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Members of New York Giants React to LeBron James’ Return to Cleveland Cavaliers

July 12th, 2014 at 1:00 PM
By Dan Benton

There's no denying that Friday's big sports news was the decision of NBA superstar LeBron James to return home to Ohio and re-join the Cleveland Cavaliers, whom he left four years ago following "The Decision" when he opted to "bring his talents to South Beach" and sign with the Miami Heat.

James' decision to re-join the Cavs sent ripples across the sports world, drawing comments from athlete's on each corner of the globe. Several members of the New York Giants, led by Miami's own Antrel Rolle, also chimed in.

"As a professional you understand. Some things are bigger than yourself. He did it for Cleveland. He did it for the people. It's a great move for King James to finish his legacy. We appreciate everything you have done for Miami but you deserve to do it how you always wanted it. #takeithomebra #muchrespect," Rolle wrote via Instagram.

Other members of the Giants (current and former) were quick to follow in Rolle's footsteps:

Where do you stand on the LeBron decision, Giants fans? Or are you indifferent and just ready for some football?


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