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Saturday Morning Storylines: Danny Langsdorf Doesn’t Walk on Eggshells Around Eli Manning

July 5th, 2014 at 7:00 AM
By Dan Benton

Happy Saturday, New York Giants fans! And welcome to the holiday weekend! Before you head off to your second round of BBQs and celebrations, why not enjoying the following morning headlines over your coffee?

Fake Giants Gear Suit Belongs In State Court, Dealer Says

A sports memorabilia dealer accusing the New York Giants of covering up the distribution of fake collectibles is urging a New Jersey federal court to reject jurisdiction of the suit, arguing Thursday that a magistrate judge's recommendation represents a flawed reading of patent infringement claims into the dispute.

Hoping to return the suit to Bergen County Superior Court, Eric Inselberg contends that U.S. Magistrate Judge Mark Falk in his June 18 report incorrectly found that claims for unjust enrichment and misappropriation in the 16-count suit represent….

Predicting the Last 5 In, Last 5 Out for NY Giants' Final 53-Man Roster

This year, New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin will have some very difficult decisions to make regarding a roster where there is legitimate competition across the board at several key positions.

What follows is a list of 10 players who based on any number of factors either have an advantage or a disadvantage in making the 53-man roster.

At running back, my guess is New York will keep Rashad Jennings, Peyton Hillis and Andre Williams as three of the projected four they’ll carry at the position.

The fourth spot goes to David Wilson if he finally receives clearance to return to contact drills.

Giants: New QB Coach Doesn't Walk on Eggshells Around Eli Manning

Danny Langsdorf heard from Eli Manning while the quarterback was in the back seat of a car heading to an event for Dunkin Donuts. Manning had just left the team's final minicamp practice but was still taking any moment he could to devour the new playbook.

As the team's new quarterbacks coach, Langsdorf had to feel out a relationship with his new quarterback; one that wasn't too reverential and one that wasn't too stern. But early on, he knew moments like this would make working with Manning easier. There was already a mutual respect.

"I think there is definitely a trust factor you have to gain," Langsdorf said. "I wasn't here to bring up a bunch of stuff from the past. We've got enough changes philosophy-wise, that that's really where we put all of our attention going forward."


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