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HBO to Make a Movie About New York Giants Great Frank Gifford, 1958 NFL Championship Game

July 16th, 2014 at 9:00 AM
By Dan Benton

It was only a matter of time, but the 1958 NFL Championship game between the New York Giants and Baltimore Colts, also known as "The Greatest Game Ever Played" and which spawned the book "The Glory Game: How the 1958 NFL Championship Change Football Forever," will now be made into a movie courtesy of HBO.

The movie will be produced by Gene Kirkwood, Ross Elliott and Cody Gifford, Frank's 24-year-old son. Gifford, meanwhile, will be given the title "Executive Producer."

Casting for the film has not yet begun.

“We’re not at the casting point right now but we’ve met with [writer John Richards] and we’re developing the story with him,” says Cody. “We’re kind of taking a hands-off approach but we’re giving him everything he needs. We’re focused right now on getting the best possible story out of the book.”

The 1958 NFL Championship game, which was won by the Colts 23-17, was the league's very first sudden-death overtime playoff game and featured 17 future Pro Football Hall of Fame inductees, including Gifford, Sam Huff and Emlen Tunnell, among many others.

“That overtime meant a lot and moved us into a time zone where people were turning on their TVs in California and seeing NFL football,” says Frank Gifford. “Football, at that time, was a game that nobody talked about or watched on TV … and that game had a lot to do with bringing fans to the game. People turned on their TVs expecting to see the news, which was pre-empted by the game, and I think that had a lot to do with popularizing the NFL.”

Despite the polarizing popularity of the game, Gifford has long maintained it wasn't his greatest game ever played. But, he admits, that his two fumbles helped create the game and the subsequent results are hard to argue with. It may not be a game for his record books and it may not be a game his team won, but it did help propel the NFL into what we see today and for that reason alone, it deserves its own movie.

No expected release date has been given.


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4 Responses to “HBO to Make a Movie About New York Giants Great Frank Gifford, 1958 NFL Championship Game”

  1.  Krow says:

    I’ll pass till they do a movie where we win.

  2.  kujo says:

    I’m not saying our TEs, or RBs, will suck. I’m just saying that we have very little idea of how it’ll all shake out. There’s certainly more talent in the running back room than last year, but will that talent pan out to actual onfield production? And, as a (new?) poster, michael, mentioned yesterday, the fate of the running game has rests on the production of our offensive line. They, too, look a fair bit better, on paper, than the group last year. But will they gel? Will Snee and Beatty return to form? Will the new guys (Schwartz, Richburg, possibly Mosley) increase the production at their positions? You’d have to assume yes, but then again….

    With the TEs, as Krow said yesterday, there’s very little in the way of data–quantitative OR qualitative– to suggest which way it’ll swing. All we know is that none of these guys gives you anything to be excited about on July 16th, 2014. Sure, the TE position has become a bit overrated of late (h/t to Nosh on that). And yes, I suspect the Giants will treat the position in similar way to the free safety/nickel corner. But there’s got be *something* out of the position, right? You gotta get some production that helps your team. And I don’t see where the production comes, as of today. Hopefully I’m wrong.

    •  Krow says:

      Are you daring to suggest that our eclectic collection of jags and mid-round picks won’t yield quality starters ? Where on earth do you get that notion from ?

  3.  michael says:

    1958 was my first season as a Giants fan. I’ve been around since the Frank K and KD days and am on my 4th name. I check in at least twice a day, but don’t post to often.

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