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New York Giants Sunday Morning Storylines: Can Eli Manning, Tom Coughlin Make a Final Run?

July 13th, 2014 at 7:00 AM
By Dan Benton

Happy Sunday, New York Giants fans! After we close out today, there will only be one more football-free weekend before training camp begins and this long lull officially comes to an end. In the mean time, and to help pass time, here are some headlines to enjoy over your morning coffee.

NFC East Camp Capsule: Can Giants Make Final Run?

It’s possible that the two most prominent faces behind a pair of Super Bowl championships in between have taken the franchise as far as they can. There was even some talk of Tom Coughlin — who turns 68 in August — being let go or retiring as last season circled the drain, while there seems to be a league-wide belief Eli Manning is in decline at 33.

Manning has bounced back before, and even at 33, he’s probably good enough with the right supporting cast. It all comes down to protection. As long as Coughlin’s Giants can find a way to keep the quarterback upright, that team always has a shot to be in the mix in the NFC East.

And as Coughlin and Manning have proven on more than one occasion, all they need is a ticket to the dance. If the Giants sneak into the playoffs, anything is possible.

Walter Thurmond Film Review: Giants CB 'Underrated,' Even Better than Expected

The Giants have made it known they intend to play their cornerbacks close to the line of scrimmage this season and employ a lot of bump-and-run coverage. This perfectly fits Thurmond's game.

Thurmond should also help the Giants against some of the league's top tight ends, an area they've struggled in recent years. Thurmond showed he can be physical with them near the line of scrimmage and stay with them downfield.

If Thurmond can stay on the field, he looks capable of being an impact player. He can cover, make plays against the run and add a new dimension for the Giants off the edge as a pass rusher. He can also easily fill-in as a starter on the outside if something happens to Rodgers-Cromartie or Prince Amukamara.

20 Questions: Tight End Competition

The Giants currently have five tight ends, none of whom is head and shoulders above the other four.

That suggests playing time at the position will eventually be a shared arrangement, dictated by game plans, formations, opponents and play-calling. It’s unlikely that one player will play enough or produce the kind of numbers that will make him an obvious No. 1 at the position. Adrien Robinson and rookie free agent Xavier Grimble are two players to watch when training camp opens.


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6 Responses to “New York Giants Sunday Morning Storylines: Can Eli Manning, Tom Coughlin Make a Final Run?”

  1.  Krow says:

    OK … certainly they can make a run. The pieces are there … and if it comes together and they get hot then anything is possible. But we … as fans … underestimate how damn hard it is to win a Superbowl. And we’ve already won two under this regime.

    So step back and take a breath. Even excellent teams usually come away empty. Look no further than the Whiners. We stole their candy one year … then the Ravens took them to the woodshed the next … and last year Seattle. This is a club that could have been champs in each of the last 3 seasons … and all they got was hard cheese.

    Anyway, yeah … we could make a run. But it takes a rare combo of talent, timing, breaks and luck.

    •  fanfor55years says:

      I completely agree, but the answer to the question is most certainly “yes”. I’m going to re-post something here and add that IF Mario Manningham is truly healthy then that fifth quality wide receiver is already in-house and the passing game is probably being underrated at this point given the new system that will be used.

      “I’m starting to get a little excited about the stuff coming from Eli in regard to Beckham, because if he can really come on fast this season the Giants suddenly have a pretty good first four players on the depth chart at wide receiver. We know all about Cruz. I think it has become pretty clear that the coaches are very happy with the jump Randle has made from last season, and that jump could be seen even without pads on. And unlike many here, I have always been convinced that given a chance Jernigan could be a pretty good player, and I think he started to prove that last season when he finally got a chance.

      I’ll be happier if it turns out there’s another strong player around who can play the wideout spot so they’re five-deep there, but that may be too much to ask this season unless they can figure out how to really use Trindon Holliday (which I have heard is something they are definitely trying to figure out since they love what he can do in space). In any case, with an innovative offensive coordinator, at least four quality wide receivers, a number of running backs who can do some real damage in space, and we can only hope a pair of good tight ends (which I am optimistic we will have), it may turn out that Beckham’s early emergence makes the Giants a much more potent offense than anyone now imagines.

      Keep in mind, too, that with all these very quick receivers available (except for Randle those outside receivers are as quick as any in the league and are all very tough to cover because of that quickness) and the option of a lot of quick-release passes, a lot of the pressure to be far above average on the offensive line diminishes. It may turn out that what we have will be plenty good enough in the trenches if we can find at least one side to which we can run consistently for 4+ yards. I suspect that the right side will prove able to handle that in 2014, and the left might too with a pulling guard or center and enough help from tight ends.

      Frankly, the more I look at the specific positions on this team the more I am starting to think that if they avoid the injury curse they could be a very, very, good team in 2014 and certainly compete for championships in the near future.”

  2.  fanfor55years says:

    As a matter of fact, I don’t acknowledge that Eli has only one final run in him. I have to see him look bad when he has a decent offensive line and a running game before I’ll even begin to think that he is in decline. I think McAdoo’s offense is going to work wonders on Eli’s reputation and that he will be extended and will play for the Giants for another five years at a high level. He has never depended upon mobility. As long as his arm and mind are sharp he can play for many more seasons at a very high level.

    This may be Coughlin’s last run, but I wouldn’t say that about Eli. Krow is right: everything has to break right to win a championship, and we have no right to expect any more from this group given their two rings. But I do not think it’s out of the question that Eli could retire with four. The Giants are building back toward the top, and he’s part of the foundation.

  3.  Nosh.0 says:

    The only real concern I have with our team going into the season is the OL, and specifically, the Left Tackle.

    I’m going to assume that Coughlin and co. make the right decision and either cut Snee by the end of camp or at the very least, make sure he doesn’t see the field once the regular season begins. Guy is washed up. Nothing more to say.

    Some people have made the point that with McAdoos offense a dominant OL is not important. I believe that’s true. (He certainly didn’t have a dominant OL in GB and that offense did very well, although Rodgers is better than Eli). But something troubling last season was that Eli eventually developed happy feet, and while it’s a habit I expect him to break, it’s something that I don’t think goes away with a simple snapping of fingers. He needs to trust his OL again, specifically the LT.

    In 2006 we saw an unprepared Bob Whitfield ruin our season after Pettigout went down. I think we have enough depth and talent to not worry about the other 4 OL positions. But LT is still a concern. And no matter how hard Eli worked in the offseason, or how many weapons we have on the outside, that’s the one position that could mess up the whole thing.

    Anyone know who our starting LT is if Beatty can’t go week 1? And we all know Beatty won’t be ready week 1.

    •  fanfor55years says:

      I agree that left tackle is the “danger zone” and could undermine the season. As everyone around here probably knows, I’ve been skeptical about Beatty for a long time. I think Reese had little choice but to offer him that contract because he had no other options at the time, but I don’t think Beatty will ever be very good. Will he be adequate? I honestly don’t know. I’m doubtful, but hope to be proved too pessimistic about him.

      I think either of Brown or Mosley could start in Week 1 at the position and my guess is that if it’s Mosley he’s unlikely to ever give the position up to Beatty.

  4.  rlhjr says:

    Bottom line, if the first player selected next year isn’t a left tackle, Reese should be $hit canned. This ball club continues to attempt to do high quality at key offensive and defensive positions on the cheap. That is not how it’s done.

    After seven years of misses, they need to focus on acquiring key positions such as left tackle, defensive end, middle linebacker and safety via the draft.
    I would also add center to that list if not for Richburg being selected.

    Stop the bull poop, draft some kids in rounds 1,2 and three and be done with it for 6 or seven years.

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