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New York Giants’ Mark Herzlich: “I Couldn’t Imagine” Dealing with the Criticism Eli Manning Does

July 9th, 2014 at 9:00 AM
By Dan Benton

The endless career criticism of New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning has finally begun to take a toll — not on Manning himself, mind you. But rather, his teammates. And with that criticism now being kicked into high gear — something that has led us at Giants 101 to deem this offseason "The Year of Eli-Hating" — linebacker Mark Herzlich decided to speak up.

Having miraculously survived Ewing's Sarcoma, there are precious few things on this planet that Herzlich could not overcome. After all, he's an "again all odds" kind of guy. But while joining WEEI Radio earlier this week, Herzlich said he "couldn't imagine" dealing with the day-to-date hate, doubt and criticism that faces Eli Manning.

“I think that there are Eli lovers and Eli haters. There’s no one who's like, 'Yeah, Eli is pretty good, or whatever,' " Herzlich told WEEI Radio. "He does know when he has a bad game, and the problem is that every single person in New York and across the country knows he has a bad game, too, because they let him know. It's tough, and he’s very strong-minded to get over that stuff, but I couldn't imagine."

The one thing Herzlich believes Manning has going for him is that he's not tied into social media — namely Twitter, where vile and hate spread faster than Yogi Bear can steal picnic baskets.

"Some of the stuff that's on Twitter — he doesn't have Twitter, and I'm glad he's not on Twitter," Herzlich added.

Although Manning has never fed into the hate or doubt, even when it comes from Big Blue's own fans, it's impossible for him not to hear it. For his sake, it probably is a good thing he doesn't use Twitter and other social media outlets because, after all, that's where keyboard muscles are most often flexed. But the real question is, when you've proven twice you can top this league and everyone still unleashes their hate on you, what's left to do?

Our suggestion? Go win a third.


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9 Responses to “New York Giants’ Mark Herzlich: “I Couldn’t Imagine” Dealing with the Criticism Eli Manning Does”

  1.  fanfor55years says:


    fanfor55years says:
    July 9, 2014 at 9:16 AM
    This is really interesting stuff Dan. Thanks.

    I don’t think DRC is “overrated” unless anyone was foolish enough to consider him a true shutdown corner, which he really has never been. What he most definitely is, is one of the top 6-7 corners in the NFL, and a signing that was incredibly cheap at the price. I’m assuming this is the season that Prince comes of age. He has been progressing nicely each season, and can be VERY good if he is taught, or allowed, to concede less space to the receiver he’s covering. I think in those two we will have one of the best pair of outside corners in the league. Will they “shut down” Bryant, DJax, the pair of Lions’ wideouts? No, because no one will. Those guys get their catches. The best you can do is limit them and hope they don’t kill your defense on a given day. I’m optimistic that we now have a group of corners (I include Thurmond, McBride and Hosley) who can “limit” passing offenses most days. That’s about all you can ask for from that group.

    God, I hope those pundits are right that Will Beatty will bounce back. I just don’t know what evidence they have for that statement. He didn’t just get beaten because of correctable mental errors or nagging injuries or coachable issues. He was physically beaten in almost every game. Nice guy. Articulate guy. But he has to prove to me that he has the physical strength and toughness, along with sufficient quickness and technique, to both protect Eli and allow the Giants to run left successfully. He showed neither last season after giving us hope that he could do all that in 2012 at a pretty decent level. He has never been a “top 10? left tackle, but he did play decently in 2012. If he can get back to “decent” that would be a BIG help in 2014.

    I have always liked, and still do, Mosley’s chances of becoming a player for us. There are a lot of things about the way he plays that remind me of David Diehl at his best and Rich Seubert. And I’ll take that kind of offensive lineman any time he comes along.

    • Dan BentonDan Benton says:

      Thanks. I try to find as many obscure, interesting stories as I can for the AM.

      For the first time in about 3-4 years, I will be writing all of the training camp previews this coming weekend and spreading them out over the site next week. I hope to be far more in-depth than the two paragraphs at each position the other beat writers have offered. I also hope it sparks a return to engagement on this site and offers something far more interesting than the “this is the news today” crap I’ve been posting lately.

      With I had more hours in the day. Haha

    •  GOAT56 says:

      I agree about DRC. Though I think it’s fair to say he’s been inconsistent more than some other upper tier CBs. I think he’s the type given his GREAT athletic ability that he just might be reaching his prime. He reminds me of Woodson when he got to GB, everyone knew he was talented and had been very good but he hadn’t played up to his talent consistently until GB. I hope DRC can be similar.

      I also have high hopes for Prince. I think he’s closing in on being a pro bowl type CB. Playing #2 WRs this year he should be great. Also, from what DRC said about the defense being a lot of press which is why he agreed to come here I think Prince will also benefit.

      I see us being way more aggressive than in the past years under Fewell. Fewell came here expecting to have Webster and Thomas in their primes, healthy and that never happened. I think Fewell was trying to get by because he couldn’t really trust both CBs and now even our slot CB until now.

      I do think Beatty played well not just decently in 2012 but I can’t defend 2013. I think just with the rest of the OL being better he will be better. Then add a TE that can actually help him block sometimes and you will definitely see improvement. Then add an offense that releases the ball more quickly and Beatty play will improve a lot even with him improving much. And if he gets back to 2012 form in this offense he keep Eli very clean.

  2.  Krow says:

    After the horrid season Will “4th best” Beatty had last year it’s hard to see him regaining his 2012 form. I’d be happy as hell if he did. But when you top off a rotten year with a major injury it’s a real leap of faith to summon up any optimism.

  3.  fanfor55years says:

    Great suggestion about going and winning a third!

    Eli seems to be to be in the same position that Mickey Mantle, Reggie Jackson, and Patrick Ewing were in during their time in New York: all major figures in their sport playing in the media center of the world; all incredibly talented and capable of carrying their teams to championships (while Ewing’s Knicks never got there that was Dave Checketts’ fault, not the big guy’s, because he never had enough talent around him); all the focus of an extraordinary amount of frustration and hate by sports “fans” and “experts” who either needed to create controversy to sell their media (in the latter case) or were just using sports as an outlet for the frustrations in their small lives; and all given too little credit when their teams won and too much blame when their teams lost.

    It’s not solely a New York phenomenon, but if you play in The Big Apple the insanity and criticism of the biggest stars comes with the territory. In Eli’s case, he seems to have a great sense of proportion and a strong ability to define what matters in football and in life. His parents raised him well. He will eventually leave the league having earned a boatload of money, having won multiple championships, having been one of the best players in the league during his era, and having carried himself with dignity and class when his critics were demonstrating the opposite. Don’t cry for Eli. He’s a winner in football and in life. The brickbats, no matter how many, won’t change that.

  4.  GOAT56 says:

    That 5 sleepers to watch piece was actually really good.

    1) Mosley
    2) Kinnard
    3) Bowman
    4) Kuhn
    5) Donnell

    These are players maybe except for Kinnard we don’t talk about with much excitement but they all can be key players and maybe even starters in some cases.

    Mosley – If Snee is going to struggle with his healthy has as good as chance as any to start. I really see it as him or Jerry though Richburg can’t be counted out.

    Kinnard – Really could have as much impact as any rookie. If Beason misses a game or 2 and allows Kinnard to start from game one he may never give up his spot. Kinnard can also contribute as a pass rusher on 3rd downs.

    Bowman – Is a player I like a lot. I said weeks ago that he’s been a better player than Mcbribe his hole career except for last year. This is a high level probowl guy who’s pretty good at CB too. I think he’s our #4 CB and McBribe if he can’t get out of the tub might not make this team. I could see us making a minor trade like McBride for a #4/5 WR.

    Kuhn – is a player I havent thought highly of but reading the coaches thoughts they do. He was mentioned right long side Hankins in praise. He offers experience inwhich I feel we need with age and youth among our top 3 DTs. I know everyone is high on Quarles to knock him off the roster but I’m beating on Kuhn.

    Donnell – is an underrated talent. Watching him during last preseason he looked more athletic than an over weight Robinson. Everyone knows I’m high on Robinson but I think Donnell has starting level upside as well. Donnell did look lost at times running routes and catching the ball. But there’s a reason we kept him on the 53 even before Robinson got hurt.

    • Dan BentonDan Benton says:

      My only issue with the article is, if the guys are constantly being talked about and discussed, as many of them have been, are they really sleepers?

      I have a sleepers article coming up next week that dives a little deeper into the depth chart.

      •  fanfor55years says:

        My favorite “sleepers” are Berhe, Hosley and Fells (although the last should not really count as a sleeper, I think most Giants fans don’t even know he’s on the team).

    •  fanfor55years says:

      Some good points here.

      I’m hopeful about Kinnard but think it’s way too early to tell much about him.

      I agree about Bowman, but my concern is that if he returns to form it could result in Hosley never coming back and James never being given a chance rather than McBride being cut. I like both of those youngsters and would like to see them get a chance to shine.

      I liked Kuhn in 2012 when he played, and especially again last season when he got snaps after returning from the injury. I think many are STILL vastly underrating both he and Patterson and will see that we have some real talent at the DT position with Bromley and Quarles having a real struggle to make the final roster.

      I just cannot get a read on Donnell. He certainly LOOKS like the prototypical Giants tight end. But in McAdoo’s offense does he have the hands and speed to execute as the coordinator needs his tight end to do? I think at least one of the veterans we picked up is going to be high on the depth chart. If Robinson comes in leaner and more mature I cannot see them allowing him to walk. So I suspect Donnell will have to first fight for a job. You have to make the roster to have an impact. He’s no lock to do so.

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