IN GAME in SB 46 vs Brady and Belichick!?? Give me a break!

    If Tony had what Eli had, Tony would have been run right out of town like every a Jets QB was and Eli and Witten would be SB champs! Dallas would be intolerable because Eli Manning would have won them their 6th SB. I have absolutely no doubt in my mind about this under this little fantasy football hypothetical game.

    You have one of the most CLUTCH QBs in Eli (screw you Bucky Brooks) leading a talent rich team in Dallas, and it would be bizarro world in Dallas and NY/NJ with Coughlin possibly gone and The Pillsbury Doughboy a SB winning coach. The blatant jealous disrespect Eli gets for his incredibly hard fought success pisses me off to no end.

  3.  giankees says:

    My take is that usually these two teams are evenly matched with talent and the difference usually was the qb. The point is romo has not had a run like eli had 2x or else dallas could have won those 2 years

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