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New York Giants Thursday Morning Storylines: How Much Can Big Blue Expect from JPP in 2014?

July 10th, 2014 at 7:00 AM
By Dan Benton

Happy Thursday, New York Giants fans! There is a tremendous lull in activity leading up to the official start to training camp, so we're here to help you pass the time with the following headlines to read over your first morning coffee. Enjoy!

Five Benefits of Giants Hosting Training Camp

1. Resources available. Under the current collective bargaining agreement signed in 2011, teams are allowed to hold one practice per day in training camp, as opposed to old two-a-days. Teams are allowed to conduct a walkthrough in addition to the one practice now, but the rule puts a premium on each and every practice, making it essential to the operation to have all resources (medical, video, administrative, etc.) available on location. This is the overarching reason why the Giants now hold training camp at their facility.

2. Indoor practices. Because each practice is so valuable, weather is the last thing head coach Tom Coughlin wants to limit a day’s worth of learning in practice. But now he has a field house with a full-size practice field to escape poor conditions, whereas Albany was not equipped. Coughlin talked about the issue during last year’s camp. “It was a big factor,” he said of having an indoor facility. “No doubt about it. However, it was one of the factors. That shouldn’t be used in any kind of a way against the University at Albany. Mayor [Jerry] Jennings told me that if that was the case, they’d find a way to have one of these facilities there. The fact that the CBA and the way it’s conducted today and the fact there’s only one practice, that had an awful lot to do with it.”

TTAB Says NY Giants Can't Have 'G-Men' For Shirts

The Trademark Trial and Appeal Board has refused to allow the New York Giants to register “G-Men” for selling T-shirts, ruling that the fame of the football team's nickname didn't create a de facto limit on an overly broad application.

The Giants had pushed the argument that, even though the application's unrestricted description of “shirts, T-shirts and tops” overlapped with a pre-existing mark for “GMan Sport,” the nickname was so famous that it would never cause confusion when used in relation to football.

The Giants' argument was based on the idea that “G-Men” was so famous in connection with football that it “creates a unique commercial impression for prospective consumers of applicant’s identified products,” meaning the team's products would be “easily distinguished” from the “GMan Sport” mark.

How Much Should New York Giants Really Expect from Jason Pierre-Paul in 2014?

Despite only having two sacks in his last 18 games played, Pierre-Paul can't be too hungry, as he's made a habit of eating his words. The Dallas Cowboys had a fabulous time mocking JPP's "blood-spilling" comments after they topped the Giants 24-21 on a last-second field goal in Week 12.

That was the last time anyone saw JPP in uniform on a football field.

Pierre-Paul's reputation was so inflated by his 2011 performance that it earned him two Pro Bowls—a deserved one that season, and an undeserved one the following season. That reputation, which JPP is desperately clinging to, is no longer reality.

It's time for him to show up on the field again.


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6 Responses to “New York Giants Thursday Morning Storylines: How Much Can Big Blue Expect from JPP in 2014?”

  1.  Krow says:

    Spot on about JPP. He’s got to prove he’s not a one-hit wonder. Especially if he expects a contract commensurate with his 2011 performance. Right now I’m very worried that 2014 may be the last we’ll see of him in blue. If he tanks then he’ll jump because there’s always a desperate bottom feeder who will give him a deal based on hope. If he has an average campaign then he’ll over-price himself, and we don’t do that. Should he light it up then we may simply be unable to afford him. It’s not going to be a fun off-season as far as JPP is concerned.

    •  fanfor55years says:

      Well, I’ll take a monster season from him and the headache of trying to re-sign him. If he has that in 2014 we actually have a chance to go far. With this defensive backfield and a much better linebacking corps than we’ve had in many years, if we get a strong season from the front four this defense is going to be awfully good. Add much better special teams and what I think should be a much better offense (at least by mid-season) and this could be a very good team.

      The 20111 version of JPP would mean that the entire defensive line punishes their opponents. I’ll take that and then figure out how to pay him what elite defensive ends still in their mid-20′s get.

      •  Krow says:

        Clearly the best of the 3 possibles. I just wish he had some ties to New York. Some reasons to want to play here. Like Cruz … who was sort of local, had business aspirations and enjoyed the lifestyle. If it only comes down to money then we’re at a disadvantage.

      •  G Fan since Ninteen Forty Eight says:

        If not let him go and tyy to pick up a few decent options at a cheaper rate in the draft

  2.  Krow says:

    If we assume that the salary cap in 2015 will be around $150 million then JPP and Eli could consume 20% of it … $30 million. Take the next 5-7 guys and you have another 20%. That leaves 50-ish players to scrap for the remaining 60%.

    This is what all teams face. We’re not unique. But it points out how important the draft and UDFAs have become. They leverage the cap, and I believe that we’re seeing this more and more.

    The serious contenders typically do a better job with the bottom half of their roster. And our recent decline is at least partially based on our failure to do this.

    •  G Fan since Ninteen Forty Eight says:

      Because most of their key players are in the first five years of their contract. With the new CBA turnover is the key.

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