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Future of New York Giants Guard Chris Snee Remains Uncertain as Training Camp Nears

July 17th, 2014 at 9:00 AM
By Dan Benton

Back in late June during an interview with WFAN, New York Giants General Manager Jerry Reese made a comment that caught our attention. He noted that, after a poor Spring, the jury remained out on offensive lineman Chris Snee and that there was a level of uncertainty about his ability to contribute in 2014. Perhaps more interesting was that Reese implied some sort of decision on Snee's future would be made in the coming weeks.

"The jury is still out on Chris Snee," Reese said during the interview. "He was still not doing great this Spring, but we'll see in the next few weeks if he'll be able to help us or not. I think he'll make a decision one way or another and we'll see where that goes."

To this point, no decision on Snee's future has been made. But after an entire offseason of talk about how he was returning to health, loving the game of football and had at least one more year of competition left in him, it now appears as if Snee and those around him are uncertain of his ability to contribute in 2014. And a recent report by The Star-Ledger would seem to support that, with a source informing them that although Snee is "on track" to return for training camp, there are a lot of "ifs" and "buts" facing the veteran right now.

When talking with people close to Snee and the team, terms such as pain management, hopeful and crossing our fingers were used. Snee could last 16 games, 16 days or 16 minutes. Nobody knows for sure what his status will be after several weeks of contact. It's about as shaky a scenario for an NFL player still penciled in as a starter that can possibly exist.

The sad reality facing the Giants is that if Snee was unable to remain on the field during non-contact drills, the likelihood of him enduring a constant beating once actual contact begins seems exceptionally unlikely.

With lingering hip and elbow issues — with the elbow now appearing to be the major problem — coupled with his uncertain future, the Giants will have no choice but to move forward in training camp as if they will not have Snee for all 16 games this season. Someone else, whether it be John Jerry, Brandon Mosley or whoever else, is going to have to step up.


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7 Responses to “Future of New York Giants Guard Chris Snee Remains Uncertain as Training Camp Nears”

  1.  Krow says:

    In the end it’ll be $16,000,000 total cap dollars down the son-in-law nepotism pipe. Who could see this coming? Ummmmm everybody.

  2.  fanfor55years says:

    bpan, great rant. But get used to Eli being given too little respect. It comes with the territory of being a bit of a gunslinger who has been surrounded for the most part by mediocre offenses and therefore felt he had to win by taking chances, and as a result of his demeanor (he’s got plenty of killer instinct and testosterone…he just doesn’t wear it the way many others do).

    As for Chris Snee, c’mon, get it over with already. They’d better make sure that others get PLENTY of snaps at RG because even if he starts in Week 1 the odds of his getting to Week 4 aren’t good. Frankly, my feeling is that an improving Brandon Mosley should be as good or better right now than a declining, banged-up, Chris Snee. Give him credit: he was once one of the very best at his position in the league. But he has been allowed to hang on way too long. O’Hara and Seubert must be wishing they’d married the coach’s daughter.

  3.  kujo says:

    I think Snee’s got a real shot at losing his job to Mosley. Everything I’ve read this offseason says he’s been doing a good job, and I could see him being the Justin Pugh of 2014, in that he displaces an aged veteran incumbent.

    I guess that would make Snee the David Diehl of this year, which only seems appropriate. Both guys were gritty players who were beaten out by younger, hungrier, healthier competition in their final year with the team. That being said, I just don’t see Snee being cut. I just can’t imagine that would ever happen. He’s a stalwart and he’s family. If he’s really done, maybe he retires after training camp. But even that seems unlikely. I think he winds up staying on as depth and a veteran player-coach to mentor the several new OL who could very well find themselves pressed into duty this year.

    •  Krow says:

      Hard to say “stalwart” since the only heavy lifting he’s done in over two years was to lug his bloated paycheck to the bank. Up till the time he punched out became a welfare queen I would have agreed with you. But that was 2011. There’s been a lot of cap dollars under the bridge since then.

      However I can definitely see him being cut a la Kevin Gilbride. They’ll call it retiring … and it won’t happen till he’s met whatever clauses are in his contract to guarantee full payment. He’s here just to stick his snout in the trough one last time, and not play football.

      •  kujo says:

        I think your obsession with Snee’s retirement fund is taking on global warming-type hysteria.

        •  rlhjr says:

          Then it’s true when they say that “Nobody Screws You Like Family”

          Dude has been a noload gong on three years.
          He really should just go home.

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