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Graphic Designers Create NFL-NBA Logo Mashups: New York Giants/New York Knicks Stand Out

July 11th, 2014 at 11:00 AM
By Dan Benton

Fresh on the heels of the ever-popular Star Wars/NFL logo mashup, which saw the New York Giants become the Kuat Walkers, graphic designers Brandon Hubschman and Weis Karzai took on the task of combining all NFL logos with their NBA counterpart (or closest/most ideal counterpart). The results, for the most part, were incredible.

"Most people that are sports fans love more than one sport. Within those sports, logos are the most recognizable images of a team, even more than their star players. but what would happen when you take an NFL logo and combine with the most applicable NBA team’s logo," they wrote on their website.

Among those combined were the New York Giants and New York Knicks, which resulted in an iconic-looking logo that represents the long tradition of both teams. In its simplicity, it fairly accurately depicts each franchise and the city of New York.

Among some of the other stands-outs were the Green Bay Packers/Milwaukee Bucks, Detroit Lions/Detroit Pistons, Dallas Cowboys/Dallas Mavericks, Buffalo Bills/Toronto Raptors and Tampa Bay Buccaneers/Orlando Magic.

One mashup that really didn't seem to work was the bizarre combination of the Oakland Raiders and Los Angeles Lakers, which featured a purple and yellow Kobe Bryant wearing an eye patch.

For those interested, here is the entirety of the NFC East:

There's no denying the Giants once again stand alone in the NFC East.


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  1.  Krow says:

    They should do one of the Eagles and the Lombardi Trophy … just for the sake of irony.

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