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New York Giants’ Eli Manning Listed as No. 41 on Louisiana’s All-time Top 51 Athletes List

July 7th, 2014 at 3:00 PM
By Dan Benton

Although New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning was left off the NFL's Top 100 list for the first time since 2011, he has been listed as No. 41 overall on the The Times-Picayune's All-Time Top 51 Athletes from Louisiana list.

"Eli just always went about his business quietly," Archie Manning once said. "In high school, he'd score 16 or 18 points one night in a basketball game, and then the next game not even take two shots. It never even bothered him. He just wanted to win."

For Eli, that's all football has ever been about: winning. He has never cared much about his statistics, records or the perception of him. Rather, all he's ever been determined to do was win for himself and win for his teammates. It's something that dates back to his childhood and something that was on display during his very first day at Ole Miss.

"I didn't come to Ole Miss to live up my Dad's name or Peyton's name," Eli said at the time. "I'm trying to make my own name, and all I care about is wins and losses."

In addition to Manning, former New York Giants kicker Morten Anderson (2001) also made the Louisiana's All-Time Top 51 Athletes List, coming in at No. 51 overall.


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  1.  kujo says:

    Wonder where Jason Stackhouse ranks on this list?

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