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New York Giants Backfield Outlook: Running Back Rashad Jennings

July 5th, 2014 at 11:00 AM
By Jen Polashock

In the twenty-first century where the immediate information age is profoundly being utilized by just about everyone and the main goal is “who’s right?” in a sea of negativity and opinions, there are some that use their platform for the rare positive purpose. The New York Giants have quite a few players on the team that spread a common kernel of positivity in the down time of the NFL season. One huge one (pun intended) is Steve Weatherford. The other is a brand new Giants running back Rashad Jennings.

Since the first few days during free agency in March, when Big Blue signed the 6’1” 29 year-old, he’s been, well, excited.

“I’m so excited to be here for so many reasons,” said Jennings. “One, the Giants organization and the history of it. The magnitude of it, the culture, to be a part of that red, white and blue again. It’s funny because I went to Liberty University, those are the same colors I wore. I’m back on the east coast and now I can talk on the phone with people and not feel awkward because of the three-hour time difference, it will kick you in the butt sometimes. I’m closer to home, closer to family, I’m with the team that wanted me.”

Jennings posted a picture of the nameplate above his locker about a month and nine days later, stating, “Day 1 — I love my new home #Bigblue #Gmen #NYG.”

With ensuing posts about his strict, healthy diet and training, the upcoming season, his football camp in his hometown Lynchburg, Virginia, to his slightly outrageous queries posing debates (i.e. mayonnaise versus Miracle Whip — for the lighter side), the quirky running back keeps things lively, but focused. He will also promote positive causes with good, detailed reasons, all while having fans involved. Look for his upcoming posts from Training Camp to be just as intense, informative, and affirmative.

Besides being excited for the season to begin and keeping his followers abreast of his odd thoughts and plans, Jennings appears to have the heart and drive of a New York Giant before he plays a meaningful snap, talking repeatedly about the pride of being in the prestigious organization that has the ability to help him win the championship he strives for. He only wants to improve upon his stats in 53 games of 387 attempts, 1,677 yards rushing, 97 receptions, 746 yards receiving and 13 rushing touchdowns. Given the opportunity and he remains healthy, this could be where he breaks out.

“I just want to be a complete running back,” he told Sports Illustrated in May of this year and reiterates each time with the press. “A complete running back is a person who never has to come off the field under any circumstance, whether it’s fourth and goal, first down, third down, I’m called to protect the quarterback, or catch a ball out of the backfield. Being a complete running back is always something I strived to be, so I have to keep earning my right and making my mark.”

We’ll take that, your optimistic attitude, and your good-humored self, No. 23.


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