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Giants Monday Morning Storylines: Retired Giant Perry Williams Ignites Movement to Inspire Children

July 7th, 2014 at 7:00 AM
By Dan Benton

Happy Monday, New York Giants fans! We are now exactly two weeks away from Big Blue reporting to training camp for physicals and 15 days away from their first practice. Sometime this week we expect them to release their full training camp schedule, but as we wait for that, we offer you the following headlines to enjoy over your morning coffee.

Giants Fullbacks Anxiously Wait for Training Camp to See How They'll Be Used

John Conner is excited for training camp, mostly because he'll finally be able to see if is position still exists in the Giants new offense.

The Packers had John Kuhn, a more versatile fullback/tailback hybrid, but the Giants haven't been using many two-back sets during the spring. They have bigger tailbacks that could fit more easily into the Kuhn role, but they also don't know how much of Green Bay's offense will travel with Ben McAdoo; after all, he's talked about taking facets of Mike McCarthy's offense and blending it in with his own.

"Absolutely, I still don't know how it's going to be used," he said. "I think we're still trying to figure that out as a group," Conner said. "Once training camp comes in, we'll have a better idea of how we'll be used."

Two-Time Super Bowl Champion Perry Williams Ignites Movement to Inspire Children

The true gift of athletes is not what they accomplish on the field, it is the impact they have on our children – this according to author Bob Salomon. Together with former New York Giant, and two-time Super Bowl champion, Perry Williams, they have teamed up to deliver this message through Bob’s highly anticipated children’s book entitled Beyond the Laces.

Beyond the Laces, which is set to release in November, is sports at its best. The story truly puts the professional athlete’s impact on our youth into perspective and will inspire children and families to overcome the many obstacles that life may bring, and encourage not to give up. The book’s storyline will appeal to all ages by showing that with faith, hope, and courage, anything is possible.

Williams will serve as the head spokesman for the book, or “the face of the movement,” as Salomon gladly describes him. The former NFL cornerback, who played in the NFL from 1984-1993, totaled nine full seasons, all with the New York Giants. He won two Super Bowls in his tenure and was considered to be an integral part of both championship teams.

Therapy Deadline for Ex-Giant, Luke Petitgout, Looms

Former New York Giants lineman Luke ­Petitgout, who allegedly slapped his wife, Jennifer, and slugged a man who was chatting with her at a Midtown lounge, has until Thursday to sign up for court-ordered anger-management and substance-abuse therapy.

Following the incident, Jennifer obtained a temporary restraining order and hired a divorce lawyer.

But sources tell us that despite the order banning the hulking ex-athlete from contacting Jennifer except by e-mail to make arrangements to see their children, he recently showed up at her gym and her Woodcliff Lake, NJ, home.

A source said, “Luke has been sending Jennifer harassing e-mails. Last Tuesday he turned up at her gym making derogatory statements, and on Friday he appeared at her front door.


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3 Responses to “Giants Monday Morning Storylines: Retired Giant Perry Williams Ignites Movement to Inspire Children”

  1.  Krow says:

    Looks like Luke Petitgout will be in the market for a white Bronco pretty soon.

    • Dan BentonDan Benton says:

      The guy needs some serious anger management. He wasn’t even this aggressive when he played for the Giants.

      •  Krow says:

        It’s always a puzzle when you see someone who should be ‘living the dream’ mess it all up. Luke has some serious problems. He probably deserves jail time for what he’s done … especially sucker punching that guy in the café. Cut and dry assault with intent. And now he’s barging through restraining orders. He’s the classic scumbag, out-of-control wife abuser, and it’s an indictment of our legal system that he’s still allowed to menace her.

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